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Year 4 Seals

Singlewell Scientists had a terrific Science Week!  


Year R have loved looking after ducklings having observed them hatch!   They have also worked at growing patterns and finding out about a remarkable young scientist from Africa called William Kamkwamba.


Year 1 had great fun growing their bodies and brains in their Outdoor Gym and asked some interesting questions about how bubbles grow!  They also read all about David Attenborough  - I wonder whether they will spot him on the television next time he's sharing his knowledge?


Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a virtual visit to Yew Tree Farm; the animals were not at all camera shy and the farm looked magnificent.  They are now curiously awaiting butterflies... almost cocoons at this point in time!  Their sensational scientist was Maria Sibylla Merian, who really inspired everyone to follow their dreams.


Year 3 had a great experience with The Natural History Museum's volcano expert!  They also explored antibody and virus growth via an origami growing task...  Their special scientist was Ralph Alger Bagnold who worked hard at engineering a dune buggy.


Year 4 took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather we have had as they went outdoors exploring the mysterious world of worms!  Indoors, they have enjoyed observing their very own Worm World and thinking about how these tiny creatures help produce to grow.  They were inspired by the work of Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist scientist from Africa.


Year 5 had some futuristic fun in thinking about survival and growth on Mars; their models were terrifyingly fabulous!  They also explored growing without soil in their very own classes using our new Hydroponics Unit.  Their research scientist was Margaret Collins, an insect scientist from the USA.  


Year 6 made great links with Maths by investigating the ages and growth of sharks .  They also consolidated and enhanced their understanding of evolution with an expert from The Natural History Museum.  Their sensational scientist was also a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher named Hypatia from Egypt - this was a challenging but exciting person to have researched.


The whole school entered a Science Poster competition on Growth, grew Grass Heads - some marvelous and quirky characters joined the school and ended the week with science stickers and a Singlewell Scientist Award for one impressive scientist per class.  Well done everyone!!!


Our visit from Science Boffins was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute but we already have a new date in place and look forward to seeing our very own scientists enjoying that experience after Easter.


Here are photos of just some of the activities your child experienced...


Best Wishes,

 Mrs Jandu

Seals Update

Hi Seals, 


We have finished Term 3 with a bang! What a fantastic term it has been.


In English, we have explored the world of the Iron Man, creating first person recounts from the Space Bat Angel Dragon and retelling the story through magpieing key phrases that we thought grabbed our attention.


In Maths, we have learnt a new song to help us remember how to calculate the Perimeter and Area of 2D shapes. We also turned the playground into our very own workbooks, using chalk and the bus stop method to solve division equations. 


In Geography, we have continued to learn about the water cycle and rivers. We have looked at our local River Thames and how it has changed over the years. Why not ask us an interesting fact about the River Thames? 


In Art, we have focused on a famous artist called Georgia O'Keeffe, who took the art world by storm with her unusual take on the world around her. We have particularly focused on her landscape art, recreating our own using different medias. 


We are so proud of how hard everyone has worked this term! Keep up the hard work everybody. 


Mrs Burton, Mrs Du Plessis and Miss Ward

Seals Update


Welcome Back Seals Class,  


What an excellent start to the school term, Seals class have been diving head first into their learning. In English, we have started a new book focus ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. After exploring the first three chapters of the book, we created our very own monster inspired by the Iron Man, we then continued to write a character description in the style of Ted Hughes. We took on the role of the main character Hogarth, to create an apology letter to the Iron Man using emotive language.  


In Maths, we are continuing our topic of multiplication and division. We have explored all of our times tables, learning tricks and techniques to help us remember them in preparation for the Times Tables Check Test. We have begun to recap multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit and are now moving onto 3 and 4 digit multiplications. Why not ask me about the most efficient multiplication methods that I have learnt?  


In Geography, we have been looking at how rivers are formed and their important role in the Water Cycle. We have also learnt a dance to help us remember each stage of the Water Cycle. In Science, we have started out new topic ‘States of Matter’, we can identify solids, liquids and gasses. Can you identify the solids, liquids and gasses found in your home? 


We continue to learn about Judaism in RE, looking at the ceremony for becoming an adult and what this means to Jewish people.  


Well done Seals, lets continue our ambitious learning.  


Mrs Burton 

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Our Stars of the Week have shown wonderful kindness to their peers and respect to their teachers. 

