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Year 3 Turtles

NSPCC Number Day 2022

Singlewell Scientists had a terrific Science Week!  


Year R have loved looking after ducklings having observed them hatch!   They have also worked at growing patterns and finding out about a remarkable young scientist from Africa called William Kamkwamba.


Year 1 had great fun growing their bodies and brains in their Outdoor Gym and asked some interesting questions about how bubbles grow!  They also read all about David Attenborough  - I wonder whether they will spot him on the television next time he's sharing his knowledge?


Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm; the animals were not at all camera shy and the farm looked magnificent.  They are now curiously awaiting butterflies... almost cocoons at this point in time!  Their sensational scientist was Maria Sibylla Merian, who really inspired everyone to follow their dreams.


Year 3 had a great experience with The Natural History Museum's volcano expert!  They also explored antibody and virus growth via an origami growing task...  Their special scientist was Ralph Alger Bagnold who worked hard at engineering a dune buggy.


Year 4 took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather we have had as they went outdoors exploring the mysterious world of worms!  Indoors, they have enjoyed observing their very own Worm World and thinking about how these tiny creatures help produce to grow.  They were inspired by the work of Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist scientist from Africa.


Year 5 had some futuristic fun in thinking about survival and growth on Mars; their models were terrifyingly fabulous!  They also explored growing without soil in their very own classes using our new Hydroponics Unit.  Their research scientist was Margaret Collins, an insect scientist from the USA.  


Year 6 made great links with Maths by investigating the ages and growth of sharks .  They also consolidated and enhanced their understanding of evolution with an expert from The Natural History Museum.  Their sensational scientist was also a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher named Hypatia from Egypt - this was a challenging but exciting person to have researched.


The whole school entered a Science Poster competition on Growth, grew Grass Heads - some marvelous and quirky characters joined the school and ended the week with science stickers and a Singlewell Scientist Award for one impressive scientist per class.  Well done everyone!!!


Our visit from Science Boffins was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute but we already have a new date in place and look forward to seeing our very own scientists enjoying that experience after Easter.


Here are photos of just some of the activities your child experienced...


Best Wishes,

 Mrs Jandu

World Book Day

Turtles Update

Turtles Class thoroughly enjoyed themselves during Story Telling week! They met an author, George Bastin, and listened to his story about a rat called Bella. In class, the children used all of the skills they have been learning this term to write their very own stories, which were wonderful! The week was finished off with a professional story teller and the children were completely enthralled.


Thank you so much to everyone for the superb effort in making Story Jars. The children have been very proud of their efforts and enjoyed showing them to each other in the classroom.


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Our star Turtles have been celebrated and congratulated for putting in super effort into all areas of their learning, especially their fantastic story writing. Well done Turtles!

Turtles Update


The children have settled in very well after the Christmas holidays. We have started learning about Antarctica, which is focused around the book Ice Trap! - Shackleton's Incredible Expedition. Although the book contains some challenging vocabulary the children have thoroughly enjoyed it and have produced some fantastic writing. 


This term, we are focusing on the 4 times tables during our daily Times Table Rockstars practise, please continue to log on at home as this has really helped to build their confidence. They have also been learning about the properties of shapes, activities can also be found on Purple Mash and Mathletics to support learning.


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our Star of the Week was awarded to someone that has put lots of effort into their writing and have taken extra care to use some of the tricky words from Ice Trap in their writing. (07.01.22)


Star of the Week was for someone that has been learning to build their confidence and believe in themselves, it has really shown in their learning! (14.01.22)

Turtles Update

The children have had an incredibly busy term in the lead up to Christmas including lots of rehearsals for their Christmas Assembly.  We have finished our learning on instruction writing which culminated in some very imaginative instructions on How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. Thank you so much for the wonderful herd of Mammoths that have brightened up our classroom, please do look at the photos - they look fantastic!

