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Year 1 Angelfish

Angelfish February Update!

What a busy, but extra fun term we have had!


In Maths we have been identifying patterns, differences and similarities in number sentences using various manipulatives. We have also learnt about doubling numbers and how this can help with addition. Recently, we have been learning about subtraction and how we can do this using number lines, ten frames and first, then, now stories.


In English, We 'jumped' into a picture and used 'Talk for Writing' strategies to produce some beautiful narratives. The children did really well letting their imagination run wild by making links to their senses, came up with some lovely adjectives and made lots of suggestions as to what could happen if they were in the picture.


In Art the 'Whatever Next!' story inspired us to create our very own space pictures. Creating these was very enjoyable!


This week has been very exciting, and we have been very lucky, as it has been Storytelling week! We spent a day in our pyjamas, read with children in Year 6, had parents come in and read to us, and we visited our local library!


Thank you for your continued help and support.


Mrs Nicholas

Angelfish January Update!


Happy New Year!


It was so lovely seeing all the children back after Christmas and hearing about what they had got up to over the holidays.


We have started the new year with our new book: Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. The children have loved finding out what Baby Bear gets up to on his trip to the moon and sharing what they would like to take and wear to the moon.


This week we have been looking at ‘bossy verbs’. In class, we used these to give instructions to others to complete various tasks. The children worked really well together, helping each other come up with different verbs and much fun was had by all.


Currently, number lines are the main focus in Maths. The children have begun to locate numbers on them, identify missing numbers and have even attempted to create their own ones!


In Art we have been learning about primary colours and how, with blending them, we can make secondary colours. The children were very enthusiastic working with paint and were very careful applying it to their colour wheels.


From The Angelfish Team

Angelfish December Update!


Angelfish have had a great Term 2 with lots of learning and fun events!


We were all very excited to take part in a fire safety assembly with Mr Baker who told us lots about being a fireman. The children also had the opportunity to meet lots of fire officers and learn about their fire engine.



In English we have enjoyed reading our new book ‘Cops and Robbers’ and exploring writing for different purposes. We have created crime reports, questions and answers between cops and robbers and have described characters. Angelfish also loved the opportunity to take part in a police role play with Mrs Martyn.


During Maths we have been learning to recognise and compare 2D and 3D shapes. We thought about shapes properties, looked for shapes in our environment and created shape patterns.


This term we have loved designing and creating our own dinosaur sculptures! We started by learning about what sculptures are and then researched different types of dinosaur sculptures using Ipads. Angelfish then designed their own dinosaur sculptures and thought about the materials they would use. They then made their own dinosaurs sculptures which were fantastic!


We would like to say a big thank you for your continued support this term during our fundraising events, Book Sharing afternoon and Parents Evenings.

Have a fantastic winter break!


Miss Hassell, Mrs Cheema and Mrs Martyn. J

Angelfish November Update!

Angelfish have had an absolutely fantastic start to Term 2!


In English we have been reading our new story, ‘Beegu’. We thought about how the alien felt when she crashed on Earth and about questions she would ask people on our planet. We have also been practicing our story telling skills by sequencing events in the story and writing sentences about what happened to Beegu.


This term in Maths we are thinking all about addition and subtraction. Angelfish have been working very hard to record number sentences and represent number problems using drawings and pictures. They have also been using Numicon, cubes, counters and their fingers to help them add and take away different amounts and solve word problems.


During our Science lessons Angelfish have begun exploring seasonal change and how different aspects such as weather, nature and clothing change throughout the year. We all took part in a seasonal walk and were very excited to see how the leaves had changed colour.


Throughout Term 1 and 2 Year 1 have been thinking about our school and local area. We thought about our homes, school and community. We used google maps to explore our school grounds and discussed where the car park, playground and other areas were around our school.


In Art, we have started learning about sculpture. We have been thinking about how sculptures can be different materials, colours, shapes and sizes and how we can share our thoughts and opinions about sculptures with friends. Angelfish have really enjoyed using the Ipads to research different types of dinosaur sculptures and we are very excited to start designing our own dinosaur sculptures next week.


Thank you for all your continued support!

Miss Hassell smiley

Angelfish October Update!


What a great first term in Year 1!


Overall the last couple of weeks we have been exploring a new story book in English called ‘Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug’. We have had lots of fun designing our own superheroes, describing them and thinking about their skills or powers. Angelfish have also worked hard to develop our story telling skills using role play, story maps, sequencing pictures and writing sentences. They have also developed their writing skills by writing sentences to form narratives and retell stories.


During Maths we have continued to count, sequence and work with numbers to 10. We have used part-whole models to explore addition and have used numicon, cubes, drawing and number sentences to represent number problems.


Angelfish have loved exploring self-portraits and the artist Van Gogh in Art. They have demonstrated curiosity when using watercolours, paints, pencils, crayons and other medias to create beautiful self-portraits.


Our whole school had so much fun taking part in the Colour Run! Angelfish ran around the field with lots of friends and were very excited to be covered in the coloured powder paint! We also enjoyed inviting our adults into the classroom to take part in our Autumn workshop. Everyone loved making lots of lovely animal models and showing our Harvest donations.


Thank you to all of our children and families for their support this term with the Colour Run, Harvest Festival and Autumn workshop!


Thank you,

Miss Hassell


September Update!

Welcome to Year 1 Angelfish Class!

We have had an absolutely fantastic start to our year and Angelfish class have worked very hard exploring their Year 1 classroom and curriculum.


In English we have been learning about the books ‘The Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst and the stories ‘Be Who You Are’ and ‘The Family Book’ both written by Todd Parr. We have been using our phonics skills to write labels and lists and we have also combined words to make sentences. We are also developing our writing by ensuring we use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, finger spaces between words and full stops at the ends of sentences.


Angelfish have been learning about place value to 10 in Maths this term. Our class have shown amazing confidence in counting, ordering and comparing numbers. We have also used a range of equipment to support our own learning including pictures cards, number lines, 100 squares, cubes, counters and numicon!


We have had lots of fun in Science learning about our topic ‘Animals including Humans’. We have learnt about our bodies and senses. We have also taken part in exciting activities including labelling our friend’s body parts and a 5 senses experiment. During our senses experiment we were able to feel lots of objects and describe their textures and how they felt. We also listened to animal noises, looked at pictures on Ipads, smelt lots of interesting smells and tasted some lovely biscuits.


During Geography we have also been excited to explore a range of different maps that are printed, from stories and from Google maps. We have been learning to draw our own maps of our bedrooms, the school playground and our school. Year 1 have been using maps, Ipads and pictures to learn about our local area and we have also learnt about compasses and how they are used.


Angelfish have absolutely loved our first two trips to Forest school! We have shown all of our CARES values when exploring the environment, caring for nature and insects, supporting our friends in team activities and continuing to explore tasks even when they are more challenging. All of our children have also demonstrated fantastic curiosity and enjoyment in the mud kitchen, making stick wands and when building dens.


We look forward to lots more exciting learning!

Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Hassell

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