Seals Update

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, Seals have been working hard in all of their lessons. In English, we have been exploring Greek Myths including Theseus and the Minotaur and The Trojan War. We have taken the role of Theseus, reliving his journey into the maze to face the ferocious, feared, frightful beast. We wrote letters back to Princess Ariadne, agreeing to her terms for helping us and relived the battle with our writing of an action scene for the great battle. We are now writing a newspaper article to report the cunning, mischievous workings of the Greeks in the Trojan War.   


In Maths, we completed our unit on measurement and can now convert millimetres to centimetres, centimetres to metres and metres to kilometres. Why not ask us to show you what we have learnt? On our mathematical journey, we have just begun to explore multiplication and division of 4-digit numbers, starting with multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.  


In History, we have continued to explore Ancient Greece and compare how different our lives are now to children in Ancient Greece times. In Science, we have been busy conducting scientific investigations. So far, we have looked at the effects of different drinks on teeth, by using shelled boiled eggs. We have also made our very own set of teeth using play dough. Next, we plan to explore the digestive system through making our very own physical version.  


A huge thank you to everyone who brought in plants to help us be a green friendly classroom, we are very excited to look after these and watch them grow throughout the year.  

It has been an excellent Term, we cannot wait to continue our learning after Christmas! Well done Seals.  


Mrs Burton, Mrs Du Plessis and Miss Ward

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Well done to our Stars of the Week, you have set an excellent example for your peers and shown determination in your learning.  

Special Announcement


A huge well done to everybody that took part in our National Poetry Day competition with Young Writers. All of your poems were fantastic, it was clear to see how hard you all worked and it was extremely difficult choosing the winners and runners up. 


We are pleased to announce that several of our children were selected to be published alongside other National winners. Our runners up now have their beautiful poetry pieces displayed in our new and improved library for the whole school to see. It has been wonderful to see the whole school embrace National Poetry Day and we look forward to doing more in the future. 


Mrs Burton

Seals Update


Hello Seals,  


What a fantastic start to Autumn Term 2 we have had. In English, we researched all about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot, we looked at onomatopoeias related to firework night and created beautiful Haikus as a class. Why not ask us all about Haikus and how many syllables each line requires? 

In Guided Reading, we are continuing to read our book ‘ The Ice Monster’ by David Walliams, learning more about Elsie’s adventures and what life was like for an urchin in London during 1988.  In Maths, we have been continuing our topic of addition and subtractions, exchanging numbers using the column method. To help us with our learning we have done practical lessons involving counters and place value grids. We have also been diving deeper into our 3 times tables, making links to objects in real life. 


In History, we have looked at how Ancient Greece was run and what Ancient Greek democracy looked like. We took part in a class debate, where we divided into two sides. One side was for living in Sparta and the other was for living in Athens. Our goal was to persuade Mrs Burton to choose our city to live in.  In Art, we finally finished our Ancient Greek masterpieces, adding the finishing touches to our designs.   

Next week, we will begin to explore Ancient Greek Myths and Legends in English and will be moving onto measurement in Maths. We will be continuing to learn more about the History of Ancient Greece. Well done Seals, for an excellent start to Term 2.  Keep up all your hard work! 


Mrs Burton, Mrs Du Plessis and Miss Ward

smileysmileyStar of the Weeksmileysmiley

Star of the Week was awarded to this Seal for showing kindness and friendship to her peers. Congratulations!

In June 2022, all children in Year 4 will take the Multiplication Table Check (MTC). This is a statutory assessment where the children will have 3 weeks to undertake the timed online test. Teachers will administer this test in school. The children will have 6 seconds to answer each question; there are 25 questions in total. When the 6 seconds are up, the next question is automatically displayed.


This check was brought in by the Government in 2020 to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

To support your child at home in preparation for this test, please ensure your child is practising their times tables daily and they are using the ‘Soundcheck’ game on Times Tables Rock Stars. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss Jeebooah, Mrs Olaide and Mrs Burton  

Seals Update

In Seals Class, we have been exploring the heroes of Black History Month in English, creating first person recounts of Ruby Bridges inspirational journey on her first day of school. We have also looked at Rosa Parks and are creating a newspaper article to report her brave, courageous decisions in 1955. On the 7th of October, we embraced our inner poets and produced wonderful pieces of expressive poetry to the theme, 'This is Me'.

