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Year 4 Seals

Seals Update

It's nearly Halloween and the Seals can't believe how fast the term has whizzed by.  In the last couple of weeks we have secured Place Value and moved onto Addition and Subtraction in Maths. The children love racing Mrs Mellen in column method calculations and are very good at it - so challenge them parents!


In English we have focused on an international heroine of courage - Harriet Tubman.  The Seals can tell you her inspiring story because they have written a biography and Harriet's own story.  Absolutely everyone in the class has made progress in writing and their work is very impressive. Seals are collecting new words, using the dictionary and ‘magpieing’ from their reading.  Handwriting has improved and the hands don't get tired so quickly!

We celebrated Black History Month by drawing portraits and making maquettes of Harriet Tubman, and British Values Day by looking at Individual Liberty.

As it has got a bit chillier, we still do PE outside but the hardy little Seals run around to keep warm and their coach has awarded certificates for  resilience (keeping going when it's tough) and great participation.  Please send jogging bottoms for PE and wear a vest on cold mornings.


Last week, we ran the Race for Life and had a lesson about what we were helping and positivity, writing some beautiful Happiness poems.  We have also learnt about how food affects mood and how to stop negative thoughts with positive ones.

Again lots of reading raffle tickets have been awarded and almost all Seals are continuing to impress us with homework, and some are doing extra projects like writing stories and creating artworks.


Finally, we have marked the new season with poems about Autumn and I'll just share one with you all –


A beautiful leaf

Under a tree

Trees filled with colour

Until winter comes

My spirit filled with joy

No one sad anymore!


Have a lovely Half term and don't eat too much pumpkin!

Mrs Mellen

Seal Update


Over the last two weeks, Seals have continued their brilliant learning with work on four digit numbers in Maths and counting up to 10,000!  In English, we completed a story about a dilemma set in a funfair, and made a display of our writing and colourful pictures.  We are also very good at using prepositions and time and place conjunctions (but need practice on a or an). 

 In Science, we have carried out investigations about how sound travels by making pan pipes and cup telephones.  We had an exciting lesson logging on to the new computers and found out about a website with free e-books to use at home, Oxford Owls. 

The children have also received laminated cards with their Mathletics and Reading Eggs logins and both websites offer challenges for achieving fun activities at home. Reading is still going well with over 40 tickets in the raffle and we have started our Times Table Challenge. 

Thank you all, parents, for continuing to support our super Seals with all their learning, we are so proud of our children and families.    

Mrs Mellen   

Seal Update


The Seals have been working really hard for the last two weeks as we all get to know each other and make friends again back at school.  It's been hard work but we've had fun - drawing round our bodies on the playground, trying out the new MUGA (multi use games area) and going for sound and nature walks.  We've discovered Henry Moore in art and have a few budding artists in the class. Everyone has been reading at home and ten people have already had reading raffle tickets! Parents and all your adults are proud of your progress, keep it up Seal cubs! 

Mrs Mellen 

smileysmileyOur two Stars of the Week were both for brilliant settling down, while our two PE stars were for great listening and following instructions, and this week, for enthusiasm. (11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back to your new year group

Year 4 Seals!

Mrs Couchman and I were both so excited to meet all the new Y4 Seals this week, and couldn’t believe how smart and grown up they looked in bright uniform and shiny shoes, beautiful plaits and haircuts.   The new Seals immediately showed us how ready they were to return to school and were eager to start learning and having fun with their friends. 

This week the Seals got off to a good start with writing and illustrating booklets about themselves, doing place value number games, making a class rainbow and practising their speaking and listening skills.  They also wrote their own and evaluated the school’s Golden Rules.  

We are enjoying a class novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, and in the next few weeks will be reading and writing stories about dilemmas in English. Other exciting topics are Sound for Science, learning about how music is made and how we hear, and Ancient Greece, learning about the art and architecture, people and how they lived.  And, of course, we are also finding out about seals and how they live in the harsh habitat of Antarctica. 

Although the world has changed since March, the children have taken this in their stride, due to the wonderful support of all their families at home.   The Seals have quickly and sensibly adapted to changes in the classroom, such as new seating, hand washing and sanitizing routines, and socially distanced seating in the dining hall. 

It’s been a busy and productive week settling in and we are all looking forward to the rest of term and all the fun learning we will have together. 


Thank you all, Seals and families!


Mrs Mellen