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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school:


Headteacher:                                     Mrs M Brown


Deputy Headteacher:                        Mrs A Nash


Senco:                                                Mrs S Cole


Teaching Staff:                                  Mrs A Nash (Year R Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss Z Counter (Year R Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss G Kaur (Year 1 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mr R Francis (Year 1 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss R Kanagalingam (Year 2 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs K Olaide (Year 2 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss S Clark (Year 3 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs A Harvey  (Year 4 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss S Rob (Year 5 Class Teacher)

                                                            Mrs J Broad (Year 6 Class Teacher)

                                                            Miss M McManigan (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)

              Mrs T Ostler (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)

                                                            Mrs M White (PPA Cover/Booster/Extension)


Administration Staff:                        Mrs D Hall (Business Manager)

                                                            Mrs J Maxwell (Finance Officer)

                                                            Mrs J Nicholls (Admin Assistant)


Learning Mentor:                               Mrs T Boyd


Classroom Assistants:                     Mrs L Busbridge

                                                            Mrs L Collins

                                                            Mrs V Dodds

                                                            Mrs N DuPlessis

                                                            Mrs S Dymott

              Mrs R Fifield

              Mrs L Gideon

              Mrs D Hill

              Mrs Sarah Holbrey

                                                            Miss L Mills

                                                            Mrs M Pennington

              Miss A Ward

              Mrs L Williams


Mid-Day Meals Supervisors:            Mrs L Busbridge

                                                            Mrs N DuPlessis

                                                            Miss T Ford

                                                            Mrs L Gideon

                                                            Mrs D Harrison

                                                            Mrs S Holbrey

                                                            Mrs J Jones                                                            

                                                            Miss L Mills (Senior Supervisor)

                                                            Mrs M Pennington

                                                            Mrs L Stableford-Grieve

                                                            Miss I Taylor


Breakfast & After School Club:       Mrs B O'Reilly (Supervisor)

                                                            Miss A Ward

                                                            Mrs J Jones


Site Manager:                                    Mr S Dell


 Cleaner:                                          Mrs D Savage