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Absences during term time

Regular and punctual attendance at school is both a legal requirement and essential for pupils to maximise their educational opportunities. This policy represents the best practices at Singlewell School to support regular attendance, good timekeeping and to maximise absenteeism.

To assist children to achieve their potential and have every opportunity to succeed it is important that attendance is regular and punctual. The Government expects all school pupils to achieve at least 95% attendance in a school year. This figure already makes allowances for the normal rate of ill health. The vast majority of our pupils achieve this figure. All teachers and Governors recognise the disruptive nature of absenteeism. Children miss valuable learning experiences, lose the continuity of planned time, forget school behaviour and can demand disproportionate support when they return. Where absence is condoned by the parent it can / may reflect a lack of interest in education and lack of support for the school. The school will work with parents, guardians, carers and outside agencies where there are issues impeding a pupil’s ability to learn or attend school. Appointments for medical reasons should be made whenever possible outside of school. If unavoidable, a pass should be collected from the school office by the parents.


The Daily Timetable


The main gate is opened at 8.40am when the pupils can enter their classrooms. The register is taken at 8.55am this is the official start of the day, Any late arrivals need to be brought to the school office to be signed in on the electronic signing in system by an adult.
Pupils can be collected from their classrooms at the end of the day from 3.05pm-3.20pm. The gates will closes at 3.20pm.
Children will have well-rehearsed class routines – either settle in quiet teaching area with a book or settle at own desk and begin work or sit on the mat.  Any child not in class when the register is called is marked as absent.  If they arrive before the register is sent to the office they are marked with the code for late before the register closed.
Holidays in Term Time
Parents, Guardians and Carers are now expected to arrange family holidays out of term time. Holidays during term time will only be authorised by the Headteacher in Exceptional circumstances.  Written applications would need to be received at least two weeks in advance and each case would be assessed on an individual basis. 
Requests will not be authorised:-


  • If the child’s attendance is below 95% during the 12 months prior to the request.
  • If the holiday is at the start of the school year or during the months when internal / external assessment takes place. Parents will be notified of these as soon as the school has been informed by the government.


For parents who are allocated holiday dates through work, written notification from employers will need to be submitted at the time of the request.
Applications for all family holidays must be made in writing.  If it is for a period in excess of two weeks application must be made to the Headteacher at least four weeks in advance.  Parents, guardians and carers will be required to explain the nature and purpose of the trip and whether this event is likely to occur again during the student’s time at school. Attendance pattern and the impact on the student’s education will determine whether leave of absence for the whole period will be granted.