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Year 2 Lionfish

Lionfish Update

We have had another very busy few weeks in Lionfish! I have continued to be ‘WOWed’ by all the hard work this wonderful class have continued to produce. We have done a lot of further investigation in Science into habitats and we went on a caterpillar hunt in our quiet garden! We thought about why they would be difficult to find…

In English, we have been reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ and writing instructions for how we would catch a star but also about adventures we would have up in space. We wrote about what we would see, who we would see and where we would go! We used some very grown-up vocabulary and even included similes and alliteration.


In Maths, we have been looking at number fact families and recognising that if we know 3+5=8, we also know 8-5=3 but also 80-50=30. We then moved on to work out 10 more and 10 less than any 2-digit number.

Art has been full of ‘Colour Chaos’ as we have continued to explore different artists and painting styles. The children particularly enjoyed splatter painting in the style of Jackson Pollock, especially seeing as not all of the paint reached the paper!


I cannot believe our first term is already coming to an end, time whizzes by when you are having fun! I’m looking forward to Term 2 already.


Mrs Catt, Miss McManigan  and Miss Ward

smileysmileyStar of the Weeksmileysmiley

Finally, our Star of the Week has been someone who has demonstrated excellent reasoning skills in Maths. They have really developed their ability to explain their answer. Well done!

Lionfish Update


We have had a wonderful (and busy!) start to Year 2. Miss Ward, Miss McManigan and I have been very impressed with how hard Lionfish have been working and all with lovely smiles on their faces. In English, we started by reading The Colour Monster and discussed how different colours can emote different feelings. We moved onto looking at poetry, in particular Kennings. We really enjoyed performing them and then wrote our own about… I wonder if you can guess what we are describing!

In Maths, we have been writing numbers as numerals and words and have spent time understanding the place value of 2-digit numbers. We used lots of different equipment so we could clearly see how many tens and ones there are in different 2-digit numbers, we then partitioned them in lots of different ways.  

In Science, we thought about how we know something is living using our list from MRS GREN. We had a deep discussion about whether we thought a flame was alive. We have also been busy investigating microhabitats at school and at home! We've searched for different minibeasts and thought about how they are suited to live there.  


Lionfish you have been super! I look forward to more exploring, investigating and problem solving! 


Mrs Catt, Miss McManigan & Miss Ward   

smileysmileyStar of the weeksmileysmiley

Finally, our Star of the Week was someone who has shown great curiosity in Science and an enjoyment of looking for different ways to solve problems. Well done!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Lionfish Update


From Monday 14th June 2021, Lionfish Class took part in Science Week along with all the classes at Singlewell. Over the weeklong event, Lionfish experienced many different types of science enquiry, starting by using question makers to develop their questioning skills. We planted and observed the growth of cress seeds and broad beans, recording our observations over time and predicting what might happen next.   



We used water absorption to open a variety of paper flowers. The children were set a challenge to explore what happens when they place their closed flowers on the surface of a shallow container of water: when the paper/cardboard absorbs water it swells, making the flower open. Next, we explored different liquids and weights of paper, counting how many seconds it would take the paper flower to open.   


We also furthered our knowledge of the colour wheel, using paint to mix two primary colours together to create secondary colours. Afterwards, we had a go at creating tertiary colours by mixing a primary and a secondary colour together. We displayed our mixing using number sentence symbols.  


We enjoyed watching a pre-recorded lesson from 2016, whereby British astronaut Tim Peake answered questions from school pupils whilst he was aboard the International Space Station. We were amazed as Tim shared his knowledge and encouraged many children to become professionals within the world of Science one day.  


Our Science Week came to an end the following Monday as Lionfish Class zoom called Angelfish Class to share their learning from across the week. The children spoke with great enthusiasm as they recalled their knowledge and shared experiences.  

As all of the children in Lionfish Class have received Star of the Week this year, Mrs Olaide, Mrs Balsom and Miss Ward have been on the lookout for a Table of the Week to celebrate small groups of children working together as team.  


smileysmileyThe Table of the Week went to a group of children who showed they could listen carefully to instructions and wait patiently for our adults to arrive at the end of the day. Well done Top Table! smileysmiley


Mrs Olaide 

Lionfish Update


This term the weather has been on our side and with the help of our Team Theme coach, Lionfish class have loved participating with their PE lessons in the MUGA. The children have developed simple tactics for attacking and defending, which can be used within the team games we have learnt. Lionfish class have been finding space ready to call and receive the ball, as well as marking players to intercept the ball. We voted ‘toilet tag’ as our favourite warm up game!

