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Year 4 Sea Otters

NSPCC Number Day 2022

Singlewell Scientists had a terrific Science Week!  


Year R have loved looking after ducklings having observed them hatch!   They have also worked at growing patterns and finding out about a remarkable young scientist from Africa called William Kamkwamba.


Year 1 had great fun growing their bodies and brains in their Outdoor Gym and asked some interesting questions about how bubbles grow!  They also read all about David Attenborough  - I wonder whether they will spot him on the television next time he's sharing his knowledge?


Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm; the animals were not at all camera shy and the farm looked magnificent.  They are now curiously awaiting butterflies... almost cocoons at this point in time!  Their sensational scientist was Maria Sibylla Merian, who really inspired everyone to follow their dreams.


Year 3 had a great experience with The Natural History Museum's volcano expert!  They also explored antibody and virus growth via an origami growing task...  Their special scientist was Ralph Alger Bagnold who worked hard at engineering a dune buggy.


Year 4 took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather we have had as they went outdoors exploring the mysterious world of worms!  Indoors, they have enjoyed observing their very own Worm World and thinking about how these tiny creatures help produce to grow.  They were inspired by the work of Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist scientist from Africa.


Year 5 had some futuristic fun in thinking about survival and growth on Mars; their models were terrifyingly fabulous!  They also explored growing without soil in their very own classes using our new Hydroponics Unit.  Their research scientist was Margaret Collins, an insect scientist from the USA.  


Year 6 made great links with Maths by investigating the ages and growth of sharks .  They also consolidated and enhanced their understanding of evolution with an expert from The Natural History Museum.  Their sensational scientist was also a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher named Hypatia from Egypt - this was a challenging but exciting person to have researched.


The whole school entered a Science Poster competition on Growth, grew Grass Heads - some marvelous and quirky characters joined the school and ended the week with science stickers and a Singlewell Scientist Award for one impressive scientist per class.  Well done everyone!!!


Our visit from Science Boffins was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute but we already have a new date in place and look forward to seeing our very own scientists enjoying that experience after Easter.


Here are photos of just some of the activities your child experienced...


Best Wishes,

 Mrs Jandu



Visiting the Duck Eggs

Our Sensational Scientist

World Book Day

Sea Otters Update

From Monday 31st January up until Friday 4th February 2022, Sea Otters joined the whole school in taking part in planned events to celebrate National Story Telling Week. We started our celebrations by coming into school in cosy clothes, ready to ‘Get Cosy with a Good Book’. With excitement, we changed the layout of our classroom into a horseshoe and drew illustrations during our class story afternoon. As the week went on, the children met our visiting author George Bastin and learnt about his journey to publishing his first book.  

Later in the week, we welcomed a professional storyteller to our school and listened intently as engaging tales were told. To top off our week, we celebrated the children who had taken part in the ‘Story in a Jar Competition’, by hearing where their inspiration came from and how they made their unique story jars.      


Mrs Olaide and Mrs Morris


smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


The Stars of the Week showed improved enthusiasm for reading at home, shared efficient strategies when multiplying a two-digit number by a one-digit number and modelled empathy towards peers.


 Well Done Stars!  

Sea Otters Update


Mrs Olaide, Mrs Morris and the Children of Sea Otters send New Year wishes to our class page readers! With the turn of the New Year, we have returned to school and hit the ground running! We have been ‘racing around the clock’ to complete our TT Rocks Stars and our times table confidence is improving daily. 


Sadly, after reaching Chapter 74 our class text The Ice Monster by David Walliams was brought to a close this week. As a class, we have gathered together daily to read, listen and role-play scenes from our class text, which we have enjoyed so much. Many children now have David Walliams' novels as their daily independent read at their table spaces.    


In English, we have been thoroughly enjoying the story of the Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes. We have highlighted key vocabulary and reasoned with word choice, created story maps, wanted posters, researched our text author and most recently, we have written to the Iron Man as Hogarth expressing our sorrow for what has happened.  


