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Year 2 Pufferfish

Pufferfish Update

Pufferfish Class are immensely proud of their contribution to our school’s Harvest Festival collection. Thank you so much to all Pufferfish families for their kindness.

We have begun using our brand new Singlewell Library and are thoroughly enjoying getting cozy with a book in there. We have also been listening to The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson in this wonderfully, quiet space.

In class, we are continuing to work hard in all areas but we are also playing hard as a team- look at our Colour Chaos work on splatter/drip painting in the style of Pollock’s art! It is enormous and was extremely messy but heaps of fun to create!!!

Keep working hard Proud Pufferfish! 


Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our Star of The Weeks go to the following Pufferfish for:

Great artwork!

Excellent writing!

Working hard!


Well done Pufferfish, keep it up!

Pufferfish Update


Welcome back to school Pufferfish Class!  


We have all made a fantastic start to Year 2.  We have worked hard on remembering Singlewell Primary School's Golden Rules and have signed a class contract to demonstrate our commitment to these.  In Maths, we have been reading and writing numbers, understanding the value of each digit in 2-digit numbers and using all sorts of resources and strategies such as base ten, ten frames, part whole models and number sentences.

In Science, we are exploring living things and their habitats - we even designed our own creatures and thought carefully about why they are suited to a particular habitat.  Our Art books are looking colourful and all of our other books are filling up with great work.  Pufferfish Class should feel very proud of themselves. 


Here are some photos of our Welcome Proud Cloud display and some other areas our classroom.

Keep up the great work Pufferfish Class!  Miss Quinlan and Miss Nicholas are very proud of you too!


Best Wishes,

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our first Star of The Week goes to a Pufferfish for being kind and gentle. (10.09.2021) Our second Star of the Week goes to a Pufferfish for listening skills. (18.09.2021) Well done Pufferfish!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class have been extremely busy in all subjects - working hard to show our best work in all areas!  


We have been working particularly hard in Science and had great fun taking part in The Great Science Share.  It was very exciting to see and hear a panel of scientists (experts in Climate Change) and particularly Brian Cox answer one of our questions! We found out that the 'blanket' around our world is actually made of lots of gases - mostly carbon dioxide.  We heard ideas about how to reduce the amount of harmful gases that are released around us and how to save energy and be kinder to our environment.


Last week, we worked on Science every day!  Here is a short diary account of our learning:


  • Monday - we used Question Makers to explore our surroundings and we also asked questions about why our cress had wilted and our beans were germinating well hydroponically.
  • Tuesday - we loved hearing from Professor Brian Cox!
  • Wednesday - we helped the giant from the Jack and the Beanstalk story to find a suitable tree to climb back to his castle.
  • Thursday - we investigated blooming flowers as we explored how different types of paper absorb water at different rates. The difference between how fast foil paper and newspaper absorbed water was very surprising!  Also, we found out about a British astronaut, Tim Peakes and scored ourselves on whether we have what it takes to be an astronaut.
  • Friday - we explored primary and secondary colour mixing.  Also, we enjoyed reading Science magazines and books.





We have definitely proved ourselves to be Super Singlewell Scientists!

Well done all Pufferfish!


Best wishes,

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Pufferfish for their improved focus, effort and attitude in school. The most recent Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for great Science work all week! Great effort Stars!smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class thoroughly enjoyed Number Day! Our favourite activities involved creating some symmetrical paintings of butterflies and playing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game - we won several millions of points!!!  As a class, we generally love Maths anyhow, but to be able to enjoy Maths activities outside of our Maths lessons was a real treat.

Our topic on Pirates is soon drawing to an end but we'd love to share some of our great work here:

Pufferfish Class have matured a lot over the last few weeks - Miss Quinlan and I have been feeling very proud of them all.  Handwriting, punctuation and the use of conjunctions has improved significantly! 


In Maths, we are beginning to measure confidently using centimetres and metres.  Our work on fractions has drawn to an end, yet we are still recalling key facts during our Flashback 4 lesson starter tasks.


Keep up the great work next term Pufferfish! You really are working hard at being polite, pleasant, productive, playful and proud Pufferfish (we could always work harder at being peaceful...)


Have a wonderful half-term break.

Mrs Jandu :) 

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for great work in Guided Reading (07.05.21).