As part of our RE unit, the children have been finding out about Christian's belief on the creation of the world. We have read from the Christian holy book, the bible, and heard the poem ‘In the Beginning’ written by Steve Turner.


Lionfish have also observed artwork by Kate Neal; the paintings explore the seven days of creation. We used oil pastels to recreate her work.  

Keep up the great work Pufferfish!


Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Stars of the Week showed great teamwork over recent weeks. As a class, we have been performing many role-play scenarios as part of our RE learning. These children have listened to the views of others and modelled excellent problem solving skills when discussing how to include ideas from all children within their groups. Well Done Stars!smileysmiley

Lionfish Update


Land Ahoy! Yo-ho-ho me hearties, it is a sailor’s life for Lionfish Class!

We have our sea legs ready, as it is time to sail the salty seas! 


In History this term, the children have been learning all about Pirates! We began our unit of work by sharing what we already know about pirates and asking questions to describe what we would like to find out. We have learnt the key features of a pirate ship and had a go at drawing and labelling our own.


This week, the children will be identifying and describing pirate jobs from the past, as well as sharing their reasons as to which job they would prefer to do! Next, we will go on to learn about significant historical pirates.  

As part of our Science unit on Plants, we have been finding out about seed dispersal. In groups, we used plasticine, pipe cleaners and cotton buds to recreate a dandelion head and seeds. We have also used clay to create burrs. We pinched the clay slightly to form curved hooks that would attach onto passing animals. This was rather tricky to begin with, but we persevered and used water when our clay began to dry out. 

Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Stars of the Week in Lionfish showed great enthusiasm for new learning since returning to school after our Easter break. They have also used their ‘find it or prove it’ skills within reading tasks. Well Done Stars!smileysmiley

Lionfish Update


As our Spring term draws to a close, Lionfish class have welcomed frogspawn into the classroom. We have created a micro-habitat within our classroom and we look forward to observing the life cycle. As part of our preparation for looking after the frogspawn, we have been reading ‘Growing Frogs’ by Vivian French. We've learnt lots of helpful tips and look forward to checking the tank each morning to observe any changes! 

As part of our learning for Religious Education, we have been finding out how Christians celebrate Easter. We began our week by discussing our own favourite celebrations before reminding ourselves of The Easter Story. After this, we reflected upon how the story of Holy Week and Easter are special or holy to Christians because it is about turning sadness into happiness, or turning sorrow into joy. Using oil pastels, we created reflective artwork to four different types of music, matched to The Easter Story.  


Mrs Olaide

smileysmiley The Stars of the Week were selected due to the great improvements within their writing after having listened to feedback. Well done Stars! smileysmiley

Lionfish Update



Monday 8th March 2021 marked the return to school for our home learners. The home learners joined our school learners back in Lionfish Class. We were all so chuffed to see our friends again in person.


The children have shared their home learning with the class and we have created a display area to showcase our wonderful learning with our class. Thank you once again to our parents and carers for their continued support during this period. 


Last week, both our school and home learners celebrated World Book Day. Although it was quite different to how we usually celebrate the day together, great fun was had by all. Lionfish class were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. During the day, we listened along to live stories being shared on the World Book Day website, wrote news reports from our recent shared stories and spent the afternoon away from screens to take pleasure in reading. We learnt that World Book Day began in 1995 to celebrate books and reading across the world. The day is now held in over 100 countries all over the world. Each child received a token and we discussed where and how we could use them. 

As well as World Book Day last week, the children took part in a Virtual Sports Week. With the help of the Team Theme coaches and Mrs Burton, we learnt a new exercise move each day and we were challenged to see how many movements we could do in 60 seconds. Many of us gained the gold certificate for completing over 200 moves across the week!    


Mrs Olaide

smileysmiley The Home Learning and School Learning Stars of the Week were selected due to their continued reading effort and excellent shape knowledge in Maths. Well Done Stars!smileysmiley



Lionfish Update


Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to the children and adults for ensuring home learning is uploaded to Purple Mash or to me via email. Remember to keep logging on daily to access your home learning and to share your wonderful work.  


Don’t forget you can also share the books you have been reading. For every 10 reads, you will receive a reading raffle ticket and a chance to win a prize at the end of term, even though you are working from home! 


