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Year 1 Angelfish

Singlewell Scientists had a terrific Science Week!  


Year R have loved looking after ducklings having observed them hatch!   They have also worked at growing patterns and finding out about a remarkable young scientist from Africa called William Kamkwamba.


Year 1 had great fun growing their bodies and brains in their Outdoor Gym and asked some interesting questions about how bubbles grow!  They also read all about David Attenborough  - I wonder whether they will spot him on the television next time he's sharing his knowledge?


Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm; the animals were not at all camera shy and the farm looked magnificent.  They are now curiously awaiting butterflies... almost cocoons at this point in time!  Their sensational scientist was Maria Sibylla Merian, who really inspired everyone to follow their dreams.


Year 3 had a great experience with The Natural History Museum's volcano expert!  They also explored antibody and virus growth via an origami growing task...  Their special scientist was Ralph Alger Bagnold who worked hard at engineering a dune buggy.


Year 4 took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather we have had as they went outdoors exploring the mysterious world of worms!  Indoors, they have enjoyed observing their very own Worm World and thinking about how these tiny creatures help produce to grow.  They were inspired by the work of Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist scientist from Africa.


Year 5 had some futuristic fun in thinking about survival and growth on Mars; their models were terrifyingly fabulous!  They also explored growing without soil in their very own classes using our new Hydroponics Unit.  Their research scientist was Margaret Collins, an insect scientist from the USA.  


Year 6 made great links with Maths by investigating the ages and growth of sharks .  They also consolidated and enhanced their understanding of evolution with an expert from The Natural History Museum.  Their sensational scientist was also a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher named Hypatia from Egypt - this was a challenging but exciting person to have researched.


The whole school entered a Science Poster competition on Growth, grew Grass Heads - some marvelous and quirky characters joined the school and ended the week with science stickers and a Singlewell Scientist Award for one impressive scientist per class.  Well done everyone!!!


Our visit from Science Boffins was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute but we already have a new date in place and look forward to seeing our very own scientists enjoying that experience after Easter.


Here are photos of just some of the activities your child experienced...


Best Wishes,

 Mrs Jandu


World Book Day

Angelfish Update


It has been a brilliant term with lots of exciting learning and engaging activities. As usual, the children have worked hard and we are all super proud of them.  


We have been very busy in Maths. We have learnt to tell the time, understand capacity and recognise the British coins.  

Our Science lessons this term have been eye opening! Children have explored pictures by zooming in and zooming out of them. They have predicted and asked questions about creatures and discussed the differences and similarities between living things. The pictures below have been zoomed in. What living things could they be?

Storytelling week was fantastic! Children worked hard with their parents to produce some awesome stories retold in jars. The sheer creativity of the children is commendable. Children enjoyed listening to professional storytellers and participated in workshops.  Well done Angelfish. You should be proud!


Miss Asiedu

smileysmileyStars of the weeksmileysmiley


From the Angelfish team, we would like to say a huge congratulations and well done to our brilliant Stars of the Week.


 Star of the Week was awarded to a polite boy for using amazing adjectives in his writing. (28.01.22)


Star of the Week was presented to another polite boy for his hard work this term and for always putting other people first. (04.02.22)


Star of the Week was presented to a kind girl for making a huge improvement in her learning this term. Well done to you all! (11.02.22)

Angelfish Update


Happy New Year everyone! It has been lovely to see all the children back in school and trying their absolute best!  Children have been amazing at remembering the class routines and activities throughout the day and have settled back in to them beautifully. 


In English, we have been recapping our writing skills and applying them to write. We have learnt how to ask questions about our new book using question words. We have identified the makeup of a story. We have created story maps, thought about what happened at the beginning of our story, what the problem in the story was (middle) and how the problem was resolved (resolution/end). Then, we wrote lovely stories using our story maps to help us.  

In Maths, we have been comparing numbers and recapping addition by counting on from a number. Fun activities that you could do to support and engage your child at home could include; 

  • ‘Roll the dice’: roll a dice and count on to 20 from the number that you rolled 
  • Snakes and ladders game 
  • Counting on with sticks, straws, counters or small objects you can find around the home 

Children have shown their artistic skills in our Art lessons! They have learnt to use different materials and skills to create space pictures, rockets and collages, all linked to the book we are currently reading in English.  

Angelfish have absolutely enjoyed their P.E lessons so far. This term, our focus is on gymnastics, working on balance, agility and coordination. We are leaning to balance on different body parts and link travel, shape and flight to create short sequences and routines. 

