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Homework for children during school closure

Dear Parents/Carers


In order to provide continued opportunities for learning we have enclosed some suggestions for each year group to do.


These are activities that are linked to the children's current work at school. Please let your child do whichever activities that appeal to them. If the children complete their own tasks or would prefer to select a task from another year group they are most welcome to do so.


On their return to school the teachers would be delighted to see any homework tasks that the children would like to share with their class.




Here are some of the things the children were planning to do this week.

Can they write about something they have really enjoyed about school this year and something they would like to try or be able to do in Year 1.

Can the children write or talk about a book they have read answering the following questions:
What is the setting?
Who are the characters?
Why do they like the book?
What happens first/next/last?
What would you change about the book?
What did you like about the book?

Practise matching amounts to numbers:

Practise counting, matching and ordering numbers:
If you have a dice at home roll a dice write that number then roll it again then add them together.

Can you junk model your own pirate ship?




Read as many books off your wish list as you can and answer the following questions about one of the books:
What is the setting?
Who are the characters?
Why do they like the book?
What happens first/next/last?
What would you change about the book?
What did you like about the book?

Revisit your 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. How many can you complete and can you use an array (pattern) to help you?

Make a list of your number bonds to 10 and 20

How many different animals can you describe? Can you sort them into different groups?

Research your favourite animal and create a poster





Our topic this term has been 'Beside the Seaside'
Create a seaside in a shoe box or create seaside art of your choice.
• Choose relevant seaside features
• Design layout
• Collect objects
• Evaluate –What worked well? How could you improve?


Investigate what it would have been like to have visited the seaside in the past.

Draw a picture of what you would have worn and what you would have done.
• Use internet/books to research
• Draw clothes, head and footwear
• Draw activities


Read a story set at the seaside and write a book review about it.
• Explain main plot
• Comment on likes/dislikes
• Make references to the text


Write instructions for how to build a sandcastle.
• Title
• Time words and openers
• Conjunctions
• Use a range of punctuation - ?,!,


You and three friends are rowing in a boat. You are sitting one behind the other. How could you be sitting? Find all the possibilities.
• Follow a pattern
• Recognise when pattern has ended
• Present possibilities in a clear way (through drawings, patterns etc)
• Explain how you worked it out

Here are some useful websites which may help.




Complete your reading wish list.

Write a letter to a member of your family describing what has happened on the holiday you won, don’t forget your Generic Writing Skills

Complete assigned activities and test on shapes and angles in Mathletics.

Shadows – Set up a fair test by placing an object such as a stick in the ground in the garden. Make careful observations and measurements of the length and position of the shadow at several different times of the day. Present your results in a bar chart and explain your findings scientifically.

Research tsunamis and present information in a poster, piece of writing or leaflet.

Religious Education
Research special Jewish Festivals and present information in a poster, piece of writing or leaflet.

Practice the attached list for your final spelling test next week.

accident century experiment interest particular remember
accidentally certain extreme island peculiar sentence
actual circle famous knowledge perhaps separate
actually complete favourite learn popular special
address consider February length position straight
answer continue forward(s) library possess strange
appear decide fruit material possession strength
arrive describe grammar medicine possible suppose
believe different group mention potatoes surprise
bicycle difficult guard minute pressure therefore
breath disappear guide natural probably though
breathe early heard naughty promise although
build earth heart notice purpose thought
busy eight height occasion quarter through
business eighth history occasionally question various
calendar enough imagine often recent weight
caught exercise increase opposite regular woman
centre experience important ordinary reign women





Write a first person recount on our school trip to Horton Kirby. Remember to include our walk through the meadow, pond dipping and exploring the river and the badger sett.


Natural Disaster


Make a 3D model of a volcano


Create a fact file about Volcanoes.


Create an interesting piece of artwork of a Tornado


Write an adventure story or a diary entry involving a Volcano erupting or a Tornado.





Revise all times table facts - including the inverse (division) of them.


Write a book review for the book you are currently reading.


Research (if you have access to the internet) and create a quiz based on the Vikings - make sure you have the answers so that we can use these when we get back. You can use the information you have already learnt in class.


Turn an extract of the book you are reading into a play script - be sure to include all of the key features we have been learning about.


Check Mathletics and complete all tasks set for you.





Build an air raid shelter


Research an aircraft, ship or tank that took part in WWII – include a drawing or model with your facts.


Design and make a game about facts from WWII – board game (snakes and ladders/Monopoly) card game, memory game, observation game.


Write an adventure story about a child during WWII - include lots of historical references from everything you have learnt this term.


Use the following link to create a fact file; could be in the form of a leaflet, about WWII







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