Recently in RE, we have been finding out about what it means to be Jewish. We have learnt about what might be found in a Jewish home and how these objects link to the Jewish way of life.  We focused on the mezuzah and how it reminds Jewish people of God.  We have also enjoyed learning about Jewish festivals such Shabbat, which takes places weekly and Hanukkah, which is celebrated over 8 days during November/December each year.

We have continued to meet virtually each week and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to play games, listen to stories and catch up with our school friends. This week we gathered to learn more about Safer Internet Day. We learnt about the many different ways that you can use the internet, as well as learning whether we can trust everything that we read or see online. The children enjoyed listening to a story about a duck called Digiduck, who loves to go online. We will continue to build upon our knowledge of using the internet safely.     


Mrs Olaide

smileysmiley The Home Learning and School Learning Stars of the Week were selected due to their excellent instruction writing in English. Well Done Stars! smileysmiley

Lionfish Update


Year 2 Lionfish send New Year wishes to our class page readers. 


With the turn of the New Year, some Lionfish children have returned to school, while many children from Lionfish class are learning at home. Both groups are committed to their learning, trying their best and persevering when learning new knowledge and skills. We are so proud of all of the Lionfish children for their engagement with their learning through Purple Mash. Remember to keep logging on daily.    


Recently in English we have been learning about poetry. We have learnt that a poem is a piece of writing that expresses feelings and ideas using imaginative language. People have been writing poems for thousands of years. A person who writes poetry is a poet. Most recently, we identified rhyming words within ‘Spider in the Bath’ by Lynette Craig, ‘The Star’ by Jane Taylor and 'Hickory, Dickory, Dock,' as well as having a go at rhyming for ourselves!

This week many of us joined in on a virtual meet. We waved and said hello to our peers, as well as playing a game where we had to choose between two tricky food choices. We will be doing lots more virtual meets, as we all loved seeing our Lionfish friends again.       


Mrs Olaide

smileysmiley The Stars of the Week for Lionfish class were picked due to their determination, positive attitude and motivation shown during their return back to learning after the Christmas break.

Well done Stars! smileysmiley

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.


Please check your child's Purple Mash account over this festive period, as we will be uploading some fun Christmas videos for you to enjoy

Kind regards

Mrs Olaide 

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Lionfish Update


Lionfish class have been working extremely hard at home, completing many home learning activities from our class page on the website, as well as Purple Mash, Mathletics and Reading Eggs.


In English, we practised our handwriting and focused on two texts. The first text was “Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth,” by Oliver Jeffers. For this, the children created a leaflet explaining how to care for our planet and a poster welcoming someone to planet Earth. For our second text, “Supertato” written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the children created new characters to add to the story and wrote speech bubbles sharing what the characters might be saying.


As well as these two texts, the children have listened to many pre-recorded stories told by adults from our bubble.  We also worked on our spelling, punctuation and grammar. In Maths, we completed work on place value, addition and subtraction. 

Mrs Olaide cannot wait for Lionfish to share their home learning with her. It has been wonderful to see what Lionfish have already uploaded via Purple Mash.


Due to their fantastic effort, hard work and motivation shown during this time, the Star of the Week goes to all Lionfish children. Well done and keep going Lionfish!


Mrs Olaide  

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Lionfish Update


Lionfish class have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to the computer suite over recent weeks. We have been practising using the mouse and keyboard to log in. More recently, we have begun to use Purple Mash. Purple Mash is a great tool for learning and with time, the children are becoming more independent using the site. The class have created their own avatars, answered quizzes about materials for Science and most recently designed a Diwali Diya. We have also been having a go at logging in from home. Mrs Olaide can set ‘2 dos’ for the children to enjoy completing. Once completed, the children ‘hand in’ their work for Mrs Olaide to review.   


Mrs Olaide

smileysmiley The Stars of the Week for Lionfish class were chosen due to their fantastic reasoning in Maths. They have been sharing their knowledge of coins and notes, and have shown great enthusiasm for the topic. Well done! (13.11.20 & 20.11.20) smileysmiley

Lionfish Update


Lionfish Class have all settled in well after our half term break. As part of our focus on artists, we have been learning about Romero Britto, a Brazilian pop artist. Romero Britto is well known for his bright, bold colours with black border lines. Along with Pufferfish class, the other class in our bubble, we have created our own fish in the style of Romero Britto.