In Religious Education, we have been learning about a variety of ceremonies within Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. In one lesson, we took part in a carousel around the classroom, reading, discussing and answering questions relating to the Sacred Thread Ceremony in Hinduism.  


Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

The Stars of the Week showed great enthusiasm for new learning, since returning to school after our Christmas break. They have also used their ‘find it or prove it’ skills within reading tasks. Well Done Stars! 

Sea Otters Update

Mrs Morris and I have been so pleased with the progress in your behaviour for learning over the last few weeks – more settled, more organised, more confident when asking questions or asking for help. These are wonderful building blocks that help you to grow and learn new things every day.   


Recently in Science, our learning has been focused on animals including humans. The children have named parts of the digestive system, as well as the types and functions of teeth. More recently, the children were encouraged both at home and at school to conduct a practical enquiry linked to tooth decay. They predicted what might happen to the shell of a boiled egg if we were to place it in one of the following: water, milk, cola, orange juice or tea. After a week of making and recording daily observations, we concluded that tea and cola stained the surface of our eggs. Orange juice caused the surface of the egg to soften, whereas when we tapped the shell of the egg in milk, the surface felt harder. We learnt that some liquids can damage the enamel on our teeth and in future we will consider this impact.  

Thank you for our kindly donated, classroom spider plant. We will continue to welcome any additional plants to our classroom. 

Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Well done to our Stars of the Week– receiving the award for: kindness shown towards peers and excellent engagement during our Science investigation.   

Special Announcement


A huge well done to everybody that took part in our National Poetry Day competition with Young Writers. All of your poems were fantastic, it was clear to see how hard you all worked and it was extremely difficult choosing the winners and runners up. 


We are pleased to announce that several of our children were selected to be published alongside other National winners. Our runners up now have their beautiful poetry pieces displayed in our new and improved library for the whole school to see. It has been wonderful to see the whole school embrace National Poetry Day and we look forward to doing more in the future. 


Mrs Burton

Sea Otters Update

It was lovely to hear how some of you spent your half term, enjoying the time with your families and it has been great to see you return with resilient attitudes and a steely determination to continue with the progress you have already made this year. 


We have worked extra hard on the new Computing topic of Coding, by adding ‘if statements’ to instructions when two characters meet. We have also completed our Greek vases, which we are very proud of and enjoyed the rather messy process! In Religious Education, we have designed stained glass windows, expressing our understanding and ideas about Jesus as an inspiration to Christians.  

We all thoroughly enjoyed sharing our learning journeys with our adults during book afternoon this week and spoke with great enthusiasm when describing our recent learning.    


Mrs Olaide

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Well done to our Stars of the Week– receiving the award for: determination shown when solving the inverse in maths and being always willing to help others. 

Keep up the good work! 

In June 2022, all children in Year 4 will take the Multiplication Table Check (MTC). This is a statutory assessment where the children will have 3 weeks to undertake the timed online test. Teachers will administer this test in school. The children will have 6 seconds to answer each question; there are 25 questions in total. When the 6 seconds are up, the next question is automatically displayed.


This check was brought in by the Government in 2020 to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

To support your child at home in preparation for this test, please ensure your child is practising their times tables daily and they are using the ‘Soundcheck’ game on Times Tables Rock Stars. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss Jeebooah, Mrs Olaide and Mrs Burton  

Sea Otters Update

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Sea Otter class. We have made progress in understanding the place value of 4 digit numbers, rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000 and beginning to identify Roman numerals to 100 (I to C).  In Science, we have investigated how sound can travel through air, solids and liquids as vibrations and have even managed to make our own pan pipes and string telephones! We have also been thoroughly enjoying our weekly visits to the library.  

As part of Black History Month, which takes place in the UK every October, we have been celebrating culture, history and achievements of black people in Britain and the wider world. This year's theme is 'Proud to be'. We have learnt about the black British footballer Marcus Rashford MBE, who worked with charities giving meals to millions of less fortunate children during the closure of schools.  

