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Our vision and values

Message from the Headteacher


Singlewell is a small expanding primary school with two classes per year group in Year R, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 and one class per year group in Years 5 and 6.  Parents say that it has a caring, family feel and an ethos that encourages children to work to their full potential and enjoy school.


The staff and Governors work together with the parents to provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum.  This includes a range of educational visits, sports tuition, workshops, theatre productions and lessons in swimming, French and music.  This provision is in a safe, stimulating environment where the needs of all learners are catered for regardless of ability, faith, age, race, disability and gender.


Our open door policy enables effective communication both ways and allows us to work with parents and outside agencies to ensure that children’s educational, physical, social emotional and safeguarding needs are met.  Parents and children support the school in our high expectations of attendance, achievement and behaviour.


To extend the children’s learning the school provides a large range of lunchtime and afterschool clubs run by teachers and external providers.  These are aimed at different year groups and allow the children to enjoy tuition in sports, music, the arts, dance and study support alongside their friends from different classes.  We also offer a before and after school child care provision at our Breakfast Club and After School Club.



Mrs M Brown


Our School Aims


We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:


Through the provision of a welcoming, purposeful learning environment and a team effort by Children, Staff, Parents and Governors our aims for all children are that:


  • They should be safe, secure and happy in school.


  • They enjoy learning and working collaboratively.


  • They have equal access to the curriculum, regardless of ability, gender, race or religion.


  • They acquire the necessary skills of literacy and numeracy in order to raise levels of achievement

      within and beyond the National Curriculum.


  • They experience a broad and balanced curriculum where knowledge, skills and understanding

      can develop at a pace matched to individual needs.


  • They experience  consistently good teaching, a stimulating learning environment and on-going

      active parental interest and support.


  • They show responsible behaviour, courtesy and consideration for others.


  • That their  spiritual, moral and cultural development is promoted, in order to prepare them to

      become valued members of an ever-changing, multi-cultural society.


  • They become confident individuals with the capacity to succeed. 


  • They can function well as part of a team and enjoy developing their creative thinking.