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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school:


Headteacher:                                     Mrs Michelle Brown


Deputy Headteacher:                        Mrs Alison Nash


Senco:                                                Mrs Sarah Cole


Teaching Staff:                                  Mrs Alison Nash (Year R Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Zoe Counter (Year R Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Gagandeep Kaur (Year 1 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mr Ryan Francis (Year 1 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Rebecca Kanagalingam (Year 2 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs Antoinette Hamilton (Year 3 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs Amber Harvey  (Year 4 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Sian Clark (Year 5 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs Joanne Broad (Year 6 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Judith Hillier (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)

              Miss Margarite McManigan (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)

              Mrs Tina Ostler (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)

                                                            Mrs Maureen White (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)


Administration Staff:                        Mrs Diane Hall (Business Manager)

                                                            Mrs Jennifer Maxwell (Finance Officer)

                                                            Mrs Jo-Anne Nicholls (Admin Assistant)


Learning Mentor:                               Mrs Tereza Boyd


Classroom Assistants:                     Mrs Kate Amos

                                                            Mrs Lesley Busbridge

                                                            Mrs Lindsey Collins

                                                            Mrs Susan Dymott

              Mrs Rachel Fifield

              Mrs Sarah Howell

                                                            Miss Leanne Mills

                                                            Mrs Michelle Pennington

              Mrs Evrim Russell

              Mrs Rosanne Sey

              Miss Amy Ward

              Mrs Louisa Williams


Mid-Day Meals Supervisors:            Mrs Jo-Anne Nicholls

                                                            Mrs Sarah Howell

                                                            Mrs Lisa Kennedy

                                                            Mrs Sabine Kriesel

                                                            Miss Leanne Mills

                                                            Mrs Michelle Pennington

                                                            Miss Amy Ward


Breakfast & After School Club:       Mrs Beverley O'Reilly (Supervisor)

                                                            Miss Amy Ward


Site Manager:                                    Mr Steve Dell


 Cleaners:                                          Mrs Doreen Burton

                                                           Mrs Diane Savage