In Maths, we have moved on from place value and are now looking at the column method for adding and subtracting numbers up to 4 digits. In PE, we have been learning the skills to play netball, showing excellent sportsmanship and determination.  In Humanities, we are continuing to explore Ancient Greece, looking at historical architecture and making our very own Ancient Greek inspired pots with paper mache. 

Keep up all your hard work Seals! 

Mrs Burton 

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our Stars of the Week, have been children who have shown a positive attitude and perseverance in their learning, setting an excellent example for the rest of the class. Well done to those children!

Seals Update

Wow Seals! What a fantastic start to Year 4 we have had, everyone has settled in quickly and shown a positive attitude towards their learning.  


In English, we have been exploring the story of ‘Lost or Stolen?’ by Narinder Dhami, focusing on dilemmas, actions and consequences. We have used this story to create our very own dilemma stories, using suspense in our writing. We have practically explored different actions and their consequences; this was a very messy but fun lesson for us all that involved lots of cleaning up as our consequence. In Maths, we have looked at place value to 4-digit numbers, including adding and subtracting 10s, 100s and 1000s to show more or less, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000s, problem solving and reasoning.  


In Humanities, we have just begun to venture into our new topic of Ancient Greece, discovering who the Greeks were and the timeline that created the Ancient Greece period. In Science, we have been learning about sound, taking part in sound walks and building instruments.  


It has been a fantastic first couple of weeks in Seal Class. Keep up all the hard work!  


Mrs Burton and Mrs Du Plessis 

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our Star of the Week has gone to two children who have shown excellent determination and positive attitudes towards their learning. Congratulations!

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Seals Update



Another whirlwind three weeks has passed by with Seals contending with a very hot classroom; they have been extremely understanding and resilient in the heatwave and subsequent monsoon-like humidity and rain. It helped consolidate our earlier learning about the water cycle!  


Our English text, Sugarcane Juice, has proved very fruitful (no pun intended!) and the children have enjoyed learning about Pakistan and its culture.  We have written mini playscripts and used drama and mime to enact some scenes, and the children are writing alternative endings to the adventure.  


In Maths, we are learning about Geometry and Space, moving from angles to shapes - regular and irregular polygons - and have been making a range of different shapes with straight sides while exploring the properties of shapes.  


Our Science has moved on to the amazing work of scientists themselves.  Having previously looked in depth at SIr David Attenborough's work on conservation, we then learnt about Gerald Durrell's work in Madagascar, helping to save many unique species. The children have a wonderful curiosity about how the natural world works and we often discuss how to keep it safe; this was also the theme of Science Week in which they had fun coming up with ideas and making posters of their questions for Professor Sir Brian Cox.  


We also finished our Electricity unit with a bang - making light bulbs and buzzers work in simple circuits. Building on this we explored the life and work of Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone and worked to improve communication for deaf people. We have learnt a little sign language so see if the children can remember how to sign 'Please' and 'Thank you!'  


Building on our work on Living Things, we have been making art inspired by insects and are completing some beautiful mosaics based on Roman ones. 


Once again, a thank you to everyone who is hearing their child reading (aloud please), practising spellings, times tables, number facts and number bonds with them. All these really help fluency and proficiency in Literacy and Maths. There is always so much to say about our lessons and often the children remember things that have happened incidentally - it is all learning and your interest and involvement is vital to helping them become independent and confident learners.  Finally, we have been thinking and talking a lot about leaving Year 4 and going up to Year 5; looking at their work from September and reflecting back, the children are amazed at how much they have actually learnt in such a challenging year.  Be very proud of yourselves, Super Seals!


Mrs Mellen

Seals Update


The second half of term has gone in a flash, and as we approach the final term of the year, the children cannot believe how fast it has gone. They love their learning and are often surprised it is the end of the day!


In English, we continued to work on the wonderful text, The Iron Man by the poet Ted Hughes. We created a character description, an advert and a persuasive letter, as well as group work predicting endings and alternative scenarios.  We have acquired many POW words and improved spelling greatly through this rich text.  Finally, we made a beautiful collage of the Iron Man and the Space-bat-angel-dragon.  


Maths has continued our decimal learning, with all children making good connections with fractions and money, which has supported their understanding. Next term we will be working on geometry and position, shape and space.


