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DRESSING UP DAY THURSDAY 4TH MARCH - Children at home and at school can dress up to celebrate World Book Day

Severe Weather/Emergency Guidance Procedure for School Closure

Newsletter - Home Learning January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers




Due to the Government guidance issued this afternoon, the school will be open from Tuesday, 5th January 2021 for Critical Worker children and vulnerable children only.    Children who were already on the school’s Critical Worker register earlier in the year will be automatically allocated a full time place.  Any new Critical Worker children will need to complete and return the attached application form.  Critical Worker children are to attend school full time at the normal school hours.


A list of Critical Workers can be found by clicking on the link below.


Online learning will be in place for all other children and teachers will be making contact with you during the first week of term. 


With kind regards



Michelle Brown


Change to Government Isolation Guidance

As per the latest Government guidance, the period of 14 days’ isolation has now been reduced to 10 days. Therefore, Year 3 and Year 4 Bubbles can now be welcomed back to school on Tuesday 15th December.


However, if you choose to continue with your child’s 14 days’ isolation, as initially advised by Public Health England, we will continue to authorize their absence.

There are currently technical issues with the Smart School App.  This is the message sent out this morning:


The school will remain open for all our classes on their scheduled return dates, however as many of our families will be working at home with their children during the last two weeks of term, the teachers have provided a range of home learning activities on the class pages on the website.  The children can also access the Purple Mash site, Mathletics and Reading Eggs sites.


Please continue to send a copy of any 'Positive' Covid tests to


With kind regards


Michelle Brown


New stringent Measures for COVID-19 4.11.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

COVID -19 update 03.11.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

Drop off and Collection - Letter from the Headteacher 03.09.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

Updated Safety Measures and Information for children returning in September 2020 (updated 28.08.20) (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

Safety Measures and Information for all children returning in September 2020 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

YEAR R PUPILS RETURNING TO SCHOOL (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

PROCEDURES FOR SAFE AND GRADUAL RE-OPENING (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

PLAN FOR GRADUAL SCHOOL RE-OPENING (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

Dear Parents/Carers

 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

Thank you to those that have returned the initial Questionnaire providing us with preliminary figures for us to complete our risk assessments. We appreciated your positive comments about the Home learning and contact with the teachers.


If you have not returned your Questionnaire yet please do so, but may I ask you to read the introduction to ensure that you know that the children would initially be in a group of 15 and this would increase to a full class as the Government adds more year groups.  The survey link is​.


I cannot necessarily give you the assurances you seek but can provide you with some facts about the guidelines as they currently stand and let you make your own decisions about whether you feel confident in returning your child to school at this stage of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Schools are required to plan for provision based on very challenging guidelines.


It is considered by the Government that they DO NOT require the pupils to be socially distanced and are relying on limiting social interactions and regular hand washing to be sufficient. They say that NO Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be worn by staff or children unless a child or adult is taken ill at school.  The children will remain in their groups and not be allowed to mix with siblings or any friends in different groups.


Toys and equipment will be minimised and staff will need to maintain a distance from the children. Stringent disinfecting and staggered times will take place for all activities.  Because classes will be split, your child will not necessarily be in with their teacher or in their classroom.  Staff from Key Stage 2 will be required to support the Year R and Year 1.


There will be no Breakfast or After School club for the present to minimise contact.  The Government will not let the year groups joining us do so on a part time basis.


Clearly this is not how we normally work and for our children this will be quite different but only you know if this would be detrimental to your child.  We will support you in whatever decision you feel is best for your child and your personal circumstances.  We understand that you have your own challenges to deal with also.


All of the Staff have been loyal, hardworking and dedicated to looking after the children but of course they have their own concerns for their wellbeing and that of their families.


The Staff have been in continuously since lockdown, caring for the children of the Critical Workers, to enable them to continue their incredible efforts on the front line.  The Government is keen to continue to support the Critical Workers as well as invite the youngest pupils in initially.


The Staff have been delighted to work with the children and are greatly missing their own lovely classes.  They have also been providing for the Home learners and any families requiring support. We are all so proud of the way in which our families have adapted to the demands of the situation and are missing our usual contact with you.


For the many parents who have expressed that they are unsure about returning at present, your concerns are valid and realistic.  If you do have the capacity to stay at home with the children, then you may indeed want to continue with their Home learning. The Home learning pages will be updated weekly and there will still be the contact with the teacher by email. 


Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 Only

As a follow up to the questionnaire, if you put ‘unsure’ please could you confirm your final decision whether you will be sending your child back to school in Term 6 by emailing as soon as you can for our planning.  Please add your child/children’s names in the subject heading with their classes. 


We are still awaiting further guidance and will inform you of how the gradual reopening will take place when we are able to do so.


Kindest regards,




Michelle Brown




Dear Parents

I’m sure many of you will have watched the Prime Minister’s address to the nation last night.