The next Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for playing nicely with lots of different children (14.05.21). The latest Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for working super hard in all areas, especially on handwriting (21.05.21).smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class ended last term with our Reading Raffle celebration.  Our winners were very proud of their achievements - as should all Pufferfish, who regularly read!  

We have been very busy in our Science lessons since we returned for Term 5.  We made sycamore seed models using strips of sugar paper and enjoyed watching them take flight whilst reinforcing our understanding of seed dispersal by wind.  We have also made models of dandelions in order to explore how when we blow at them to make a wish, their sticky seeds disperse and land elsewhere. 


Last week, we got our hands messy with clay to make burr models.  It was fascinating to see how these use hooks to attach to animals, travel long distances, finally crack open and hopefully replant seeds!

In our Art lessons, we drew poppies using a step-by-step guide.  Everyone's work was outstanding!  Here are just a few excellent examples:

Protective Pufferfish have been very happy with how hard we are working and numbers of house points have increased since we first joined Year 2!  


Best Wishes,

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyWe have had 3 Stars of the Week since our last class update. One Pufferfish got Star of the Week for excellent work and helping others. The next Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for increased participation on all tasks. The latest Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for improved focus in all tasks.smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


The last three weeks in Pufferfish Class have been full of art and fun!  We enjoyed being creative and learning new techniques (although some of us did get a little messy...) with our whole class splat painting...  

It has been wonderful to feel some Spring sunshine too!  More enjoyable Daily Miles and some outdoor Science have been appreciated by all.  We also worked on creating our daffodil art work; there were so many steps involved from sponge painting to using stencils.  
Red Nose Day was a great celebration, reminding us of our British Values related to be caring and giving towards others. We made time to tell jokes as well as think about those less fortunate than ourselves.

In Maths, we have revisited addition and subtraction using the column method alongside base ten. In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed writing our own fairy tales. Our shared story with Mrs Jandu was about a prince, who lost his voice, and was saved by the Queen and a loud giant! We are currently working on celebrations and learning the Easter Story. Also, we have enjoyed Assembly Zooms with Lionfish Class.  


Our WOW WALL is proudly full of beautiful examples of excellent work.

We hope all Pufferfish mums enjoyed their Mother's Day cards and that all parents are looking forward to having some Easter fun with their little Pufferfish over the break.


Best Wishes,

Mrs Jandu

smileysmiley One of our Star of the Weeks went to a Pufferfish for working extremely hard and for their great spelling. Our latest Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for their excellent work all term and for helping others. (19.03.21 & 26.03.21)smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class have really enjoyed being back together again; it has been particularly lovely to see everyone playing together at play time. Here are some photos of our Pufferfish Certificate Celebration to mark our successes at home and in school during the 2021 school closure period, and to celebrate other events such as World Book Day and our Virtual Sports event.

Our learning has been extremely varied over the last three weeks- we have worked on news reports in English, Shape in Maths, bible stories in R.E, our bodies in Science, the oceans in Geography, portraits in Art and internet safety in Computing.  We hope you enjoy this slideshow.


Best Wishes,

Mrs Jandu

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for fantastic Home Learning, particularly in R.E and Maths. Another Pufferfish got Star of the Week for excellent Home Learning, violin skills and sharing reading. The latest Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for great attitude in all tasks in school.smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


The last three weeks have been full of hard work and weather watching!  We have been forecast snow on so many occasions so it has been exciting to at last receive some.  The children working from home have been keen to share their snow news at our live Zoom meets.  Here is a Pufferfish snowman named Batman (we wonder why...?)

We have also enjoyed PSHE tasks at our Zoom meetings including thinking about which colour we feel using our Colour Me Happy story, doing a 3 point check by stopping to think about 3 things we can see, 2 things we can hear and 1 thing we can feel.  Our favourite task has been Show & Tell; there were some impressive lego model shows!  


In English, we have recorded instructions for an alien using imperative verbs and we are currently working on learning The Unlucky Man story.  Maths has involved work on division using woodland puzzles and activities.  Now, we are working on tally charts and pictograms.  

Pufferfish Class have also been working super hard at reading.  Lots of us are reading for pleasure and enjoying listening to stories.  We all know how important it is to keep reading so that we can access all areas of the curriculum, grow our brains and use our imagination! 