As well as Marcus Rashford MBE, Sea Otters have focused their learning on the incredible steps taken by 6 year old Ruby Bridges, who in 1960 was the first black pupil invited to attend William Frantz Elementary School, Louisiana, USA. It would be the first step towards desegregation. Although, as we learnt Ruby’s first year at this school was not easy. Together as a class, we reflected and recognised that, what Ruby did and the courage that she showed in continuing to go to school even though there were many people who did not want her to, eventually it helped other schools all over the USA to make the right decision to desegregate.  


Keep up the ever-improving hard work and positive attitudes Sea Otters! 


Mrs Olaide and Mrs Morris

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Well done to all of the Stars of the Week so far this term – receiving the award for: settling well into the class; fabulous focused learning in your lessons or being a wonderful role model for the rest of your friends. Keep up the good work all of you and next time it could be you! 

Sea Otters Update

Welcome back! We’re chuffed to have you here back at school. What a wonderful few weeks we have had together already! Mrs Morris and I have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you into Sea Otter Class, we were so pleased to greet you all on your first morning, receiving great big smiles from each and every one of you – the best way to start the day.

We have been busy finding out about vibrations and how sound travels in Science; learning about the festival of Raksha Bandhan in English and the tricky dilemmas that the characters had to face and recalling how to count and partition 4-digit numbers in Maths! 


This week as part of our learning for British Values, the children of Sea Otters voted for our class school council representatives. Both children are excited to begin their role on behalf of our class.

Mrs Olaide and Mrs Morris  

smileysmileyStars of the weeksmileysmiley

The Star of The Week Certificates were awarded to two Sea Otters who have shown a positive attitude to new learning and have been excellent reading role models for our class. (10.09.2021 and 17.09.2021)

A welcome message from your new teachers in September...

Sea Otters Update


What a busy few weeks we have had once again Sea Otters! 


You continue to impress me with your resilience to new learning, determination to improve on your previous learning and to show progress and understanding in your lessons. This has been obvious in your recent Maths lessons where you have been showing your knowledge of angles within shapes, how shapes rotate to try to trick us and remembering how to plot co ordinates on a grid to draw shapes or locate separate items.


In English, we finished off our Iron Men unit by designing and building our very own models at home - some pictures of which I will include below. You also wrote some wonderful stories about The Girl and the Robot, using the language features and structures that Ted Hughes allowed us to magpie!


Lately, we have been talking lots about your move to Year 5 in the near future and how you can be ready for this transition by being settled quickly before each new lesson, greater levels of concentration during independent tasks and taking care over your presentation in order to earn your pen license - to name a few. You are all once again showing your determination to be prepared for this transition and are looking forward to finding out if you will be a Stingray or a Swordfish. What would you prefer?


I would also like to mention the most wonderful art work that has been happening in our class; we have been studying photographs and sculptures of insects up close. Then we had a try of sketching them in fine detail - what budding artists the Sea Otters are turning out to be, beyond the usual expectations of Year 4 so I am especially proud of this!


Finally, I would like to thank all of the children in the class for helping Mrs Fifield and I do our jobs well. You come to school with a smile each day and are keen to find out what lessons we have prepared for you, showing interest in everything that you are offered so let's keep that going right up until the end of term.


Take and care and keep safe Sea Otters and their families


Mrs Broad

Sea Otters Update


To all my super Sea Otters. Well done for a fabulous few weeks of learning!


You have really settled back in to your full timetable of lessons. Your transitions in between lessons is much better and more organised, showing your growing maturity and readiness to learn.


You have been really busy in of your subjects… consolidating your understanding of decimals in Maths and making links with your knowledge of fractions. Improving your writing stamina with regular tasks based around the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. You have shown how much you have enjoyed this story with the expert way in which you magpie his special phrases and fantastic vocabulary. You have written wanted posters, metal menus, next adventures and newspaper reports.