Geography has been a highlight as the Seals have loved finding out about their local area by looking at a topographical Ordnance Survey map of the Gravesend area and also a road atlas of Kent. They finished off this unit by drawing their own map of the settlement of Singlewell and decided it is very well resourced with all amenities very close by - a lovely place to live!


Every day is full and fun, but we also manage to do French - learning how to say what we like to do - and  RE, in which we have learnt more about the colourful and joyful Hindu religion. 


Computing has seen us gaining editing skills, using word to make posters and tables.   


In PE, many children are showing what good team members they can be.  Please can you check your children's PE footwear and kit over the break as a number have been arriving in non-uniform kit and/or without proper trainers or plimsolls.  Slips and trips can occur without the correct footwear. You can check the school website for PE and uniform requirements.   


I know parents are often very keen to support their children's learning at home, and apart from the upcoming Maths learning, just a gentle reminder about reading aloud every night (to ensure they are reading with expression), and practising key number facts and skills like times tables, number bonds and practical Maths in measuring, cooking, shopping and other daily activities.  


As we head into half term, there may finally be some warm weather on the way, so make sure that children are prepared with a hat and apply sun cream before coming to school.  


As always, it is a real pleasure for us to be on the learning journey with your children, and I hope you all have a lovely, happy, safe and refreshing break. 


See you in June, Super Seals!


Mrs Mellen

Seals Update


Once again we have had a busy and happy start to a new term after a lovely Easter holiday.  The Seals returned after a restful break, as the previous three weeks after the end of lockdown had been surprisingly tiring!  However, we are now all used to early starts again, a full day of learning with friends and our fingers have got used to writing again.  Well done Super Seals!


So far this term the children have been learning about decimals in Maths, which they have taken to really well, building on their knowledge of fractions. 


In Science we have been learning about living things and classifying animals, while finding out about their habitats.  Did you know that humans are the only species which can adapt to live anywhere on earth?  


Computing has been great fun as the Seals have mastered the QWERTY keyboard, practising their typing skills, and also finding out how to edit a poster - changing font, size, colour, alignment, and inserting pictures.  The poster was advertising a cake sale, which they all want to do soon!


Geography has been all about Settlements, and everyone was amazed to find that we are so close to a brand new town, Ebbsfleet, established in 2014.  Having learnt that many of the villages, towns and cities in the UK had been founded by invaders, whether Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking or Norman, they discovered how to identify these by place names.


In RE, we have been discovering all about the beautiful and colourful traditions of Hinduism, while an entirely new regular subject is French.  Seals have learnt how to talk about their school, their classroom, and their pencil case, in French, with lovely accents!


However, the highlight for everyone has been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have really loved making 'Wanted' posters, writing and illustrating his capture, and writing a letter of apology from the little boy who lured him into a big hole.  Mrs Couchman and I have really enjoyed looking at all the fabulous work - it has been such fun!  

Finally a mention about the fabulous resilience all the children showed about doing their assessments; everyone was so sensible, calm and mature and managed to cope with three days of quizzes. The Bank Holiday was a well-timed rest.  


Once again, thank you to all the parents who are working so hard to help the children catch up and consolidate their learning.  Reading at home is as always so crucial, and it is also important to do the homework, which helps reinforce their classroom learning.  It would be great if you could also help the children to tell the time. Perhaps they could also use Maths as they help you shopping and look at receipts to see decimals in action.  


Well done Super Seals, keep up the brilliant work!​


Mrs Mellen

Seals Update


None of us can believe that we are still in March and we only returned to school just over three weeks ago.  We talked about this in class and the Seals said they think we have been back for ages, which means that they have settled back into routines and behaviour for learning really quickly.  

In this half of term,  we started learning about fractions in Maths, which the Seals have really enjoyed and have become very good at - we are now working out fractions of sets of objects. 


In English we have had a fun new unit: The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door, which is a long narrative poem.  After reading it, we performed and recorded it as a class, then wrote character descriptions and finally, our own sequel to the story.  The plot involved the children from the poem setting up a band and suddenly a catastrophe occurring; some super clever Seals invented a story line about an electrical failure, bringing in their Science learning.  


In History, we have continued to find out about Victorian life and one of the most shocking facts was that children as young as four were sent to work.  Find out more fascinating facts from the Seals. 