Here are examples of good work we have been doing in other subjects:

All of the teachers in school are proud of Pufferfish and we all wish you a restful half-term.

Best wishes, 

Mrs Jandu

Pufferfish Update


Towards the end of 2020, Pufferfish Class enjoyed learning about Jesus' birth and some of us were able to participate in performing The Nativity, creating a Santa dance or participating in a Pass The Bauble challenge.  In class, we made Christmas cards with an angel theme.  We were impressed by the uniqueness of each angel.


To celebrate the beginning of 2021, the children in class made snowmen cards.  Again, they each appeared with their own wonderful personalities.

Since then, we have all been working extremely hard both at home and in class.  We have developed a good routine of practising daily phonics, handwriting and English work on areas such as rhymes and SPaG.  In Maths, we have begun working on a new unit of work on multiplication.  The Purple Mash table toons songs and games have been especially popular and we have all made such good progress on developing our understanding of multiplication. 


In the afternoons, we have completed work on various topics such as habitats in Science, Judaism in R.E, the UK in Geography, coding skills in Computing, various P.E techniques and designing our own chocolate wrappers in Design and Technology.  Just look at some examples of our wonderful work from home!  There was so much great work to choose from...

Please continue working hard and keep up the good behaviour.

Mrs Jandu

smileysmiley The first Star of the Week for 2021 went to a Pufferfish for AMAZING Home Learning and waking up early to complete tasks (08.01.21). The second Star of the Week goes to a Pufferfish for excellent recall of multiplication facts in Maths (15.01.21). smileysmiley

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.


Please check your child's Purple Mash account over this festive period, as we will be uploading some fun Christmas videos for you to enjoy

Kind regards

 Mrs Jandu

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Pufferfish Update

Pufferfish Class had a very busy afternoon creating our Christmas Display and decorating our Class Tree.  We designed our own baubles and loved seeing them gradually adorn our tree.  We explored the unique nature of snowflakes and were amazed by how complex they are! 


In P.S.H.E, we discussed how Christmas gifts do not always need to be bought and we reminded ourselves of the importance of the gifts we have within that we can freely share with others over Christmas, such as the gift of time, company, love, patience and care - some of these have been wrapped, ready to give under our tree.


During our Bubble Closure, many of us have worked very hard in our Home Learning books.  We have also commented on how much we have enjoyed participating in various learning videos and doing activities on Purple Mash.  Here are some of the window art we created of ourselves, indoors, whilst looking through a window.

Well done to everyone for working so hard at home - especially to those who worked on key skills such as Phonics, handwriting and number skills!  Miss Quinlan and I are looking forward to doing more fun activities in school before the Christmas Holidays begin!


Mrs Jandu

smileysmiley The last Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish who has worked really hard in Maths (27.12.20).
This week, Star of the Week goes to all Pufferfish for being so positive about their home learning!smileysmiley 

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish have been working very hard on winning our colouring crayons back!  We received a very disappointing letter from several upset crayons about how we have been mistreating them.  However, we replied with a letter each in our English lessons and are overjoyed to have them back!


In Science, we have been using the iPads to find out whether the materials things are made of are actually what we think. We had to use some software to scan QR codes - we were quite surprised!  Also, we have investigated wood and replied to an email from Mr Woody from the Timberyard - he is happy that we found wood to be a strong material. Even though it can mark easily, it can withstand windy conditions (or a hairdryer!).

Also, we had a fantastic time in school to mark Children In Need.  We hope you enjoy these photos. 


Mrs Jandu 

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for working EXTRA hard and learning lots. Our recent Star of the Week went to a Pufferfish for their excellent writing in R.E. (13.11.20 & 20.11.20) smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


At the end of last term, we enjoyed wearing our bad hair whilst playing Snakes and Ladders! Reading was celebrated through our Reading Raffle with lots of wonderful prizes.  We also had some extra Golden Time to celebrate the end of a successful term.

This term, we will continue to strive towards being Proud Pufferfish. These are some of the things we feel most proud about:

In Maths, we will be securing our addition and subtraction strategies.  What might be the best method to add these 3 numbers: 17+5+3?  Or, 34-5?  We are aiming to become confident at adding and subtracting numbers up to 100!  Playing lots of number bond games will help with this.


It is really lovely to see one another again after half-term and we would particularly like to welcome Miss Quinlan who has joined Pufferfish Class!

