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Year 3 Dolphins

Dolphins Update

What a hard term we have had! I am so proud of all the progress Dolphins have made so far in Year 3. I am excited to announce that we have also chosen our two School Council Representatives for this year, so well done to you two! We have also been lucky enough to spend some time in the new school library, which we have found extremely relaxing.

In English, we have been working hard to describe different settings, using a variety of techniques such as including adverbs, prepositions, expanded noun phrases and the five senses within our writing. This has proven to be difficult, so Dolphins used their past experiences to infer how it may feel to be within different settings. We also took part in celebrating National Poetry Day, wrote a poem about ourselves and enjoyed sharing our bedtime stories and coming to school in our pyjamas for Pyjama Day!

In Art, we have been learning about European Artists and have spent our lessons trying to produce artwork like theirs. We made hats like Coco Chanel, drew shape houses like Le Corbusier and even grew a moustache like Salvador Dali.

During Term 2, we are really looking forward to learning about the Iron Age to Stone Age, Light, Instruction Writing and even Emailing.


Miss Furzer

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

During Term 1, we have had FOUR more Stars of the Week! Isn't that incredible? Our Stars were awarded to Dolphins who have been a good friend, who have tried hard in their learning overall, wrote a great poem during National Poetry Day and wrote a fantastic setting description in English. Well done Dolphins! Keep up the good work!

Dolphins Update

Dolphin Class have been working hard on getting used to being back at school and following some new class rules. We are brilliant at asking questions, working in partners and helping each other during lessons. We have already been receiving plenty of house points for our classwork and friendliness.


We have begun Term 1 with learning about the UK and Europe and have even learnt about the 4 cardinal and intercardinal points on a compass. In Science, we have learnt about magnets and what materials are usually magnetic. 

For Maths, we have revisited our tens and ones and have begun to use our place value knowledge to complete questions involving 3-digit numbers. Some of our Dolphin Mathematicians found it difficult to exchange hundreds, tens and ones, but we persevered and are now champions at it! As a class, we tested our times table skills on TT Rock Stars and are excited to see what our titles become as we progress. Congratulations Dolphins, you're doing great so far!


Miss Furzer and Miss Campbell

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Since being back, we have had TWO Star of the Week Dolphins - isn't that fantastic? One was awarded to a Dolphin for trying extra hard during lessons and the other was awarded for being a kind and excellent friend. Well done to you both!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Dolphin Update


Dolphins have been enjoying Science week this week. We considered the environment, planet Earth and what global warming is causing and sent some questions to Brian Cox to be answered. We also took part in an egg parachute experiment, making parachutes out of different materials and seeing which ones would stop an egg from smashing - this was extremely fun! 


In Maths, we have been looking at different lines, angles and 2D shapes, studying the different features of each. In History, we began looking at the Romans and how they took over Britain, fighting the Celtics in a war. We interviewed one another, pretending to be either a Roman or Celtic soldier, in preparation for a newspaper article that we are going to write.


Here are some pictures of us interviewing each other!

Dolphin Update


This week, Dolphin Class have begun looking at time using analogue and digital clocks. We have found this super difficult, but we have powered through and can now recognise o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to on both types of clocks - some of us can even read 24 hour time!

In English, we tried to create our own setting and character description for a story about somebody lost in the rainforest. We focused on using lots of descriptive language, such as expanded noun phrases, to make these interesting pieces of writing. We have also been practising lots of spelling, punctuation and grammar to improve our writing even further. 


In art, we have looked at recreating artwork by John Dyer through using oil pastels and tissue paper - have a look at some of our amazing artwork!


Keep up the good word Dolphins!


Mrs Furzer

smileysmiley Our Star of the Week was given to somebody who is always kind and helpful in class and has stayed proactive throughout their learning. Well done!smileysmiley


Dolphins Update


This week, Dolphins have been having fun investigating rocks. We have studied their colours, textures and permeability, whilst thinking about how the rocks were made in the first place (mainly by volcanic activity deep underground!). We also pretended to be rocks forming and had fun acting this out in front of the class.