In PE this term, we have been focusing on teamwork when learning about the skills needed to throw and catch mini rugby balls. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the warm up game of spider-boy and spider-girl. We have to pass the ball to our teammates who are stuck in a 'web'!


Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Star of The Week for Lionfish Class was chosen due to their great contributions in our class inputs. They have been raising their hand and having a go at answering more questions. Well Done Star! (06.11.20) smileysmiley    

Lionfish Update

As part of our focus on British Values Lionfish Class have been finding out about each value and identifying what it means to them. To help us understand the importance of each value we have shared many thought-provoking stories including: ‘This is Our House’ By Michael Rosen, ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson and ‘Amazing Grace’ by Mary Hoffman. Each story helped us to reflect and make links between the British Value and our own lives.


As part of Black History Month, we have been reading children’s books written by black British authors. We loved reading ‘Look Up’ by Nathan Bryon and can’t wait to start our next book ‘Clean Up’!  


We all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Race For Life. After each lap we received a stamp and at the end we were awarded with our shiny medals. It was a great occasion and the sun was shining for us!   

Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Stars of The Week for Lionfish class have been chosen due to their beautiful presentation within their books. Great perseverance was shown when forming letters in continuous cursive. Well Done Stars! (02.10.20 & 09.10.20) smileysmiley     

Lionfish Update


In Design and Technology, we have been busy finding out about a variety of vehicles. We have learnt about their uses and features, as well as investigating wheels, axles and chassis. We each made two types of vehicles and evaluated which type we preferred, before explaining why. This week we have designed our own vehicle that we would use to explore. Take a look at some of our wonderful designs.

Lionfish Class have continued to work hard on following our school rules. The children have settled in well and many ticks have been added to our reading chart- great work Lionfish! As part of our Guided Reading sessions we are reading the wishlist book, ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. We are all thoroughly enjoying this book as the evenings are gradually getting darker and autumn begins.

Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Stars of The Week for Lionfish class have been chosen due to their kind and caring attitudes towards others. Well Done Stars! (18.09.20 & 25.09.20) smileysmiley    

Lionfish Update


In Lionfish Class we have all thoroughly enjoyed using the Ipads to research our class fish. We were so surprised to discover that Lionfish are also known as scorpion fish, turkey fish, and dragon fish!  We later found out that in some countries people eat Lionfish and they are considered a delicacy! Some of the children in our class said they would be keen to try some Lionfish for themselves! We then had a go at sketching a Lionfish.

As a class we have been taking the time to think about how we are feeling each day. Together we’ve read a story called Ruby’s Worry. We learnt that from time to time we all worry and that worries are best shared with others. We have our own Worry Monster in Lionfish Class. We know that if we are ever worried about something, no matter how big or how small, we can tell an adult or we can write it down/draw a picture and zip it into our Worry Monster’s mouth.

Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyThe Star of The Week goes to a Lionfish who has listened to and followed our Golden Rules and has shown a positive attitude to new learning.(11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome Back


Dear Lionfish Class,

Welcome back! We’re chuffed to have you here back at school. What a wonderful few days we have had together already! Myself, Miss Ward and Mrs Balsom have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you into Lionfish Class. We have spotted so many smiles as you greet your friends again. You have been super sensible staying within our bubble and using our hand sanitiser throughout the day. Well done! You were also really lucky to be the first children allowed to use the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) on Wednesday lunchtime with our coach. It was great to see you all having fun together.

This term, we will be discussing our Golden Rules, working on our number skills, finding out about Lionfish, writing letters and filling our display boards!  In Science, we will be discovering living things and their habitats and in Geography, we will be exploring our local area.  R.E will include learning about Islam and thinking about our feelings. D&T will involve designing and creating our own transportation! We will be doing lots of mindfulness work to keep calm and strong as well as several other subjects and activities – too many to list!


Mrs Olaide

Hello Lionfish class,


Mrs Olaide here, writing to you from our colourful but quiet Lionfish classroom. It hasn’t been the same without you all over the last few months. You’ve been dearly missed. You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all. 


I must say what a wonderful class you are. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together; learning and sharing knowledge, laughing and watching you continue to grow into the fantastic children that you are. I feel so lucky to have been a part of your learning journey at Singlewell, I only wish it had been for longer.


Miss Furzer is very lucky to have you, I know you’ll have a brilliant time in Year 3-Key Stage 2!