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyThe Stars of the Week for Pufferfish Class have been rewarded for wonderful story writing, excellent D&T skills and good work and motivation all week. Keep up the hard work! (16.10.20, 23.10.20 & 06.11.20)smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class have been as busy as ever over the last few weeks.  We thoroughly enjoyed participating in Race For Life – it was great to feel free, running around the field and cheering one another along.  The weather was kind to us too! 


In class, we have used our observational skills to look for signs of worm and snail movement – it has been much harder than we expected!  We have learnt that living things (both animals and plants) need to find suitable habitats to live and grow happily in.

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyThe Stars of the Week for Pufferfish have been chosen for being very polite and for having a  positive attitude and motivation to work hard. (02.10.20 & 09.10.20) smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class have been working very hard at being Patient Pufferfish-we are all helping one another to make lots of progress!  Some of us have completed such impressive work that it has been posted up on our WOW Wall! We get 20 House Points for having our work displayed here. Look at our work on designing vehicles, imaginary creatures in the quiet garden and some R.E work on the story of Muhammad and the cats.
We have also had fun in our brand new Computer Suite. Many of us are working hard at learning how to spell our surnames in order to log-in independently.

smileysmileyThe Stars of the Week for Pufferfish class have been chosen for excellent listening skills and for good work all week. (18.09.20 & 25.09.20)smileysmiley

Pufferfish Update


Pufferfish Class have been working very hard on following rules in school.  We now know that we need to remain seated and raise our hands to ask questions.  We are beginning to line-up nicely and we know that if we chat whilst walking from one place to another, we have to go to the back of the line…  We have been receiving lots of Housepoints for excellent behaviour and our hand washing and hand sanitising skills are great!

We have all been extremely surprised by our research on pufferfish (the wild ocean creatures)!  They are not at all like the pufferfish in our class!  We discovered that they are highly poisonous and must be handled with extreme caution!  We are very glad to be out of the water and on dry land in our lovely classroom!

Mrs Jandu

smileysmileyStar of The Week goes to a Pufferfish who has behaved beautifully and worked hard at all tasks.(11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome Back

Dear Pufferfish Class,

It has been great to have you all back in school this week!  I am writing this at the end of our first day together and hope that you feel very proud of yourselves and happy to be with your friends again. I hope you feel that your previous classroom now feels more grown-up as a Year 2 classroom! 

This term, we will be discussing our Golden Rules, working on our number skills, finding out about pufferfish, writing letters and filling our display boards!  In Science, we will be discovering living things and their habitats and in Geography, we will be exploring our local area.  R.E will include learning about Islam and thinking about our feelings. D&T will involve designing and creating our own transportation! We will be doing lots of mindfulness work to keep calm and strong as well as several other subjects and activities – too many to list!

Once again - welcome back!


Mrs Jandu 

I couldn’t resist writing you all a chocolatey message (one that I can eat after!) It reminded me of us reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together and creating your chocolate inventions!


I have really enjoyed teaching each and every one of you. We have learned so much this year together and it has been wonderful to watch you grow into mature, sensible, caring Year 2s with an incredible eagerness to learn, you will make fantastic Turtles.


I’m very proud of how much home learning you have done during this tricky time, your photos have put a smile to my face. It has been a strange end to the year and although I don’t get to see you in September, it won’t be long before I’m back and hopefully I’ll be able to bring along baby Catt for you all to meet!


Keep working hard in Key Stage 2, I have been telling your new teacher how fantastic you all are! Remember you can do anything you put your minds to. I miss you all very much.

Love from Mrs Catt xxx


Hi Pufferfish,

I have missed you all so much over the last few months, but I keep remembering all the fun we had in class and on special days like World Book Day and our Christmas Nativity. I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely photographs you have been sending Mrs Catt. You have obviously been working very hard and have completed some wonderful home learning. I have been in class with some of the Year 1 children who are also working hard and will soon be as big as you. I hope you liked seeing my cheeky squirrel friend, she is still visiting to collect nuts and she now brings her baby too! I bet you have all grown so much and will definitely be ready for Year 3 in September. You will make excellent Turtles and I know your new teacher Mrs Burton can’t wait to meet you all. I’m sure you have been having lots of fun at home too and I hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday.


Love from Mrs Collins x

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

Pufferfish still working hard!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Listening to music...