In Art, we carried on with our rainforest topic for this term and used some colourful chalk to replicate paintings by Henri Rousseau. 


In Maths, we have been considering how fractions can be compared and ordered, and we understand how numerators and denominators are important when thinking about these. 


In English, we tried to write our first non-chronological report and we used our best handwriting whilst doing this.


Great learning from Dolphins. Well done!


Miss Furzer

smileysmiley The last three Stars of the Week went to Dolphins who have worked extremely hard since coming back after the Easter break. They have shown great levels of resilience.

Keep it up! smileysmiley

Dolphins Update


Dolphins have been working extremely hard recently with fractions. We have been comparing unit and non-unit fractions, using vocabulary such as numerator and denominator. We have also been practising our times tables.


In English, we looked at all different features of poetry and used these to write our own poems on King Tutankhamen from Ancient Egypt. In Science, we considered how plants grow using water and we drew diagrams in our books so we can remember.


Lots of us have been trying extremely hard with our handwriting in all of our lessons and Miss Furzer is so proud of us! Below are some pictures for everybody to admire.


Miss Furzer 

smileysmiley Our Stars of the recent weeks have been awarded to two children in our class who are always kind and helpful. They consistently stay focused and are always ready to learn. smileysmiley

Dolphins Update


It has been great having everybody back in school this week and we have been having a fantastic time. We have started to refresh our memories on fractions by making paper pizzas to show different amounts.


In English, we have started looking at poetry and even had a go at writing our very own acrostic poems!

In the afternoons, we have been enjoying looking at Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, and on Wednesday we mummified an orange - which was completely gross, messy and AMAZING! We can't wait to see what they look like in a month and see if we are true embalmers. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the term has planned for us!


Miss Furzer 

Dolphins Update


In Dolphin class, our Maths learning focused on statistics. We have been looking at tables and 3 different types of charts. We have really enjoyed this and have shown how to use these to gather information. 


In English, we continued looking at The Ice Trap and wrote a diary entry from Shackleton's perspective. We planned it first and looked at all the different diary features to include.


In Science, we have continued studying adaptations and have looked at deep-sea creatures and nocturnal creatures. In DT, we all had a go at planning and building a shelter for an extreme environment, such as Antarctica.


Everybody has been working extremely hard in school and at home and we all look forward to seeing everybody together again as soon as possible. Have a lovely half term everybody!


Miss Furzer


Here are some pictures of what children at home have done:

Dolphins Update


In Dolphin class, we have been looking at multiplication and division (which is supposed to be super tough) and we have been excelling in it! We have shown everybody how to use the column method for multiplication and can even scale numbers.


In English, we began to look at Shackleton's incredible journey across some of the most dangerous seas on the planet. We considered what the biggest problem was in Ice Trap and thought of some events and resolutions that could have come from the problem.


In Science, we have started to study animal adaptations in different environments, especially animals that live in cold environments like Antarctica.


Everybody has been working extremely hard, both in school and at home. Mrs Jones, Miss Furzer and Miss Roach are extremely proud of everybody's achievements so far this term.


Keep working hard!

Miss Furzer

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

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Dolphins Update


This week in Dolphin class, we have started to look at the features of instructions, such as imperative verbs (bossy words), adverbs and chronological order. In Maths, we have continued to recap multiplication, by looking at arrays and how to group them correctly.

In History, we looked at Skara Brae and how people from the Stone Age would have lived. For Computing, we spent some time on the iPads and in the computer suite, practising our typing skills with only our left hand - it was difficult at first but we soon powered through!


Miss Furzer

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Dolphins Update


Dolphins have been working extremely hard at home, completing lots of home learning activities. We have completed work on measurements in Maths by looking at the difference between millilitres and litres, as well as lots of work on Mathletics to help us remember things we have already learnt. In English, we have practised our handwriting and spellings at the same time in our home learning books. We also worked on our punctuation and grammar.