A couple of reminders: 

  • PE is every Tuesday afternoon. If your child has not brought in their PE kits yet, kindly do so to allow your child to dress appropriately for PE. 
  • Spellings will be sent home every week as always along with their homework. Please practise them with your child to further enhance their understanding of the sounds taught in class. 


Miss Asiedu

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley 

Star of the Week was awarded to a lovely girl for showing great enthusiasm towards learning, both at school and at home. (07.01.22)


Star of the Week was presented to a confident boy for showing great enthusiasm and resilience towards his learning. (14.1.22)


Star of the Week was presented to a polite and an artistic girl for showing perseverance in her writing this term. (21.01.22) 


Angelfish Update

We have had another fantastic few weeks in Angelfish! We have been very busy and have produced fantastic pieces of work. I have continued to be amazed by the immense hard work and resilience the children continue to show. They are truly fantastic! In English, we are reading Dinosaurs Don’t Draw by Elli Woollard and learning about Recounts. You could support your child at home by discussing: 

  • How to sequence a story 
  • What a story map is and how to create one ( Pie Corbett story mapping) 
  • How to write the beginning, middle and end of a story. 


The children have moved on from Set 2 sounds in Phonics and are now learning Set 3 sounds. Please continue to practise the sounds and words containing the sounds taught. In Maths, we have been learning about number bonds within 10 and fact families in addition and subtraction. We have used cubes, part-part whole models and ten frames to enhance children’s understanding of the concepts taught. To achieve mastery, we continue to encourage children to recognise that if we know that 3 + 5 = 8, then we also know that 5 + 3 = 8 but also 8 – 5 = 3 and 8 – 3 = 5. Once children understand this concept, it will help to enhance their reasoning skills further up the school to understand that 30 + 50 = 80 but also 80 – 50 = 30. 


Angelfish would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for sharing our passion for a better planet. We love our class plant and it has definitely contributed to our learning environment. 


Well done to both children and parents for their hard work in what has been a tremendous Autumn Term. From the team in Angelfish, we would like to say thank you and we wish you a Merry Christmas.


See you all in the Spring Term! 


Miss Asiedu 

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley



Star of the Week (19.11.2021) was awarded to a smart and happy girl for writing a fantastic rhyming poem about dinosaurs. 

Star of the Week (26.12.2021) was presented to another bright girl for her immense knowledge of the weather and seasons. 

Star of the Week (3.12.2021) was given to a knowledgeable boy for writing a brilliant beginning of the story Dinosaurs Don’t Draw’

Star of the Week (10.12.2021) was awarded to a hardworking girl for her resilience in learning Set 2 Phonics sounds. 

Special Announcement


A huge well done to everybody that took part in our National Poetry Day competition with Young Writers. All of your poems were fantastic, it was clear to see how hard you all worked and it was extremely difficult choosing the winners and runners up. 


We are pleased to announce that several of our children were selected to be published alongside other National winners. Our runners up now have their beautiful poetry pieces displayed in our new and improved library for the whole school to see. It has been wonderful to see the whole school embrace National Poetry Day and we look forward to doing more in the future. 


Mrs Burton

Angelfish Update

It is lovely to see all the children back after a well-deserved half term! As usual, they have been fantastic and happy to resume learning at school. 


Did you know that we have some fantastic weather reports in Angelfish? As part of our Science topic, we have been learning about the weather. Have a look at the photos below of our amazing weather reporters and enjoy the videos of them telling the weather in your area. Brilliant effort children! 

Weather Forecast Video 1

Still image for this video

Weather Forecast Video 2

Still image for this video

In History, we have been learning about Mary Anning. Our work on this famous fossil hunter has included research into her life and work, writing interesting facts and imagining how she felt when she found the fossils. Children’s efforts with homework have been rather impressive. Some children took a trip to the British Museum and some used their computing skills, all in the quest to research Mary Anning. Impressive right? 


Inspired by the book Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs, we are in the process of writing our own stories about objects special to us. We have already designed our front covers and they look amazing!  

In Maths, we have been learning to identify parts and whole. We have learnt to use the part-whole model, tens frame and the bar model to help us find parts and whole of numbers within 10. 


We have also been thinking carefully about a greener planet and have made footprints to remind ourselves of ways to preserve our planet. We also made wreaths to remember and commemorate Remembrance Day.  

Miss Asiedu

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Star of the Week (22.10.21) was presented to a hardworking boy for his amazing efforts in all areas of his learning.