In RE, we have been learning about Christianity and the Easter Story,  while in art we have been preparing for Easter with mindfulness colouring and design, and also made a piece of land art using flora from the landscape.  The children have been very observant about sticky buds, smooth bark, petal colours, leaf shapes and birdsong.  

This is what one Seal wrote in their Thinking Journal at the end of the week: 


I learnt how to add fifths in Maths and in English I wrote a story but still need to edit it.  The skills that I gained were how to subtract and add fractions.  When I wrote my story, my narrative skills came back again - to think about it, I am quite good at story telling!  I found out that anything is possible if you try.  Just say "I can do it" and you will be able to do it. 

I discovered that I can be hard working by trying my best;

I say "Try my best and forget the rest."


It is wonderful to see the Seals understanding how they learn and feeling proud about their achievements and effort.


We are noticing many Seals becoming much better at multiplication facts and applying them in Maths - please keep practising the times tables, especially the 6, 7, 8, 9, 12s.  Quite a few children also used Lockdown to read more and some have told us about strategies they have found useful for remembering what they have read, like summarising each page, or chapter, after they have read it, or looking up new words in a dictionary as they find them.  Again, your support in reading with the Seals is invaluable, so please always make time for that precious half hour with a story book and remind the children to ask you to sign their Reading Record booklets. 


With the recent hot weather has come a reminder that sun hats,  sun cream and water bottles are really important.  Only water in bottles and please apply sun protection at home.  Summer uniform dresses and shorts are comfortable and cool, and it would be great if you could check the PE kit conforms to uniform regulations and is not inappropriate.  Now that shops will be re-opening, we expect everyone to be able to obtain new shoes and clothes if required.  


As ever, Mrs Couchman and I have had great fun learning with the Seals and thank you all for your support for the children's learning​.  However, we too are looking forward to a break, and want to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter holiday, hopefully re-uniting with family and friends.    


Mrs Mellen

Seals Update



We're back! The whole class, adults and children, were so excited to see each other on Monday 8th March after, in some cases, over three months!  Mrs Couchman and I, and of course Mrs Brown and the other teachers, were all so amazed at how tall and grown up the Seals are now!  It was really lovely to see the positive changes as well - you have all become more mature, patient, resilient and independent while working at home.  


Boxes of Home Learning was brought in and it has been a delight to look at it all. As much as possible of this will be put on display.  Once again, a huge and heartfelt 'Thank You' to all the tremendous home teachers who have supported Seals superbly through this difficult time. 


In the last two weeks of Home Learning, we began to prepare for coming back to school, and while online, met a new pupil joining Seals this term.  We worked this term on statistics in

Maths, as you all learnt how to make beautifully drawn and labelled line graphs, bar charts and pictograms.  Presentation in Maths has really improved and we hope this will last!  


We also learnt about narrative poetry in English, doing a series of shorter poems about everyday life, and then a much longer Victorian one.  Once again, you made wonderful story maps of Hiawatha, bringing into them all your Geography learning about landscapes, rivers, lakes, mountains and forests.  


In Science, we have started learning about electricity, which was first invented and developed in the Victorian era. We have tried to do a lot of cross-curricular learning, linking English and Science to our current History topic, the Victorians.  We have already discovered what a tumultuous era it was, with great wealth, numerous inventions and discoveries, and yet a lot of poverty and cruelty, sadly even to children in school.  


Finally, back at school with a huge sigh of relief, we are all settling in again, having welcomed our new friend to the class.  Everyone has had fun re-establishing friendships and making new friends whether their best friend left school, a new person arrived, or we discovered how much we like the class 'next door' - the Sea Otters!  Behaviour for learning has been fantastic and people have been so kind to each other;  many have already received Pupil of the Day, or other achievement certificates.  


In our first week we have started Fractions, which everyone is enjoying, a new unit of English, The Bogeymen and the Trolls Next Door, and we have been doing a project about Global Warming. One of the strangest facts we found out was that even making a cup of tea can damage the ozone layer!  The first week has been tiring and towards the end, a few weepy moments, but overall, being back to school is ​extremely cheerful and productive.


Mrs Mellen 

Seals Update


Welcome to the last Seals news update - phew!  You have made it to the end of Term 3. As you all know, it was totally unexpected that we would be learning online the whole term, but how fantastic you have all been!  Both children and parents have risen to the challenge magnificently, with enormous good nature to ensure that your learning continues to take place.  