Some of us have already made a start on our topic work, where we can choose anything we want to write about. Miss Furzer is really excited to read all of these when we come back to school.

smileysmiley Everybody in Dolphins have been Stars of the Week for all of the hard work and motivation they have shown. Keep going Dolphins! smileysmiley


Miss Furzer

Dolphin Update


Dolphin Class have started a few new topics this term. We have started looking at the Stone Age and have written down lots of interesting questions that we hope to find out the answers to in the upcoming weeks.


In Science our new topic is Light. We made a den in a dark room and used torches to find hidden objects. This was very exciting and we drew diagrams to show what we saw!

We have started to look at ways of sketching and shading our drawings in Art.

In Maths, we have carried on with our addition and subtraction work by revisiting place value and the column method.

In English, we have started exploring play scripts and even had a go at acting out a play script!


Miss Furzer

smileysmileyOur Star of the Week goes to somebody in Dolphin class who has tried really hard to complete his Maths tasks, even though he finds Maths quite difficult. Keep up the hard work! (06.11.20)smileysmiley

Dolphin Update


Dolphin Class have been completing lots of fun activities over the past 2 weeks. We continue to collect House Points for all of the hard work we are doing. 


In Maths, we have started using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract 100s, 10s and 1s. We have been looking at information texts in English, including catchy headings, bossy verbs and rhetorical questions. In Science, we tried to crack a code using compasses on the iPads (this was really difficult!). Last Friday, we all completed our weekly spelling test, which we aced! We also completed our Race for Life fun run and some of us ran over 10 laps of the field!


Congratulations on all of your hard work Dolphins, keep it up! It's almost Halloween!

Miss Furzer

smileysmileyWe've had two Stars of the Week. One child was awarded Star of the Week for always being kind and for taking part in every activity with 100% commitment. Another child was awarded Star of the Week for always being helpful, for always making everyone happy and for following the school rules every day. (02.10.20 & 09.10.20) smileysmiley

Dolphin Update

Dolphin Class have been completing lots of challenges in the past 2 weeks. We are continuing to wash our hands and have been focusing on our emotions. We are still receiving lots of House Points and are following our Class Rules. 

In Art, we have been learning how to draw upside down like Michelangelo, and we drew our own shape houses like Le Corbusier. We have created mood in our English lessons by focusing on adjectives, time adverbials and the five senses. In Science, we have been discussing magnets and we investigated which objects in the classroom are magnetic

Congratulations on all of your hard work Dolphins, keep it up!

Miss Furzer

smileysmileyWe have had two Stars of the Week. One child was awarded Star of the Week for always being kind, for being an excellent role model and for making good progress.

Another child was awarded Star of the Week for always trying hard and accepting new challenges every day. (18.09.20 & 25.09.20)smileysmiley

Dolphin Update


Dolphin Class have been working very hard on following some new rules in school. We are extremely good at putting our hands up when we have a question and have managed to all wash our hands in under 3 minutes! We have been receiving plenty of house points for our work, being kind and following our agreed classroom rules.

We have begun to learn about the UK and Europe and have even learnt about the 8 points on a compass. In Maths, we have revisited our tens and ones and have begun to solve word problems involving hundreds.

smileysmileyStar of The Week goes to a Dolphin who is always trying hard in everything they do, even if they find it challenging to begin with.(11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome Back

Dear Dolphins,

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are excited to be back at school! We can’t wait to listen to all of your stories and get to know you. We are in a new classroom this year, and we have decorated it ready for all of your lovely work.

The topics we will look at this term are extremely interesting! For Geography, we are going to be looking at the UK and Europe so make sure you do some research to prepare yourselves. In Art, we are going to be looking at famous European artists, architects and fashion designers! In Science, we will study forces and magnets (maybe you can find some magnetic objects at home). There are plenty of fun things for us to learn about this term and we are sure you will all enjoy it!