 Star of the Week (5.11.21) was awarded to a clever boy for his contribution on the carpet and during independent writing. 

Star of the Week (12.11.21) was presented to a girl for writing her own story based on our new book Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs. 

Angelfish Update

It is that time again when we find out what the children have been up to. I have awesome news! They have been fantastic! The children have produced some amazing pieces of work and they continue to enjoy their learning at school. Their resilience and readiness to learn is commendable! Since our lovely library reopened, we have enjoyed ‘cosying up’ with inspiring new books.

In Maths, we have been comparing objects and numbers using the language of ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. The children can now identify and use the correct mathematical symbols to compare objects and numbers. 

We have also been developing our acting skills. It was wonderful to see the children act out the story of the ‘Prodigal Son’. They retold the famous Parable and were confident in playing different roles in the story. I am super proud of all of them. 

Finally, we have been artists! We have made portraits of ourselves and learnt about well-known artists including Vincent Van Gogh and his famous paintings. The children now understand the importance of self-portraits and the messages they convey. Drawing from our learning about Vincent Van Gogh, we created some masterpieces of this well-known artist. 

Angelfish have been working very hard to learn their phonemes in phonics and apply the skills taught to read and write. Please continue to read with your child at home to develop reading for pleasure! I am super impressed with the children’s learning, and I look forward to amazing learning discoveries in Term 2. 


Miss Asiedu

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Star of the Week was awarded to a resilient girl for her immense knowledge and contributions during carpet sessions. (1.10.21)

Star of the week was presented to another hardworking girl for writing an inspiring poem about Fireworks.(8.10.21)

Star of the Week was presented to a fantastic boy for always trying his best in all areas of learning. (15.10.21)


Well done everybody!

Angelfish Update

Angelfish have been enjoying school since returning and have been busy with their learning. One can hardly tell they were in Reception last term. Even though, Year 1 is somewhat different to Reception in terms of lesson structures and routines, the children have shown such resilience and have settled in beautifully. I am super proud of all of them. They have embraced their new class and have worked collaboratively to paint and write facts about their fish, to complete their ‘Welcome to Angelfish’ display. 

In Science, we have been learning about our five senses. We started with a lesson introduction to the five senses and explored them using foam, musical instruments, fruits, flowers and colours. They enjoyed investigating smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste. We concluded the lesson with a game of ‘guess the sound’, ‘guess the missing person’, ‘what’s in the bag’ and ‘guess the missing object’.​

In Maths, we have been busy representing numbers to 10. Children have practised counting, subitising, showing one to one correspondence and writing numbers to 10. To further extend their learning at home, children could practise ordering numbers to 10, finding one more and one less of objects within 10. 


We have been equally busy with Phonics and English for the past few weeks. Our focus has been recapping Set 1 sounds applying our phonics skills to read and write. We have done this through our Phonics and English sessions in the mornings and Guided Reading sessions in the afternoons. Children have absolutely loved the story of Elmer and have written some fantastic pieces about him.  

I am super proud of how far the children have come in such a short space of time. I look forward to more amazing learning in the coming weeks. 


Miss Asiedu 

smileysmileyStars of the weeksmileysmiley

The first Star of the Week was awarded to a girl for creating a fantastic story map for the story of Elmer (17.09.21). The second Star of the Week was awarded to a hardworking and bright boy, who gives his absolutely best in all areas of his learning. Well done to you both!

A welcome message from your new teachers in September...

Angelfish Update


Angelfish have been super busy since half term and have shown some absolutely fantastic pieces of learning!


During the first week of school, instead of learning about a book, we watched a short film, 'Something Fishy'. The children came up with some very interesting predictions of how the story would end but were all incredibly surprised by what happened! They really did show off the skills that they have learned during Year 1 by re-writing the story with some super describing words, I really enjoyed reading them all. 



Last week, along with the rest of the school, the children took part in the Great Big Science Share in which we revisited the topic of Animals. They learned about mammals, amphibians, fish, birds and reptiles and by the end of the week were able to sort animals into their animal groups. The children then used their knowledge of animal groups to create a new animal and then explain which group it was part of and why. Please do take the time to look through the photos of their amazing creations. 

Fantastic efforts Angelfish - well done!