It has not been easy for any of us, and yet you have all logged on to Purple Mash daily, checked what work you have to do, and done your very best.  Most of you have had the generous support of mum, dad and other adults to explain, print, check work, and generally motivate you, while some have had to work very independently.  I have seen you all maturing in your attitude to learning and I am also really impressed by the quality and quantity of work.  


It's really encouraging that all of you have found things to appreciate about your learning - everyone has told me when submitting their work that they liked it, had fun, or really enjoyed it. For me, Mrs Couchman and the other teachers, that makes it all worthwhile because learning should be fun now and then you will become lifelong learners.  


You have also all become experts at presenting your work, responses and feedback in different ways. We have overcome the teething troubles of uploading work. Some people have been sending video or PowerPoint presentations in addition to photos and documents, or also using the templates in Purple Mash under 2Publish. You have all become professional at muting and unmuting yourselves and following protocols in Zoom meetings, and have shown great patience when things do not always go quite as they should.  


So here are some highlights of the learning you have been doing, whether the wonderful writing from Into the Forest, or the creative river models in Geography, or the biographies of famous inspirational people which you all like writing, and of course, you all having fun in the beautiful (but disruptive) snow days we have had.  


Have a wonderful half term, be kind to your adults as they have been working hard too, and enjoy Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, and pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  I and Mrs Couchman miss you all and look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon.  Stay safe and well Super Seals!


Mrs Mellen 

Seals Update


What a start to the year! Mrs Mellen and Mrs Couchman were so upset not to welcome all our super Seals back after Christmas; at the start of a new term, we really looked forward to seeing you all again and hearing all your news. It seems a long time ago now, but we hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year despite the restrictions.  


Luckily we are all getting used to the new online way of learning, although we know it is totally different from learning face to face and collaboratively from each other.  You are all so good at sharing your own and listening to each other's ideas, that is something we cannot replace with our learning portal, Purple Mash.  

You have all been working incredibly hard with your parents, despite distractions at home and your adult’s caring and work commitments.  You have shown great resilience in just 'having a go' and not giving up.  The Maths videos and worksheets seem to be going well, and you did great learning with multiplication and now division.  Keep on practising number facts like times tables and number bonds.  


In English, I have been very impressed with the effort many of you have made in handwriting; much neater with letters formed correctly, nice tall ascenders and descenders hanging below the line.  Everyone enjoyed “The Firework Maker's Daughter,” and then the series of non-fiction text comprehensions. Remember to use evidence from the text, answer in full sentences and read between the lines.


You have also been doing wonderful water posters in Geography, and in RE you have written some very thoughtful reflections on Martin Luther King Jr and other inspiring people. You are still showing us your many talents in Art and PE.  We have still had our “Pupil of the Day,” which is awarded when people go above and beyond their usual effort and achievement.  It has been lovely to see you all and share some news in our Zoom meetings, which will now continue through the term.


Here are a few moments from the learning you have shared with us; keep up all the great work, Super Seals!  


Mrs Mellen

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Seals Update


A big 'Hello!' to everybody from Mrs Mellen and Mrs Couchman.  We are missing you all since Seals went into isolation on Thursday 3rd December, but we know that you are safe, working at home and being good, sensible Super Seals in the last couple of weeks before the Christmas holidays.  


Before we left, you all did an amazing job of writing a non-fiction explanation text for an alien about Christmas all over the world.  You should all be very proud of how much and how well you can write now compared to when you first came into Year 4; give yourself a pat on the back and shine up your medal!  


Those fascinating facts you discovered about what children put out for Father Christmas (shoes, stockings) and who helps him (a witch, a saint, elves) and how he travels around (reindeer, sleigh, horseback) and what he likes to eat (mince pies, nuts and oranges, milk, carrots) have found their way into your writing in Purple Mash. Remember to do as much as you can, written in paragraphs - not just one line sentences!  Don't forget punctuation and 2A sentences as well.


We are so pleased with how you are using Purple Mash and watching the videos which I, Mrs Couchman and other teachers are putting up there for you. Do as many as possible, and remember there is no need to return the video to me. Parents please follow the suggested links for PE on the class page.  