In Computing, we have been learning how to use Microsoft Office by exploring text and font styles, learning how to insert pictures and tables. All of which will help us to be better prepared for the future.


Finally, one of our most enjoyable topics has been looking at settlements in Geography. We have looked at understanding ordinance survey maps and travelling around Kent using a road map.


The whole school thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Number Day 2021 and would highly recommend it for other schools next year.


Have a super half term Sea Otters and families. I will see you soon for your final term as a member of Year 4.


Mrs Broad

Sea Otters Update


Well done Sea Otters, what a successful return to School you have had since the Easter holidays. You have really settled well back into your daily routines and enjoyed the new topics that you have been working on.


You also have had a new seat to sit in every day, if you chose to move, and therefore a new partner to work with. All of which has proved beneficial to your learning. You have supported each other superbly – in your daily work, during times of emotional need and generally being really kind to one another; both in the classroom and up on the playground.


We have all been working really hard to tackle the immense concept that are fractions and decimal fractions and finally we are all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! 


Some of us can represent numbers in...

  • words
  • as a fraction
  • as a decimal fraction
  • in a part-whole model
  • in a bar model
  • using a 100 square and using place value counters. 


You should all feel very proud of yourselves.

In English we have been thoroughly enjoying the story of the Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes. We have written story maps, wanted posters, letters, metal menus and we are only half way through!

We have also started to read, write and speak in French. Sea Otters are really enjoying the new lessons on their timetable and are beginning to develop a super accent when speaking in French about their classroom and the subjects that they learn at school.

Not only have the super Sea Otters been completing all of their daily learning but they have also been showing their skills in their assessments. It was a bit scary to start with but with perseverance, resilience and a determination to do well, the class got through them successfully.


This Friday the children and staff are looking forward to the NSPCC ‘dress up for digits’ day where there will be lots of fun whilst exploring numbers through special games and activities.


Take care as always Sea Otter families and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Broad, Mrs Fifield and Mrs Morris

smileysmiley Well done to the last 2 Stars of the Week. It is always very hard to choose as you all deserve the award for many different reasons.

The last 2 Stars were chosen for their super writing and Maths skills. smileysmiley


Sea Otters Update


What a fun-packed, hard-working few weeks we have had! 


Sea Otters have now completed their first BIG write since returning, using their inspiration from the narrative verse: The Bogeymen and the Trolls next door by Kaye Umansky. They looked at character descriptions, fantastic new vocabulary, 'what if not?' scenarios and finally, the next adventure whilst writing in the first person.


In Maths, we have been trying hard to learn new concepts with fractions. It has not been an easy unit and there have been many recap lessons from Year 3. Nonetheless, the Super Sea Otters are certainly beginning to show their understanding by using bar models, along with part-whole models, to find fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions.


The Sea Otters have all achieved success to feel proud of - whether it be in their improved presentation, improved focus during lessons, improved socialising skills or an improved positive attitude towards their schooling. The children have all worked and played so well together since returning and fill the staff in their class with pride every day.



We have also had some fun events: Red Nose Day at Singlewell was a very happy place to be and the children enjoyed dressing in their own clothes and wearing their noses to show support of the event. 

This week we have been celebrating Spring and Easter with some creative craft activities that the children have enjoyed.


Have a lovely Easter break to all the Sea Otters and their families.

Stay safe and we will see you in a couple of weeks.


From Mrs Broad, Mrs Fifield and Mrs Morris.

Sea Otters Update


GO Team Sea Otters! What a wonderful end to the home schooling we had with so many amazing pieces of work being completed and handed in. I gave out the last few trophies and awarded everyone with a ‘lockdown learning certificate’ for all of the children; both at home and at school. What I didn’t do, is award myself a certificate! So maybe you would like to design one for me before the Easter holidays? 