Mrs Painter

Angelfish Update


Angelfish class have thoroughly enjoyed our topic of Dragons, Knight's and Castle's this term. They have all written some fantastic pieces based on our last two texts: Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and Good Knight Bad Knight by Tom Knight. The children have been so enthusiastic and so imaginative with their describing words during their English lessons and their ideas for Rapunzel - The Sequel. They are becoming so much more confident with their writing; it really is enjoyable to see!


In Maths, Angelfish enjoyed using lots of different objects whilst learning about multiplication and division. Working practically has really helped their understanding of how to make groups and arrays and how to share equally.


In History they have learned lots about different castles and their locations. Angelfish have even designed their own whilst thinking carefully about what it is made from, it's location and it's safety features. 

We are now coming to the end of our learning about Plants in our Science lessons and we have had some lovely results from the children's homemade mini greenhouses. The children investigated how the seeds changed, identified the parts of the plant and how each seed had developed differently. 

Angelfish class have put in so much effort into their learning. I hope they all have a well-deserved rest over the half term.


Well done Angelfishes!


Mrs Painter

Angelfish Update


Angelfish class have been super busy since their well-deserved rest over Easter.


In English, we completed lots of activities based around Zog, by Julia Donaldson. Angelfish thought of some very imaginative lessons that they would like to learn themselves if they were able to go to Dragon School. They put all of their ideas together and have written some wonderful diary entries of their first day at Dragon School. I really enjoyed reading about the things they packed in their bag, such as Lava Juice, as well as the lessons that they learned, which included breathing fire so that they could make their families a BBQ for dinner!


In Maths, Angelfish are beginning to learn about Multiplication and Division by making, adding and dividing objects into equal groups. They are doing this practically as well as solving problems in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

This term in Science, Angelfish are learning about plants and began this topic by exploring our school field and investigating the wild flowers that grow there. They were amazed at how many daisies were growing in the school field and were very excited to find a buttercup. 

Lastly, I just want to say thank you for the huge effort at home with reading and spellings. It really has been very clear just how well the children have been progressing with this, it is amazing to see. 


Mrs Painter

Angelfish Update




It really has been lovely to see Angelfish class back together in school and having lots of fun together! They have had a 'super' time reading about the adventures of Traction Man and his pet, Scrubbing Brush. The children really did enjoy this story and designed some fantastic and useful outfits for Traction Man and his different adventures. They also created their own Villain and made their own comic strip adventure. The children were incredibly imaginative and I really enjoyed reading their super adventures and looking at their wonderful drawings.

Angelfish have now completed their topic of measurement in Maths and really enjoyed exploring the different types of measurement. Next term, they will be learning about Multiplication (2s, 5s and 10s) as well as Division.



I hope you all have a lovely Easter!


Mrs Painter

smileysmiley Our Star of the Week on Friday 12th was awarded to someone that has put some super effort into their writing since returning to school, especially in their comic strip. The Star of the Week for Friday 26th March was awarded to someone that puts so much effort into all areas of their learning and for being super helpful to other children. smileysmiley

Angelfish Update


During the last few weeks of Home Learning the children have been really creative with the resources at home to help them during their Maths lessons, especially in the final week for measuring. It has been really lovely and very interesting to see their efforts.


Angelfish also produced some fantastic descriptive writing on the story 'Handa's Surprise'. It was great to see how the children built on their previous learning to improve their writing and extend their sentences. There has also been a clear improvement in their handwriting,  which shows just how much pride they are taking in their writing. They should all be very proud of themselves.


I also saw some very colourful pieces of Art based around the story over the last few weeks, which I have included some pictures of.


I am really looking forward to having all of the children back together in class. 


Mrs Painter

Angelfish Update



Since our last update, I have seen some absolutely fantastic learning both in school and at home. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the activities based around 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey, and I have enjoyed seeing them. We have had lots of incredible drawings and some fantastic descriptive writing. I have also noticed that there has been a super effort with handwriting - well done everybody!

The children have really put lots of effort into Maths too and I have seen some really imaginative use of household objects to support the children with building numbers at home. After half term, we will be learning to count in 2's and 5's, so objects such as pairs of socks or gloves would be really helpful for this, should you wish to get ahead of yourselves.

Once again, I would really like to thank everyone for the huge effort that has gone into home learning. I really enjoy seeing all of the lovely things that the children have been getting up to at home and I look forward to seeing Angelfish Class together in our Zoom calls. We have received fantastic learning from children at home and at school; everyone should be very proud of themselves. I hope everyone has a lovely half term break and a well-deserved rest!