In Maths, we have been focusing on Times Tables and I have seen a huge improvement in the children's knowledge during our Times Table Rockstars daily practice. I really have enjoyed seeing how proud the children are of their scores, they have all worked incredibly hard.


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our last two Stars of the Week have been awarded to children that have shown excellent effort, perseverance and for making good choices. Well Done!

Special Announcement


A huge well done to everybody that took part in our National Poetry Day competition with Young Writers. All of your poems were fantastic, it was clear to see how hard you all worked and it was extremely difficult choosing the winners and runners up. 


We are pleased to announce that several of our children were selected to be published alongside other National winners. Our runners up now have their beautiful poetry pieces displayed in our new and improved library for the whole school to see. It has been wonderful to see the whole school embrace National Poetry Day and we look forward to doing more in the future. 


Mrs Burton

Turtles Update

It was so good to see the children so rested after their well-deserved half term break. They have been spending lots of energy on their new topics this term! 


As you know the children have been learning about instruction writing, which included making their own Woolly Mammoths at home. I have already seen some come back in to class and I must say they look absolutely fantastic! I really appreciate the effort that everyone has gone to and I really do love how different they all look, we have a very diverse herd!


After a tricky start to using the column method in Maths the children have become far more confident, which has been wonderful to see. We will shortly be moving on to Multiplication so it would be really beneficial to practise regularly on Times Table Rock Stars. There has been a very clear improvement since we started our daily Times Table Rockstars and it has been great to see how proud the children are. 


We have started our new Topic of the Stone Age in History and Light in Science, which we will share with you in our next update.


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStar of the Weeksmileysmiley

One lucky Turtle was awarded star of the week for showing excellent effort in all areas of their learning. Fantastic!

Turtles Update

Thank you to everyone that has been using Times Table Rock Stars at home, the children have really enjoyed seeing their improved scores in our daily practice at school. It is fantastic to see how proud they are of their hard work, keep it up Turtles class!


The children have also been exploring a huge range of descriptive vocabulary to describe various settings including an 'enchanted' cottage surrounded by a 'mystical' glow and an image from the story 'The Winter King'. I am really looking forward to seeing more of their super ideas within their creative writing.

In Maths, we have continued using the column method to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers with exchanging and the children are now using this independently, which is absolutely fantastic. Although, it can be tricky it has been wonderful to see their perseverance!

Lastly, thank you so much for your donations for Harvest Festival you have all been so incredibly generous!


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStars of the weeksmileysmiley

Our Stars of the Week have been awarded to two children who have both showed super effort in all areas of their learning. Even when things are tricky or challenging they still try their very best. Well done!​​​​​​

Turtles Update

Turtles Class have been incredibly busy since returning to school after the summer and they have all settled in so well. It has been wonderful to see such smiley faces in the morning! Turtles have been focusing on using description in their writing and they have used some fantastic adjectives.


We have been revising Place Value in Maths but have also introduced Times Tables Rock Stars at the beginning of each lesson. The children have been working very hard to achieve their Rockstar status.


A highlight of the last few weeks has to be during Art when the children were learning to draw like Michelangelo - upside down! They thoroughly enjoyed sketching whilst lying on their backs with paper attached to the underside of their desks. We most definitely have a number of budding artists in our class!


I am really looking forward to seeing what we can all achieve together in Turtles class!


Mrs Painter

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

The very first Star of the Week for Turtles class was awarded to someone that tries their very best in all areas of their learning. Even when things can be tricky or challenging they always put in their best effort. Congratulations!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Turtles Class


In Turtles class, we have been diving into our new topic of the Romans, learning all about the fierce Iceni Queen Boudicca and the Roman invasion. In English, we are writing a newspaper report on the fascinating Roman invasion. We created reported speech through embracing our inner actors and role playing as either the Romans or the Celts, showing our biased view. We have been exploring how the Romans played a huge part in the Britain that we live in today. Did you know that Romans created roads? Why not ask us what else the Romans created. 