We also celebrated World Book Day in a unique way last week – during our very last Zoom Classroom Meet – what a spectacle it was! There were many wonderful, creative ideas that we could all share with one another; most classes were not able to do that so we were very lucky.

This week, back at school has been one to cherish. My super Sea Otters are all a little bit taller, all a little bit smarter and all a little bit more mature. There were mixed emotions from everyone – excitement but the feeling of nervousness at the same time, about being back in the same bubble together. But you have shown nothing but kindness, respect and positivity towards your friends and teachers this week and being able to watch you all rekindle your friendships has been a highlight of my week.


You have ALL worked super hard this week too. Some of you have had quite some time off from holding a pencil and writing at length, but you wouldn’t have known it this week! If your handwriting isn’t looking quite the way it used to yet, then don’t panic, it will take a little more practise and all will be back to normal.


I would like to end by sending the BIGGEST Get Well Soon wish to a special Sea Otter who we hope to see return to school very soon – his friends and teachers are greatly missing his cheeky smile and fun games he plays during break times. It is only right that this Otter deserves the Star of the Week for his bravery.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Broad, Mrs Fifield and Mrs Morris

Sea Otter Update


Hello to all of my hard working, diligent Sea Otters.


It is very hard to put in to words how much Mrs Fifield and I have appreciated your efforts this term as the pleasure and gratitude is seen clearly on our faces every time we receive a piece of work from you, knowing that you are continuing to try your hardest and produce your best efforts even during such a strange and odd time for you.

This term, some of us have only been together on a screen but the more we have participated in the Zoom classrooms, the more natural it seems. Your behaviour and focus during those times deserves a massive round of applause. You make my job easy with your patience and kind-hearted responses whilst you wait for your friends to have their time to speak. You always have responses ready for when it is your turn and they have always been sensible, thoughtful and well-reasoned.


Whether you have been learning at home or in the classroom, your lessons have been the same and the outcome very similar, for this you should feel extremely proud of your achievements.

I would like to say a special well done to the Sea Otters who have continued to learn at school; they have welcomed the Year 4 Seals into their classroom and made them feel part of their team. All of the Seals have said how much they have enjoyed spending time in their new classroom with their new friends and their new Teachers.


Finally, I would like to say well done for not only completing your school work this last week, but balancing it well with fun in the snow! It has pleased me so much that you didn’t forget your learning and completed it either before or after fun and games in the snow with your families.

Hopefully the coming Spring will see us return to a more normal way of going to school but until then, we are busy preparing your lessons and hope to see your continued, extra special efforts start up again after a fun week off for half term.


Take care and stay safe Super Sea Otters.

Mrs Broad

smileysmiley Last week, the Sea Otter to receive Star of the Week was LP for following an excellent daily routine at home and always completing and handing in tasks on time to the best of her ability. smileysmiley


smileysmiley This week, Star of the Week goes to FM for working super hard every day. She has really shown her learning and confidence in every piece of work I have set for her. smileysmiley

Sea Otters Update


A HUGE thank you to start off with to not only my learners at School, but all of those trying to complete their challenges at home without their regular teachers, or their friends to help them with their thoughts and understanding. It is not easy and all of your efforts are very much appreciated.


All home learners should feel super proud of how skilled they have become in uploading their photographs or short videos of their work – it really makes me smile to see your confidence and efforts growing as the days pass. ALL learners both at home and at School, children and adults alike, should feel proud of how they have adapted to the most recent changes – we all find this difficult and there are good days and bad but do try to stay positive and focus on the good things in life, no matter how small.


The Maths has not been easy recently and you have all been trying your best with division: remember to use your fabulous times table knowledge to help you with your division – it’s just the opposite!

In English you all seem to have preferred the non-fiction reading and responding that you have been doing this last week – fossils and caring for dogs has proved to be a hit, with the most wonderful drawings of your pet dogs being sent, in alongside your well-reasoned responses to the questions.