Mrs Painter

Angelfish Update



All of the children have been working incredibly hard both at home and at school. I have really enjoyed keeping in contact with all of the children via Purple Mash and seeing all of the lovely things they have been doing at home. Everyone has been working incredibly hard and I am so very grateful for the effort that everyone has put in.


The children at home have been completing the same learning as those that are in school and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the children's stories for Beegu 2. It was so good to see such a wide variety of ideas; the stories were fantastic!


I have also enjoyed seeing the wide variety of Art using different techniques and have included lots of pictures to show off just some of the wonderful learning that has taken place.


Stay safe,

Mrs Painter

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Angelfish Update


Although we have temporarily returned to home learning, I am amazed at how well the children are doing! There has been a huge effort for the home learning from both the children and all of your adults at home. Thank you for all of the time, effort and support in these challenging times.


It has been wonderful to be able to keep in contact with some of the children via Purple Mash. Seeing their lovely learning really has been uplifting. There has been a wide variety of learning via the class page, Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash. I know that lots of you have been completing the learning activities on the class page and writing about Goldilocks; I really cannot wait to read them once your Home Learning books are back in school.

Well done to all of those that have also been using Mathletics and Reading Eggs; it's been so nice to hear that children enjoy them so much. Purple Mash really has opened up the world of home learning for us this time around and it really has been invaluable. I really cannot express just how much I enjoyed hearing from the children and seeing their writing about dinosaurs, their lovely pictures, their great effort in Maths. I was even extremely lucky enough to see a really lovely video of a child enjoying the PE Dance session. Some photos of the wonderful learning that I have got to see have been put into a slideshow above.  

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and effort. I look forward to seeing you all soon. 


Mrs Painter

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Angelfish Update


The children have been very busy so far in Term 2. They spent a week writing their own versions of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, which I really enjoyed reading. We had lots of exciting adventures with mermaids, diamonds, cats, bunnies and puppies! We have now moved on to poetry and the children worked in groups to choose their own actions for the poem 'The King of All the Dinosaurs' by Paul Cookson. They then performed it to the rest of the class.

In Maths, we have finished comparing number sentences to ten and we are now learning about 3D and 2D shapes. Angelfish class especially liked playing a game to see which shapes can be used to build towers.


Following on from our learning about Mary Anning, we have now investigated Ammonite fossils and the children drew some fantastic pictures. In Art, we have painted dinosaurs and made shape dinosaurs. We have also been learning about Seasonal change by making wind socks and exploring how Autumn has changed the trees on the school ground.


Mrs Painter

smileysmiley Our Star of the Week went to a child who has puts lots of extra effort into their writing and their Maths this term. Our next Star of the Week went to a child for writing a wonderful rhyming poem and reading it out to the rest of the class. Well done! (13.11.20 & 20.11.20smileysmiley

Angelfish Update


We hope you all had a lovely rest over the half term, the children have been very busy since they returned to school. In English, we have started a new book 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' and the children have really enjoyed it. They have been using some fantastic words to describe different types of dinosaurs and have written a Wanted poster to find a T-Rex.

In Maths the children have been learning about subtraction by telling subtraction stories.


This term we have been learning about Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter. The children have been fact finding and have written a fact file about Mary's life. The children have also been very creative and have designed their own dinosaurs in Art by choosing their favourite parts of different dinosaurs.


Our topic in Science this term is seasonal change, which includes learning about different types of weather and how to record it. We started our topic by learning about the four seasons and the kinds of weather you would see during each season. The children talked about the weather by becoming weather reporters and they really enjoyed it!


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyOur final Star of the Week for last term was awarded to someone that has been putting lots of effort into their home reading and writing.

Our first Star of the Week for this term was awarded to somebody that has really been taking the time to sound out each word before writing and then reading it afterwards to check that it makes sense. Well Done! (23.11.20 & 06.11.20)smileysmiley

Angelfish Update


Last week, the children took part in their very own ‘Race for Life’. The children were very excited and it was so lovely to see the children in their bright colours and wearing lots of rainbows. They completed ten laps of a course on the school field, they really did earn their medals!


The children have spent the last two weeks learning about the Three Billy Goats Gruff and have created an alternative ending for the story. The children have really enjoyed learning about different types of animals in Science and have written some fantastic facts about Vincent Van Gough in Art.

Mrs Painter

smileysmiley Our last two Stars of the Week were awarded to two children who always put lots of effort into all areas of their learning. They also like to be super helpful in class and take care of their classmates. Well Done! (02.10.20 & 09.10.20)smileysmiley

Angelfish Update

We have now completed two weeks of learning on Cops and Robbers by Janet & Allan Ahlberg and the children have produced some absolutely fantastic writing! They have created their own characters and have been using lots of  new, tricky vocabulary. The children have especially loved using the word ‘villainous’!