In Maths, we have been exploring shapes and their properties. Looking at obtuse, acute and right angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines. We have also begun to look at properties of 3D shape, including their vertices, edges and flat faces.  


We have continued our fun learning with Science week, where we took part in an online workshop all about volcanoes and rocks. We asked scientific questions about global warming and got a response from Professor David Cox. Also, we conducted a fascinating investigation on different materials being gravity resistant. We made parachutes from different materials, attached them to our egg and tested them by dropping the parachutes from high up ground. We discovered that paper was the most gravity resistant and fabric was the least. We really enjoyed watching the eggs go 'crack' when they hit the ground quickly! 

Well done Scientist for a fantastic week!  

Mrs Burton 

Turtles Update


As we say goodbye to term 5, we also say goodbye to our fascinating topic of the rainforest.

We have studied the physical features of a rainforest and we can now locate rainforests from around the world on a map. We have used our excellent researching skills to complete wonderful and informative non-chronological reports. We have put ourselves in the shoes of a character lost in the rainforest and created descriptive story settings too.


In Maths, we have been learning about time, telling time in quarters, 5 minute intervals and to the minute. We have also begun converting time from analogue to digital and explored 12 hour to 24 hour digital clocks.

Next term, in our final term of Year 3, we will be taking a step into the world of the Romans. We will be learning about the history-changing battles that took place, how the Roman Empire was formed and how it collapsed. We will also be writing newspaper articles on our fantastic findings.

Well done Turtles; keep up the hard work!

Mrs Burton

Turtles Update



Wow what an amazing few weeks back it has been in Turtles! Everybody has worked really hard in settling back into our learning. This term we have put on our explorer hats and entered the deep, mysterious depths of the rainforest. We have learnt about the plants, animals and people that live in the rainforest, where in the world we can find rainforests and how to survive if we ever became stranded in this dense, exotic jungle. 

In English, we have used all our fantastic new knowledge to begin planning our non-chronological reports that will inform their readers of everything they need to know about the rainforest.


We are working hard in Maths, continuing with fractions this term, we are learning to recognize equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions from greatest to smallest. 

We have continued to learn about our exciting new topic in Geography. We can now identify on a map where the rainforests of the world are and describe accurately the physical appearance of the layers of the rainforest. 


In Science, we are investigating the wonderful world of Rocks, learning about the 3 different types and even creating actions to help us remember them. Why not ask us to show you?

Well done for all your hard work Turtles! 


Mrs Burton

Turtles Update


This week in Turtles class we have been delving deeper into our topic of Ancient Egyptians. We have learnt all about the mysterious tomb of Tutankhamun, the Ancient Egyptian Gods, how to write in hieroglyphics and mastered our fraction challenges.

In Maths, we have been looking at halves, quarters and thirds. We have learnt what a unit and non unit Fraction is and how to identify equivalent fractions for halves. We also worked hard on our problem solving and reasoning skills.


In English, we wrote a poem all about Tutankhamun; we included rhyme, onomatopoeia, similes, repetition, alliteration and expanded noun phrases. As a class, we produced some fantastic rhyming sentences, you can see some of these on our published work we bought home for you to read.  

In Science, we have been learning about the adaptations of plants in different environments, how plants survive and reproduce. In Art, we have continued our Ancient Egyptian topic through designing our very own Egyptian headdresses based on what the famous pharaohs wore.


There has been excellent learning in Turtles class, everybody has worked hard at settling back into our classroom learning.


Keep up the wonderful work!

Mrs Burton.​

Turtles Update


This week has been a wonderful week for learning with Turtles Class, we have all been very excited to see our friends and get back to our classroom learning.


We have been so impressed with how hard everyone has worked whilst being at home. in Maths, we decided that fractions would be the perfect challenge for us. We have created pizzas with different toping to help us recognise halves, quarters and wholes. We have been focusing on 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/3 and 1/10s of amounts this week using cubes to help us equally share out our numbers.