On top of this, it has been so delightful to see how crafty and creative you have been with the many pairs of salt dough teeth I have received! Yours were all so much better than mine and managed to stay sturdy in the heat of the oven; another wonderful success to feel extremely proud of.


I hope you enjoy looking at just a few of the many photographs I have received and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks brings.


Take care my lovely little Sea Otters. 

Mrs Broad

smileysmiley Star of the Week goes to a home learner that completes every task to a high standard every day. He has also sent me a music file of him playing a live tune on the piano,

which I have attached for you to listen toYou know who you are! smileysmiley

A live tune on the piano played by one of our talented Sea Otters!

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Sea Otters Update 


Hi Sea Otters,                                                  


I would like to say a HUGE thank you for all of the hard work you are doing whilst you are isolating at home. I have received so many photographs/videos and 2Dos, which are keeping me busy every day. You should feel very proud of yourselves and are showing how you have grown up and matured since joining Year 4 Sea otters. I am very proud to see your learning continue at home and hope you have enjoyed the wide selection of tasks that I have set for you. I have had work handed in from the class page, Mathletics, Reading Eggs but most of all, through Purple Mash which is proving very popular with you all at home!

It has been fantastic to keep in touch with you when you hand a task in and I liked trying to guess what was in your presents earlier this week when you left me clues!

Your letters to Father Christmas have been a delight to read and I am sure he knows what special, hardworking, well-behaved Sea Otters you are and will hopefully bring you something you have wished for on Christmas Day.


I hope that you liked seeing the photograph of my car covered in snow last week – I was so happy to wake up and see it all white outside. I hope, if we all wish hard enough, that we might just get a white Christmas when we wake up on Christmas morning this year – let’s try to do that together every night before we go to bed.

Take care and stay safe my Super Sea Otters and I will see you all very soon.


Mrs Broad

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Please use Purple Mash, Reading Eggspress and Mathletics for Home Learning on Thursday 3rd December and Friday 4th December

Sea Otters Update


To our special Sea Otters, 


Mrs Fifield, Mrs Morris and I have been so pleased with the progress in your behaviour for learning over the last few weeks – more settled, more organised, more confident when asking questions or asking for help. These are wonderful building blocks that help you to grow and learn new things every day.


In Maths, we have been looking at measurements and how to convert between mm, cm, m and even km! I was really proud to see that the majority of you were able to access your homework via the video that I uploaded to Purple Mash for the weekend. You all handed in your measuring homework on time too. Thank you to your adults that showed you how to use a tape measure and encouraged you to measure a variety of objects in your home.


In Geography, we have been learning about states of matter and the water cycle – Mrs Fifield set up some really fun demonstrations in class to help us understand the new language: evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting etc.

In English, we have started to unpick the tale of ‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo. This describes the perilous journey of a Robin Red breast trying to make his way back to his home, his garden and his love. The children have enjoyed writing about what home means to them  - the sights, smells and sounds of their families.


Finally, I thought it would be nice to share some of the odd socks that the super Sea Otters designed and coloured last week to recognise anti-bullying week.


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend Sea Otter families.


Mrs Broad

smileysmiley Last week’s Star of the Week went to a pupil who has made some break throughs in her understanding in Maths - well done! smileysmiley


Welcome back to my hard working Sea Otters.


It was lovely to hear how some of you spent your half term, enjoying the time with your families and it has been great to see you return with resilient attitudes and a steely determination to continue with the progress you have already made this year.


We had some good fun at the end of last term with some very creative hairstyles at the Singlewell Salon – a fantastic effort from the whole class!

We have worked extra hard on the new computing scheme since returning and are even starting to access the work from home – if you haven’t done so already then login to your Purple Mash account and see if you have any 2Dos to do!


Finally, a special day has been celebrated in Sea Otter class this week - Armistice Day where the children learnt about some events of the past. After standing and thinking for a respectful 2 minutes, the children returned to class to try out their newly learned poetry skills; writing in free verse.