Caring for our Planet!

Notes for living on Planet Earth...

Taking care of Planet Earth...

Enjoying time with a beautiful new baby sister!

"Be Kind"

More seaside dioramas, beach visits and exploring trees...

Seaside dioramas!

Hard at work and learning to roller blade...

Wonderful masks!

Beautiful sunshine dot paintings!

Dear Pufferfish Class,


Another term completed, you are all really missed,

Home learning tasks completed, working through a fun list!

Your photos and wonderful work have been fantastic to see,

From exploring in the garden to helping prepare your tea!


Your Supertato adventures have been really quite exciting,

Also the treasure chests you have made covered in sparkle and the pirate codes you’ve been writing!

Maths and English a plenty, I’ve seen the concentration on your faces,

Baking delicious cakes, long walks outside, and in your gardens, obstacle races!


It can be really tricky not seeing each other at school,

Please enjoy the sunshine but do keep cool!

It was lovely to catch up with lots of you on the phone,

I’m sure you are almost looking like Year 3s already and have undoubtedly grown!


I am a very proud teacher and miss you all greatly,

You have all been fantastic and worked so hard lately,

It hopefully won’t be long until we see each other again,

For now stay safe, stay healthy and carry on being little gems!


I hope you all have a brilliant half term and enjoy the beautiful weather. Little man is growing every day and loves to kick away in my tummy. Please do carry on sending me photos and letting me know what you get up to, it really does make my day! I can see you are learning so many new skills, probably without realising! Over the half term please have a well-earned rest (adults too!). If you’re looking for a task to keep busy, aside from water fights, cooking, obstacle races and so on…perhaps you could make a time capsule…

Can you make your very own time capsule so that when you are older you can look back at this time and remember all of the things you did?


Ideas for your time capsule: On a piece of paper (you can decorate this if you like) you could write:

· Your name

· What day it is

· Who you live with

· How old you are

· What you want to be when you’re older

· Things you have really enjoyed at the moment, e.g. spending time with family, playing board games etc.


You could also draw a picture of you and your family or include a real photo to look back at in the future. Add in some things that you want to remember this year by. Maybe a rainbow picture, a thank you picture for the NHS, things that might remind you of all the things you did this spring/ summer.


Lots of Love,

Mrs Catt


P.S. Dear Pufferfish Class,

I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather. I have been keeping busy in the garden and have even made a new friend. Stay safe and I miss you all


Lots of love,

Mrs Collins


A Courageous Courgette and other Pufferfish being very helpful around the house!

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

It's so wonderful to see so many of you working hard and helping around your homes!

More wonderful home learning from Pufferfish!

Supertato to the rescue!

Baking, making and exploring...

Wow Pufferfish! You've been working so hard, wonderful home learning!

"We really enjoyed estimating and measuring using non standard units today. He chose to measure using his Lego bricks."

Exploring and supporting our NHS...

Learning and helping at home!

Keeping active and creative!

'We are all currently learning about metamorphosis with our furry caterpillar friends. The boys are very excited about them turning into butterflies...'

23rd April 2020

Dear Pufferfish,

I have really missed coming to school every day to see your lovely bunch of smiles! I hope you’re enjoying your time at home with your families and enjoying this glorious Spring weather. I’m sure your grownups are being excellent teachers and I look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Please send lots of pictures whether it be PE, English, exploring, baking, drawing etc as I would love to see them!


Enjoy being Pirates as part of our topic this week, make sure you give extra ‘ARRRRRRS!’ and ‘AHOYS!’ when completing any ‘piratey’ tasks. I have noticed some of you have earned reading eggs already and lots of certificates on Mathletics, well done!


I’m sure you have been creating some extra noise for our wonderful NHS on a Thursday evening so I will be listening carefully and looking out for beautiful rainbows.


Mrs Collins also says hello and hopes you’re all working hard and staying safe.

Hopefully it won't be long before we are all back together again, but for now take care of yourselves, be kind to everyone and keep safe. Spikey misses you all too!


Stay happy and healthy. 


Mrs Catt

P.S. I know lots of you were trying to guess if I was having a boy or a girl before the holidays so I thought it would also be a nice time to share that I found out I’ll be having a…. baby boy!

Year 2 Pufferfish Programme of Study 2019-20