In English, we have begun learning about different poems, using different examples to help us create our very own masterpieces. We have looked at Riddles, Tongue Twisters, Nonsense Poems and Acrostic Poems. Why not ask us to share our excellent examples with you?


In the afternoon, we have been focusing on our terrific Topic of Ancient Egyptians. We have researched and learnt about scribe, cracking codes and creating our very own Ancient Egyptian Scribe posters. We have also looked at the different Gods and Goddesses that Ancient Egyptians believed in. The most fun, yet gruesome thing we did this week, was mummifying an orange. We had to scrap out the insides, fill it with salt and wrap it in bandages. Take a look at our pictures. 

What a fantastic week back it has been. We have been very happy to have Turtle Class back! 


Mrs Burton and Mrs Du Plessis



Turtles Update


In Turtles class, we have been working hard, looking at tally graphs, pictographs, bar graphs. We have successfully interpreted data using different graphs. We have also been recapping addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.


In English, we have been continuing to explore Antarctica, writing intriguing diary entries pretending to be Shackleton on Endurance. We researched all about Shackleton and his life to help create our diary entries. In our diary entries, we used fronted adverbials, prepositional phrases, subordinating conjunctions, present perfect tense and expanded noun phrases. 


In Science, we have continued to explore animal adaptations in different extreme locations around the world. 

Well done everyone for your hard work this term! You have done fantastic with your home learning. Myself and Mrs Du Plessis couldn't be prouder of the effort everyone has put into their home and school learning. We hope you have a fantastic half term - you all deserve it!

Mrs Burton

Turtles Update


In Turtles class, we have been working hard in our Maths learning by looking at multiplication and division. We have successfully used the column method and have been able to scale numbers.


In English, we have turned ourselves into explorers, embarking on an incredible adventure with Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew travelling across Antarctica. We have dived into the book ‘The Ice Trap,’ that tells us of the challenges that Shackleton and his crew faced on this deadly exhibition. We have been able to identify the opening, beginning, dilemma, key events and resolution of the story. Following this, we created our own ideas for the events and resolutions that could take place in the Ice Trap after their trusty boat sinks to the bottom of the freezing, unknown sea in Antarctica.


In Science, we have started to study animal adaptations in different environments, especially animals that live in cold environments, like Antarctica. We have also recapped our sketching and shading skills through drawing Antarctic animals.

Everybody has been working extremely hard, both in school and at home. Mrs Burton and Mrs Du Plessis are extremely proud of everybody's achievements so far this term.

Keep working hard!

Mrs Burton 



Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Turtles Update

Hi Turtles, 


Wow what a week it has been; I am so proud of how hard you all worked at settling back into school. In our week back we looked at multiplication and sharing equally. We explored instruction writing features in preparation to write instructions for how to clean a woolly mammoth. We created some beautiful stone age sketches using our shading skills to make them look 3D. 


Since being back home, I am pleased to hear that you are all working hard and enjoying the Christmas activities set on Purple Mash. I look forward to reading your diary entries pretending to be Leon from “Leon and the Place between.”  


I have also​ attached some pictures of Elfie for you all to see.


Mrs Burton

smileysmileyThe Star of the Week goes to all the children in Turtle class because you all have showed effort, perseverance and resilience upon returning to school.

I know you are still showing these values whilst working from home too. Keep up all of your hard work Turtles; myself and Mrs Du Plessis are extremely proud of all of you!smileysmiley

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Turtles Update


Turtles have been working extremely hard with all of our home learning activities.

We have completed work on measurements in Maths by looking at the difference between millilitres and litres, as well as lots of work on Mathletics to help us remember things we have already learnt. In English, we have practised our handwriting and spellings at the same time in our home learning books. We also worked on our punctuation and grammar.


Some of us have chosen an exciting topic to create a project about. Mrs Burton cannot wait to read these when we are back at school.

smileysmiley Everybody in Turtles deserves Star of the Week for their positive attitude towards their learning and the effort they have all been putting into their work. smileysmiley


Mrs Burton

A huge welcome back to Turtles Class this term!