I cannot wait to see what skills you surprise me with for the rest of this term! Keep up the super work Otters.

Mrs Broad

smileysmileyCongratulations to the recent Stars of the Week for consistent hard work and displaying positive attitudes. (23.10.20 & 06.11.20) smileysmiley

Sea Otter Update

Hello my SUPER Sea Otters,

Well done for all of your hard work these last 2 weeks. Our recent writing has shown fabulous improvement in both your pace and presentation – you should feel very proud of yourselves. Harriet Tubman, who we have been studying in class, would be very pleased with how you have written so thoughtfully about her troubled life as a slave in the 1800s.


I have also been really pleased with your learning at home and the fantastic musical instruments that you have made with the help of your adults. Every one of you brought something in and got to talk to your friends about how you made them and how the sound vibration worked.


You also really enjoyed our Rainbow Fun Run last week and were lucky to have the weather on your side so that you could complete it safely within your Bubble. It was lovely to see you running round with your friends in Seals too.


Have a lovely weekend and Mrs Fifield, Mrs Morris and I will see you next week for the last week of your first term as Sea Otters.

Mrs Broad

smileysmileyWell done to all of the Stars of the Week so far this term – receiving the award for: settling well into the class; fabulous focused learning in your lessons or being a wonderful role model for the rest of your friends. Keep up the good work all of you and next time it could be you!smileysmiley

Sea Otter Update


It has been a busy couple of weeks in Sea Otter class. We have made progress in understanding the place value of large numbers including how to partition the numbers and how to find them on a number line. Some Sea Otters are still having a little difficulty rounding large numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 but we will revisit this again and have another go.

In Science, we have investigated how sound can travel through air, solids and liquids as vibrations and have even managed to make our own pan pipes and string telephones!

The super Sea Otters have also completed their first big write since returning to school. They have been working extra hard on their presentation and remembering all the key skills to writing a great story! This is now on display in our classroom.

Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs Morris – Sea Otter’s new TA – to the classroom. She will be working with the children Wednesday - Friday each week.


Keep up the ever improving hard work and positive attitudes Sea Otters!

Mrs Broad


Sea Otter Update


What a full and fantastic first week back the Year 4 Sea Otters have had! We have been busy finding out about vibrations and how sound travels in Science; learning about the festival of Raksha Bandhan in English and the tricky dilemmas that the characters had to face and recalling how to count and partition 4 digit numbers in Maths!

I have been super proud of the hard work and commitment for learning that I have seen and extra impressed with the homework effort received when you researched about sea otters.

smileysmileyWell done to this super Sea Otter for earning the first star of the week for excellent effort in all of their lessons since returning to school.(11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back to your new year group:

Year 4 Sea Otters!


Mrs Fifield and I were so pleased to greet you all on your first morning, receiving great big smiles from each and every one of you – the best way to start the day!

You have been super sensible since you have returned and really kind and friendly towards your classmates so you have obviously been busy doing a lot of growing up through lockdown and the summer holidays.

The classroom has been set up ready for you to learn and to work safely with your friends at all times, there has been regular hand sanitising without any fuss – it’s now just part of our daily routine.

This is going to be a busy and fun Year – we’ve got some great topics lined up including: Sound, the Ancient Greeks, Rivers and the Water Cycle, the Digestive System and much more!

Finally, I would like to thank my new smart Sea Otters for working hard on their summer holiday projects – it has lovely to see how talented and creative you have been with your posters or boxes. We’ll keep them at school for a while so we can all have a closer look at the detail inside them.


Mrs Broad

To my SUPER, spectacular, surprising SEA OTTERS!


I have had the most wonderful time with you all in Year 4. You started off quite shy and anxious about the year ahead but soon settled and began to blossom.


You may not have realised it at the time but growing your brains a little bit more every day as a Sea Otter means you are now better mathematicians, better writers, better readers, better artists, better sportspeople and better thinkers. You are BETTER at EVERYTHING!