As we may not all get to see the all-important Christmas panto at school until the New Year, look out for many other free seasonal entertainments online such as:


Maybe you could find and watch the wonderful traditional Christmas ballet 'The Nutcracker' about a little girl, Clara, who receives a nutcracker toy soldier who comes to life... Here's one of the whole performance


Remember you can contact me by email and I will try to help however I can.  Stay safe and be happy learning Seals!


Mrs Mellen

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Please use Purple Mash, Reading Eggspress and Mathletics for Home Learning on Thursday 3rd December and Friday 4th December

Seals Update


Another two weeks of learning has flown by for the Seals; quite often the children are so immersed that they are surprised when 3.00pm comes and it is time to go home.  


In Maths, we have moved on to 'Length and Perimeter'. We have been learning how to use equivalent units, how to add and subtract length of objects and also distance. At home it might be good to measure heights of children and adults, and work out the differences between them in metres and centimetres.


In English, we completed our unit on poems after having thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing a variety of poems in different forms.  We decided to start thinking about Christmas with our new text - after all it is just one month away and many people have their trees up at home.  The story, which you can watch with the children on Youtube, is called Coming Home.  It is about a plucky little robin and his epic journey home.  


We have learnt all about robins - ask the Seals for top facts - and also drawn and coloured a beautiful bird's eye view of his flight.  We still enjoy spotting different things in the natural world on our walks and the children were fascinated by the 'mackerel' sky one day.   


As PE takes place with the coaches outside in the MUGA, weather permitting, please ensure your child has a thermal vest or t-shirt on underneath their uniform on Thursday as it can be a little nippy!  Children should also have their winter PE kits in school, which could consist of tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie of any colour. A beanie hat is also a good idea as we lose most of our body heat through our heads.


Celebrating success is so important and we want to share the wonderful art work Year 4 did for their display, with biographical writing about Keith Haring and images of his famous jelly baby people breakdancing and having fun.  Another fun art activity was designing odd socks to remind ourselves of Anti-Bullying week.  


There have also been several new ways for individual success to be recognised.  In addition to the well-known Star of the Week, we now have Pupil of the Day in Seals class. This is awarded for someone who impresses the adults with their learning and social behaviour in and out of class. An award which is very popular with the children.  In the playground, the Midday Meals Supervisors now award positive behaviour with a Lunchtime Award.  Finally, in Seals class, several pairs of pupils are finding out how to be a learning mentor by being a Seals Buddy.  This aspect of collaborative learning has been incredibly successful for both parties and is something we will develop in the future.  


Well done all the Seals for your continued enthusiasm and hard work - we are really proud of you!  Also a huge thank you again to all parents and carers for supporting your learning with reading at home and exploring Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash.  As always, we are here to help and if there is anything you think we can do, please let Mrs Couchman or myself know. Have a happy two weeks.


We hope you enjoy our pictures of the frost we found on the playground. 


Mrs Mellen

Seal Update


After a relaxing half term, Seals were soon raring to go. They must have missed school! They love writing about their weekends and holidays and  seem to have done lots of exciting things over the break, so thank you to all the adults for keeping them interested and active.  


We have been reading and writing poetry in English and the children have really enjoyed experimenting with form and language. They understand that a poem paints a picture and expresses emotion and have composed some very powerful poems themselves. They have written a Haiku, which is a Japanese form with strict rules, and a free verse poem, which has none.  


In History we are developing our knowledge of Ancient Greece by investigating their myths, looking at stories like Medusa, Icarus, Pandora and others. There are many films on these themes, which are often helpful to a broader understanding.  


In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans, focusing on how animals digest food.  The children can say - and even spell - some quite tricky words like oesophagus! They are very interested in what happens to food when it leaves the fork and enters our mouths, so please talk to them about it.  


We marked Remembrance Day by reading some war poems and wrote a poem about what a soldier would put in a Magic Box, and also observed the two minute silence at 11 am. You would have been proud of how seriously the Seals took this solemn moment.  


In Computing we are continuing our work on coding  - writing little programs for games - and also exploring the many learning opportunities on Purple Mash. Together with Mathletics and Reading Eggs, these are very important platforms for learning outside school, and the Seals have been discovering how to access tasks and send them to me online. All the logins have been sent home, so please make sure they are all in a safe place ready for use whenever you need them.  


Finally, we fit in some little mini lessons like how a spider makes a web and the children love to find them covered in dewdrops like a crystal necklace. 


Stay safe and happy Seals and families! 