We have begun a few new topics this term. We have started to explore all about the Stone Age, we wrote down a list of questions that we hope to discover the answers to as our learning continues. So far we have found out that Dinosaurs existed over 2 million years before the Stone Age. We have created a timeline to order Stone Age events using BC and AD.


In Science we are investigating Light; we started the topic by creating a den and using torches to explore what objects lay in the dark. We then drew diagrams to show our findings and show how the light reflected from the objects for us to see.


We have been developing our Art skills by learning to sketch and shade. We have learnt how to correctly hold our pencil and how much pressure we need when applying these skills.


In Maths, we have carried on with our addition and subtraction work by revisiting place value and the column method.


In English, we have started to explore play scripts, looking at scene, setting, dialogue, stage directions and characters. Watch out Hollywood! We used drama to act out the play script, 'A tune of lies'.


Mrs Burton


smileysmiley Our Star of the Week goes to somebody in Turtles class who always has a positive attitude to his learning; he consistently sets an excellent example for the rest of the class.

Our previous Star of the Weeks went to two Turtles for their effort and perseverance in their learning. Well Done! (16.10.20, 23.10.20 & 6.11.20)smileysmiley

A Special Announcement from Mrs Catt


Hello to all you now grown up Turtles!

Meet Arlo Michael Catt, born 3rd September weighing 6lb 14oz.


Sorry this has taken so long, we have had quite a busy start! Arlo is a happy little chappy who loves singing, music and lights. He would love to meet you all but to be extra safe we can't come into your bubble, so I thought I would share pictures instead.


I've heard you have all been working very hard and completed an excellent first term back at school, so a big well done from me! Not long until Half Term so enjoy a much needed rest at home with your families and I shall keep looking at the class pages to see what you've been up to.


I look forward to seeing you soon,

Mrs Catt smiley

Turtle Update


Turtle Class have been completing lots of challenges in the past 2 weeks. We are continuing to wash our hands and have been focusing on our emotions. We are still receiving lots of House Points and are following our Class Rules. 

In Art, we have been learning how to draw upside down like Michelangelo, and we drew our own shape houses like Le Corbusier. We have created mood in our English lessons by focusing on adjectives, time adverbials and the five senses. In Science, we have been discussing magnets and we investigated which objects in the classroom are magnetic. 

Congratulations on all of your hard work. 

Go Team Turtles!

Mrs Burton

smileyblush Our Star of the Week, was for a Turtle who has been a fantastic role model for her fellow Turtles. Keep up the hard work! (18.09.20)smileysmiley

Turtle Update


Wow what a fantastic first couple of weeks Turtle Class have had! We have been making friends, exploring European Countries for our Topic and reading all about the Sand Wizards in English. Our Turtle Mathematicians have been identifying place value up to 1000 and developing their problem solving skills.


We have been earning house points for our hard work, fantastic listening skills and bravely answering questions. We look forward to continuing to work hard as a class and exploring deeper into our term topic.

Go Team Turtles!

Mrs Burton

smileysmileyStar of the Week goes to a Turtle who has shown perseverance and a positive attitude when tackling work that he finds difficult. A super start to the year, well done! (11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back Turtles!

We hope you had a great summer and we look forward to getting to know you all better. We will start the year off by getting to know each other, creating our classroom rules and a welcoming environment for all.

The topics we will look at this term are extremely interesting! For Geography, we are going to be looking at the UK and Europe so make sure you do some research to prepare yourselves. In Art, we are going to be looking at famous European artists, architects and fashion designers! In Science, we will study forces and magnets (maybe you can find some magnetic objects at home). There are plenty of fun things for us to learn about this term and we are sure you will all enjoy it!

We have included a few pictures of our classroom for you to look at, there is lots of space left for you to help me fill.


We are going to have a wonderful year Turtles.