You have all matured this year too which will put you in a good position to start your new journey as a Stingray in September and I am sure that your new Teacher will realise quickly what a friendly, warm, caring and helpful bunch you are – always willing to help get the lessons ready and fully equipped; always ready to learn; always ready to support a friend who may be finding the tasks tricky and always contributing with sensible, inquisitive questions during discussions about the topics ahead.


I am pleased to let you know that your Iron Men have kept me company during the past few months here at School – when I look at them they bring a smile to my face as they remind me what hardworking Otters you have been and what wonderful help you have had at home from your families, who guided and helped you to create them. They will be in your new classroom in September for you to collect but I may borrow a few to put on display around the School.


I am looking forward to a rest over the Summer Holidays and will continue to stay safe at home, working in my garden. I have achieved my goal from the beginning of lockdown where I set out to grow my own vegetables – I have a good crop of tomatoes, potatoes, onions and courgettes that I pick and cook with regularly. What goals have you achieved? What talents have you discovered during Lockdown?


Finally, I would like to say  for all of your hard work with your Home Learning during the Lockdown. I was so proud of each and every one of you to see the photographs; receive the emails and look at the time spent using Mathletics and the new Reading Eggspress online learning portals. By doing this you will again be ready to start back in Year 5 because you continued to exercise your mind and body during the time spent at home.


I look forward to seeing you all back in September, be sure to wave and say hello!

See you soon,

Love from Mrs Broad xx 


Hello Sea Otters,


I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all. Even if only for a few short months. You have been a pleasure to teach. We had lots of fun as a class but we worked even harder, seeing you all improve puts a smile on my face. I hope you have enjoyed your time at home with your families and staying safe, I know I have been very busy entertaining my little boy.
It will be lovely to see you in September as Year 5!


Enjoy your Summer Holidays, have fun, make memories and stay safe.

Mrs Fifield x

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


A Sea Otter birthday and more hard work!

Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.


A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Sea Otters working together virtually on their home learning, an excellent idea!

Sea Otters continung to work hard...

Bringing objects to life, meet... Sid the Satsuma!

Bringing objects to life, meet Liam the Laptop!

"I created Patch Planet, it is a special Planet for the NHS to go and have a rest!"

What a fab bug hotel!

Sea Otters enjoying more science experiments...

Dear Sea Otters,

I hope you have been enjoying the home learning tasks that have been set. Mrs Fifield and I have really enjoyed looking at the photographs that your adults have sent to me. The Science experiments seem to be going well and if you haven’t had the right equipment, you have managed to find alternatives.


I have also been checking regularly on Reading Eggspress and am amazed at the time and dedication some of you are spending on there: completing the assignments I have set, designing funky avatars to look like you; one even had its own PPE mask and earning bronze, silver and even gold trophies!


I have been very busy at School, keeping the Key Worker children and staff happy and safe. They too have worked really hard during their time here and are making the best of a very unusual situation.


I hope you all have a really wonderful half term with your families – let’s hope that this beautiful weather lasts and you will be able to have fun in the garden or public spaces that are now open.


I will be spending time at home in my garden and am hoping that Mr Broad will light the BBQ every evening and I know that Mrs Fifield and her family will be getting out Henry’s paddling pool to let him play in.

In case you don’t know how to fill your time next week – here are a few suggestions:

Water fights, building dens in outside spaces; baking cookies or cupcakes; designing pizza faces before cooking and eating them; email a class mate using an adult’s email; play board games and complete a large jigsaw puzzle or plan the family’s meals for a whole day.


Whatever you do, stay safe and positive. We can’t wait to see how much you have all grown up.

Love from Mrs Broad and Mrs Fifield

Sea Otters seem to be particularly enjoying investigations...

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Hard work and VE day celebrations!

Lots of celebrations... and hard work at home for Sea Otters!