You will have heard the Prime Minister indicating that the government believes it may be in a position to implement a phased re-opening of schools for certain year groups‪ from the 1st June. This is part of the government’s conditional plan, which it says will remain under regular review.

I’m sure as parents, you will have many questions over this recent announcement, which will range from exactly which children may come back into school first to how we are going to keep them safe; including social distancing measures.

Detailed guidance from the government is due to be published in the coming days. Once I receive this I will be in a position to define the best approach for Singlewell and what a possible return to school for more children could look like for us.

In the short term, the school site will remain open for children of Critical workers and we will be here to support all our other parents remotely, as we have done over the past few weeks.

I will be in touch again when I have more information for you.

Kind regards

Michelle Brown
Singlewell Primary School


COVID-19 LETTER FROM THE HEADTEACHER TO PARENTS 23.04.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

17th April 2020


HOME LEARNING EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)


Dear Parents/Carers


We hope you have managed to access our home learning activities on our school website.  They are to be found under ‘Children’ and then ‘Class Pages’. As mentioned previously, there is no pressure to complete the quantity of work, it is there to support your educational provision and enable choice to offer what you feel is appropriate.  There is no expectation to be working for a full school day or to complete every single task.


From Monday 20th April, if you have any queries related to the home learning that has been set, teachers are happy to help via the email addresses provided below but will only be contactable during school hours (9am-3pm).  There will not be an immediate response as teachers may be in school supporting children of critical workers.  Also it would be wonderful to share the children’s successes/ any home learning they want to show their teacher, through emailed pictures, notes etc if you wish.  All contact needs to be through a parent.


The communication through email is there specifically to discuss home learning only. Should you have any other general queries or safeguarding issues please email  The class emails will only be available during this current period of home learning.

It is not necessary to print the activities out, please complete the tasks in whatever form you can. Our online resources are still available and deemed very beneficial e.g. Mathletics and Reading Eggs.


We will not be uploading video content/online live lessons or using interactive platforms such as ‘Zoom’ as the Local Authority have advised against this due to safeguarding reasons.  Some schools have experienced incidences of inappropriate material infiltrating their programs.


The email addresses for parent contact are as follows:

Jellyfish Miss S Eyles:

Starfish Miss A Walsh:

Angelfish Miss K Painter:

Clownfish Miss T Nedjat:

Lionfish Mrs K.Olaide:

Pufferfish Mrs R.Catt:

Dolphins Miss A Furzer:

Turtles Mrs J Jandu:

Sea Otters Mrs J Broad:

Stingrays Mrs A Harvey:

Sharks Miss S Rob:

General enquiries or safeguarding issues:


If the children find any work to be too challenging then please feel free to access the work from other year groups instead.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Brown, Mrs Catt & Mrs Broad


16th April 2020


HOME LEARNING (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)


Dear Parents,


We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and the children are enjoying time at home.

The school will be opening on Thursday 16th April to children of critical workers only that have already been registered.


As mentioned in a previous letter, following the Easter holidays, teachers will have more regular contact with parents and will provide further guidance and more specific suggestions on what can be learned at home.


Teachers have been busy planning tasks for their classes; one English activity, one Maths activity and one topic activity daily to help and assist parents in planning educational provision.  Please be assured, they have been provided in a supportive capacity for parents and children and it is not essential for the children to complete every task as we can appreciate the constraints and difficult circumstances many of you may be facing.


Parents are not expected to deliver a ‘regular’ school day during these difficult, uncertain times so offer your children the educational tasks which you feel are appropriate. Teachers have tried to support this by providing activities with the children’s education, enjoyment and wellbeing in mind.


Activities for Thursday 16th April and Friday 17th April will be available on our school website under ‘Children’ and ‘Class Pages’. A full week of daily activities will then be available on Monday 20th April.

Further support and guidance on the home learning tasks set will follow accordingly.


Thank you for your continued support,




Mrs Brown, Mrs Catt & Mrs Broad





Dear Parents/Carers


We are confirming places to all those children who have sent in forms.  The children will need to wear school uniform as usual and enter through the front entrance via the School Office.  The school gate will open from 8.40 am.  Please ensure you sign the register at the office.


If your child normally has a school dinner, this will be provided.  If you normally provide a packed lunch for your child, please continue to do so.


Please collect your child from the front entrance via the school office at 3.05pm (Year R and Key Stage 1) and 3.15pm (Key Stage 2).


Any children attending breakfast and after school club will need to enter and depart via the back entrance as normal.  If you are not registered with the breakfast and after school club and wish to attend, please complete a registration form on Monday and make payment online.


We will be delighted to see the children and we will be offering a full day of educational provision.


Kindest regards,


Mrs Brown


COVID-19 UPDATE - LETTER TO PARENTS 20.03.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)

COVID-19 UPDATE LETTER TO PARENTS 19.03.20 (This may be superseded by any adaptation/change to Covid-19 Guidance)