I hope to see your smiling faces again soon.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Take care,

Mrs Olaide   XXX


Hello to all my little Lionfish,

I would have been with you all for 2 wonderful years now and it has been a shame that we haven’t got to spend the last term together having lots of fun!

I have loved seeing you all grow into such hardworking and caring children. It has been a pleasure to be your teaching assistant.

We have had so many good times over the past 2 years; with lots of laughter, singing and dancing around (of course lots of fun work too). I will miss you all very much and I hope you enjoy your summer holidays. Make sure you keep yourself safe and well!! Lastly, don’t forget to come and see me when you are all grown up Year 3s!!

Lots of love

Miss Ward XXX

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

A newspaper report and some stone minibeasts!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Minibeast work: fact files, data collection, minibeast hunts and observing minibeasts.

Bright and colourful Andy Warhol pop art!

Planet Earth posters, flower arranging, pop art, caterpillars, fruit labels and describing movement instructions.

Notes for living on Planet Earth...

Fairy tale writing!

Yoga poses, planting and beautiful artwork

Excellent seaside dioramas!

Shopping with Lionfish!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Hello Lionfish class,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It was wonderful to speak to your adults and hear about how you are all getting on. I am so proud to hear of Lionfish children being so helpful towards their adults at home. Well done for being so kind and caring. It’s been great to see and hear what you’ve been up to for your home learning, so many of you have been completing lessons on Reading Eggs and have been busy on Mathletics. Well done you!


Miss Ward and I miss you all lots and we often remember the fun we all had, laughing at my butter fingers on the laptop, dancing while getting our belongings ready to go home and singing to ‘Old Town Road’ in the line ready and waiting for 5 past 3. We both stand outside and clap for our wonderful carers every Thursday evening, proud and grateful for the hard work our key workers are continuing to do. I’m still out and about walking most days, on my VE Day walk I saw neighbours having afternoon tea in their gardens, I heard that many of you celebrated by having an afternoon tea or picnic with your families too.   


Do remember that you are helping a lot by staying at home. Spending time with loved ones and showing kindness to the people you live with is really important. I’m sure you’ve been doing lots together that you wouldn’t normally do when you are at school or when the grown-ups are at work, so enjoy making lots of family memories. I’ve included an idea below that you could create over half term to record your memories.


Take care and keep up the hard work at home.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Mrs Olaide & Miss Ward


Try this half term task if you have some spare time...

Have you ever heard of a time capsule? Maybe your adult can explain this to you!

Can you make your very own time capsule so that when you are older you can look back at this time and remember all of the things you did?


Ideas for your time capsule: On a piece of paper (you can decorate this if you like) you could write:

· Your name

· What day it is

· Who you live with

· How old you are

· What you want to be when you’re older

· Things you have really enjoyed at the moment, e.g. spending time with family, playing board games etc.


You could also draw a picture of you and your family or include a real photo to look back at in the future. Add in some things that you want to remember this year by. Maybe a rainbow picture, a thank you picture for the NHS.

A selection of healthy eating menus, new vegetable super heroes, pirate ships, a variety of beanstalks and some number facts.

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

More exciting adventures of Supertato and pirate ships!

Supertato sequels and wonderful treasure chests!

VE Day Celebrations!

Supertato to the rescue!

Arrrrr, treasure!

Making the most of the sunshine!

Lionfish enjoying learning to tell the time and creating pirate flags...

Clapping for the NHS!

23rd April 2020

Hello Lionfish class,

I hope you are all safe and well. I’ve been making the most of a daily walk in this glorious weather, appreciating the wild bluebells and hawthorn blossom, as well as tulips growing in front gardens. Spring is most definitely in full swing! I hope you’ve been safely enjoying the sunshine too. Like many of you I have also created a colourful rainbow for my window, and enjoy spotting others when out walking. Have you spotted many rainbows? I have spoken to Miss Ward, she has been out for sunny dog walks and has played many games of Uno with her family. We both clap for our wonderful carers every Thursday evening and think of the hard work our key workers are doing. Have you been staying up a little later to do this too?

It’s been great to see and hear what you’ve been up to for your home learning. Well done for all of your hard work so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the life of a pirate. How brave and fearless you would need to be!


Take care and keep up the hard work at home.

 Best wishes to you and your family,

Mrs Olaide  

Year 2 Lionfish Programme of Study 2019-20