Thank you to everyone for the huge effort with Homework and Reading. As you know, the children receive a raffle ticket for every 10th read and we have lots of tickets in the pot already! You should now have log-ins for Reading Eggs and Mathletics on the inside of the Reading Record should you choose to complete the activities we set on them.

Mrs Painter

smileysmileyWe have also awarded another two Stars of the Week since our last update. The first was for somebody who puts so much effort into all areas of her learning. (18.09.20)

The second was for a child’s fantastic effort whilst creating his very own character for Cops & Robbers, ‘Catcher-the-Rat’. Well done! (25.09.20) smileysmiley

Angelfish Update

Hello Angelfish,

You have certainly been very busy over the last two weeks. You have learnt how to retell the story of Elmer by ordering it, drawing a story map and writing sentences.

In Science, you've learnt facts about Angelfish and in Art you painted some bright and colourful Angelfish for our display.

Well done to everyone for reading at home and completing your home learning. Remember that every time you read ten times you get entered into a raffle that will be drawn at the end of term!

From Mrs Painter

smileysmileyWe also celebrated our very first Star of the Week! This was given to somebody that put lots of effort into all areas of their learning. Even if they found things tricky they kept trying and gave it their very best effort. Well done!(11.09.20)smileysmiley



Welcome to Year 1!


We are so amazed at how well you have all settled back into school. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

We are really looking forward to getting to know you all as we explore our topic ‘One in a Minion’.

This term in English we will be exploring the following books – Elmer, Cops & Robbers and The Billy Goats Gruff. In Science we will be learning about Humans and Animals and we will be exploring the local area for Geography.

We will be having outdoor PE from next week in our fantastic, new outdoor Sports area! Please remember to bring in a warm tracksuit and trainers.


Mrs Painter

Dear Angelfish Class,

I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last two terms. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the children that have returned to school, especially our art afternoons. You have all put so much effort into your learning and I think you have adjusted so well. You should all be proud of yourselves!

For the children that I have not yet had the chance to meet in person I have loved seeing your fantastic efforts with your home learning! I have seen some wonderful castles, flower facts, Gingerbread baking and fantastic facts about animals. You should also be very, very proud!


Although I haven’t had the chance to see you yet, I really do hope that I get to meet you once you return after the holidays, please do give me a wave and introduce yourselves!


I feel incredibly lucky to have joined Angelfish class this year, you have all been wonderful! You all deserve a good rest over the summer holidays, I hope you all have a lovely break.

Mrs Painter


To Angelfish,

We will miss you lots!!!

It has been lovely getting to know you all and helping you along the way to learn the skills for your next adventure in Year 2. Always shoot for the stars!!!


Love Mrs Balsom and Mrs Gideon

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

Poetry and artwork

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Making gingerbread and how to take care of animals!

Am excellent weather diary!

"She made a knights shield as her sister made a Viking shield and she loved making a Giant (for the Jack & the Beanstalk story) out of an outline of herself. We are working on Jack next."

Dear Angelfish Class,

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the lovely photos of your home learning. I have seen lots of wonderful things and you have all clearly been putting so much effort into your activities. Well done to all children for your hard work and thank you to all of the adults for your help!

Over the half term break you could make a memory box to remind yourselves in the future of all of the things that you did during your time at home. You could fill your box with home learning activities, drawings, photos, decorations or anything else that you have made. Don’t forget to decorate your boxes too!

I hope that you all have well deserved rest over the half term break.

Mrs Painter

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Exploring plants...

Home learning about plants...

Castle research and reading about Goldilocks...

Angelfish hard at work!

23rd April 2020

Hello Angelfish,

I am so excited to be helping Angelfish Class with their home learning! I have been told what an enthusiastic class you are so I have been busy planning lots of fun activities for you to do.

Although I cannot meet you all in person just yet I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful learning that you have been doing at home. I can see some of you have already been busy on Mathletics and Reading Eggs which is brilliant!

Please do send in any work or photos of activities that you would like to share, I would really enjoy seeing all your efforts.

Mrs Balsom and Mrs Gideon miss you all lots and hope you had a great Easter and are all having fun spending time with your family at home.

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Painter

Yaer 1 Angelfish Programme of Study 2019-20