From Mrs Burton and Mrs Duplessis

Dear Sea Turtles Class,


You are a very special class,

And you should truly know,

I loved to have you in my care,

Even though…

It was a lot less than a year!!!


Please come back to visit me,

As through the years you go,

Stand beside the door and wave,

But remember - to socially behave!


Try very hard to learn,

Year 4 will be full of fun,

Reading, writing, maths and housework,

That your parents helped you to overturn!


Know one thing for sure –

Soon, these days will be,


But you will still be here!

Overriding memories,

Of Year 3 Turtles won!      


Mrs Jandu x                                      


Mrs Du Plessis  x


Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Working hard in Geography, PSHE, writing and much more!

Playing teachers, learning French and summer reflections.

SUPER creative writing and excellent geography!

This Turtle has participated in Jo Wicks' PE session every day since his lessons began!

Creative writing, R.E and short multiplication

Short ​multiplication, magic trick instructions and a baryonix emoji...

Impressive European landmarks and singing emojis!

Baking, garden designing, beautiful pebble art, science experiments, emoji creating, creative writing and a wonderful rainbow salad!

Dear Turtles,

I hope you are all continuing to keep well.  I’m well although I am a little sleep deprived because…my family and I have a puppy now!  His name is Vinnie and he is a 10 week old cockapoo who needs a lot of attention (including through the night)!!  I haven’t had a pet before, yet alone a puppy, so I am learning an abundance of new things that I didn’t know before.  Did you know that chocolate and chives are poisonous to dogs? 

My perfectly organised and sparkling clean home is changing by the day into a messy puppy-proof play pad and he is taking control of our home and our hearts…


As you can see in the photo, he has met our class mascot but I haven’t given him permission to touch Timmy the Turtle as I fear he may get a little boisterous with him!  I have been wondering what they might get up to when they are good friends…

‘The Adventures of Vinnie and Timmy’…  One late spring morning, I noticed a faint sound in the corner of my crate.  A sort of shuffling.  Startled, I sat up and squeezed my button nose through the divider in my cosy bedroom.  I used some of my 300 million nose receptors to awaken my sense of smell as my brain buzzed with all the things that Mrs Jandu had socialised me to recognise so far.  This was a familiar scent and most exciting but what exactly was it?  The blanket bopped up and down when all of a sudden…

What might happen next?


I really enjoyed contacting you via your parents.  If your parents haven’t already been in touch please ask them to write to with some of the home learning you have been doing.

Have an active and creative half-term.  Take advantage of your time at home by making a start on 50 things to do before you’re 11¾… (See the picture below).


Best wishes,

Mrs Jandu 


P.S Well done to all our Turtle Superstars for being so brave.  I really miss you and cannot wait to see you all again.  Love from Mrs DuPlessis xxxx

How wonderful!

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Indoor and outdoor learning!

"Mrs Jandu's rainbow salad with... sweeties!"

'She enjoyed creating her rainbow salad, eating her salad and then sharing her salad!

Brilliant drawings from Turtles...

Wonderful artwork and more research!

Turtles hard at work...

Beautiful artwork and research from Turtles...

23rd April 2020

Hello Turtles! 


I hope you are all keeping happy and healthy.  It's good for your brains and bodies to keep busy and to rest too - I am trying my best to work, rest and play equally! Hopefully, you are enjoying doing a little bit of the work that myself and Miss Furzer have planned on our website...  When I Clap for Carers on Thursday evenings, I think of you all clapping too (hope you go straight to bed afterwards!) and when I go out for my daily walk, I look at all the rainbow art and wonder what your windows look like.  

I have lots of rainbow art up on my windows but these are my favourite! They are Rainbow Care Bears and I stuck them up in my Study because they cheer me up when I’m working!  I love seeing people’s reactions when they walk past too... 


Take Care,

Mrs Jandu and Mrs DuPlessis

Year 3 Turtles Programme of Study 2019-20