Mrs Mellen

Seal Update

It's nearly Halloween and the Seals can't believe how fast the term has whizzed by.  In the last couple of weeks we have secured Place Value and moved onto Addition and Subtraction in Maths. The children love racing Mrs Mellen in column method calculations and are very good at it - so challenge them parents!


In English we have focused on an international heroine of courage - Harriet Tubman.  The Seals can tell you her inspiring story because they have written a biography and Harriet's own story.  Absolutely everyone in the class has made progress in writing and their work is very impressive. Seals are collecting new words, using the dictionary and ‘magpieing’ from their reading.  Handwriting has improved and the hands don't get tired so quickly!

We celebrated Black History Month by drawing portraits and making maquettes of Harriet Tubman, and British Values Day by looking at Individual Liberty.

As it has got a bit chillier, we still do PE outside but the hardy little Seals run around to keep warm and their coach has awarded certificates for  resilience (keeping going when it's tough) and great participation.  Please send jogging bottoms for PE and wear a vest on cold mornings.


Last week, we ran the Race for Life and had a lesson about what we were helping and positivity, writing some beautiful Happiness poems.  We have also learnt about how food affects mood and how to stop negative thoughts with positive ones.

Again lots of reading raffle tickets have been awarded and almost all Seals are continuing to impress us with homework, and some are doing extra projects like writing stories and creating artworks.


Finally, we have marked the new season with poems about Autumn and I'll just share one with you all –


A beautiful leaf

Under a tree

Trees filled with colour

Until winter comes

My spirit filled with joy

No one sad anymore!


Have a lovely Half term and don't eat too much pumpkin!

Mrs Mellen

Seal Update


Over the last two weeks, Seals have continued their brilliant learning with work on four digit numbers in Maths and counting up to 10,000!  In English, we completed a story about a dilemma set in a funfair, and made a display of our writing and colourful pictures.  We are also very good at using prepositions and time and place conjunctions (but need practice on a or an). 

 In Science, we have carried out investigations about how sound travels by making pan pipes and cup telephones.  We had an exciting lesson logging on to the new computers and found out about a website with free e-books to use at home, Oxford Owls. 

The children have also received laminated cards with their Mathletics and Reading Eggs logins and both websites offer challenges for achieving fun activities at home. Reading is still going well with over 40 tickets in the raffle and we have started our Times Table Challenge. 

Thank you all, parents, for continuing to support our super Seals with all their learning, we are so proud of our children and families.    

Mrs Mellen   

Seal Update


The Seals have been working really hard for the last two weeks as we all get to know each other and make friends again back at school.  It's been hard work but we've had fun - drawing round our bodies on the playground, trying out the new MUGA (multi use games area) and going for sound and nature walks.  We've discovered Henry Moore in art and have a few budding artists in the class. Everyone has been reading at home and ten people have already had reading raffle tickets! Parents and all your adults are proud of your progress, keep it up Seal cubs! 

Mrs Mellen 

smileysmileyOur two Stars of the Week were both for brilliant settling down, while our two PE stars were for great listening and following instructions, and this week, for enthusiasm. (11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back to your new year group

Year 4 Seals!

Mrs Couchman and I were both so excited to meet all the new Y4 Seals this week, and couldn’t believe how smart and grown up they looked in bright uniform and shiny shoes, beautiful plaits and haircuts.   The new Seals immediately showed us how ready they were to return to school and were eager to start learning and having fun with their friends. 

This week the Seals got off to a good start with writing and illustrating booklets about themselves, doing place value number games, making a class rainbow and practising their speaking and listening skills.  They also wrote their own and evaluated the school’s Golden Rules.  

We are enjoying a class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, and in the next few weeks will be reading and writing stories about dilemmas in English. Other exciting topics are Sound for Science, learning about how music is made and how we hear, and Ancient Greece, learning about the art and architecture, people and how they lived.  And, of course, we are also finding out about seals and how they live in the harsh habitat of Antarctica. 

Although the world has changed since March, the children have taken this in their stride, due to the wonderful support of all their families at home.   The Seals have quickly and sensibly adapted to changes in the classroom, such as new seating, hand washing and sanitizing routines, and socially distanced seating in the dining hall. 

It’s been a busy and productive week settling in and we are all looking forward to the rest of term and all the fun learning we will have together. 


Thank you all, Seals and families!


Mrs Mellen