We have included a few pictures of our classroom for you to look at and maybe you can help me design them!


We are going to have such a fantastic year Dolphins!


From Miss Furzer, Mrs Hill, Mrs Boyd and Mrs Jones

To my lovely Dolphins,

I am missing you all so much and it saddens me that we have not been able to spend an entire year together and enjoy the beautiful weather as a class. This letter is my goodbye message to you and I just wanted to say how much I wish I could give you all a massive hug! I miss your smiles, your laughter, your random facts and your perfectly timed jokes.


Now, there are a few things I would like you to do for me!

The first thing I would like you to do is continue to believe in yourselves. You are all exceptionally creative, inquisitive and imaginative and do not let anybody tell you differently! You will all do so well in Year 4 because you have come so far since our first day together in Year 3.


The second thing I would like you to do for me is smile. This year has been incredibly difficult for all of us and we have all experienced something completely new, together! Therefore, when you are feeling down in the dumps, think back to all the fun we have had this year and show the world the biggest smile you have.


The last thing I would like you to do for me is be the absolute best that you can be, in everything that you do!


I know that I will see you again after the summer holidays and I cannot wait to see how much you have all grown. Thank you for making my first EVER year of teaching a memorable one. Thank you for making me smile every single day and making me laugh. Thank you for coming to school every day and for telling me all of the crazy stories you have. Thank you for sending me pictures of your lovely work over lockdown, and one last thing:

Thank you for being you!


I promise I will never forget you, and I hope you do not forget me either. Look after yourselves and have the best summer yet.

Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Furzer xx

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Wonderful story writing from Dolphins!

Hi Dolphins! 


We hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and are keeping yourselves safe! It was so lovely to speak with your parents (and some of you!) about how you have all been getting on.


Mrs Hill and I are both missing you so much and can’t wait to see you all. We are still so proud of you and hope you have all been enjoying the activities I have set for you. Whilst setting you some activities to do, I have been moving house! I also visited Knole Park this Tuesday and have included a picture of me feeding a deer, so I hope you enjoy it!


We think you are all amazing and can’t wait to hear all of your lovely stories. Make sure you have a nice break during the half term and spend as much time outside as you can, but remember to stay safe at all times. Take care of yourselves and your families and try to be good! During the half term, I’m going to be packing up more of my things and will hopefully have a rest too! Keep up the good work and remember to ask your adults to send me pictures of your lovely work after the half term so we can see how well you are still doing. I have also included a picture below with some fun activities you could do during the half term…


Lots of hugs and love,

Miss Furzer


Hi Dolphins!

I hope everyone is OK and keeping safe in the sun! I’m really missing you all. Well done for continuing to do your online school work… you’re all SUPERSTARS and we’re very proud of you! I’ve been keeping busy in my garden and decorating my two spare bedrooms. I can’t wait to get back to school for a rest!


Lots of love,

Mrs Hill

Excellent writing from Dolphin Class!

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Dolphins hard at work...

More wonderful home learning from Dolphins...

Dolphins and Clownfish hard at work together!

Wonderful home learning... sometimes upside down!

23rd April 2020

Hi Dolphins! 


We hope you are all working hard at home and enjoying the home learning activities we have created for you! We miss you all so much and bet you have grown loads. We’re so proud of you and are glad that you are keeping safe by staying indoors and that you are looking after yourselves.


We are proud of you all for doing your school work and we know how hard you must be finding all of this. You are all AMAZING! We think we should all have an enormous party when everything is back to normal!

Take care of yourselves and your families and try to be good! But most importantly, STAY SAFE.


We look forward to the next time we see you and we will be listening out on Thursday evening for your clapping for the NHS. Keep up the good work and remember to ask your adults to send Miss Furzer pictures of your lovely work so we can see how well you are doing!


Lots of hugs and love,

Miss Furzer and Mrs Hill

Programme of Study - Year 3