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Year 5 Stingrays

Stingrays Update


Hello Stingrays! What a busy few weeks we have had!  


In Maths, we have moved on from Place Value and are now looking at Addition and Subtraction! We our applying our skills in this area to problem solving and real-life contexts too!  We celebrated National Poetry Day by making a week of it! It was so lovely to share some of our favourite poems, listen to famous poets, learn some poetry by heart and write our own poems, which were all about ourselves.  

In Science, we have been investigating Space further and understanding how we get day and night and looking at the different phases of the moon. This was a particularly fun lesson as the children demonstrated their understanding of these phases through the use of Oreo biscuits!  The children have linked their planetary knowledge to Computing this week, by creating a database of information about the planets in our Solar System!  

We have also extended our History topic of the Mayas to Art and DT over the past few weeks. The children have researched and designed their own Maya masks and they have now started to recreate their design using various techniques, including Paper Mache. 

Miss Kilmister and Mrs McWilliams

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Last week’s Star of the Week went to a Stingray who is always trying her very best in all areas of the curriculum! She is an excellent role model to others in our class! Well done!  (15.10.2021) 

Star of the Week also went to a Stingray who has been working really hard towards his handwriting and presentation! He has made huge progress in this area and we are all really proud of him! (8.10.2021)  

This Stingray was awarded Star of the Week because he is always ready to learn, tries his very best at everything that he does and is a kind and considerate member of the class! Keep it up! (1.10.2021)  

Stingrays Update

Welcome back to Singlewell, Stingrays! I am very excited about our upcoming learning for this term, and hope you are too! Through History this term, we will be investigating and exploring the Ancient Maya civilization. During Science we will be exploring Earth and Space, looking closely at the planets, the moon and the Sun!  


For our class reader this term, we unanimously voted for Room 13, by Robert Swindells. We are all looking forward to seeing how this spooky thriller will unfold.

The children have absolutely loved using our new times tables programme of Times Tables Rock Stars! We have had daily practice in school, and the children have also had some time to use the online version too. It would be lovely to see daily practice taking place at home, as well as their reading, to increase our times tables knowledge and also gain top spot in the league. Come on Stingrays!  


We had a superb range of candidates running for School Council this term. They all produced enthusiastic and empowering manifestoes, and they should all be very proud of themselves. A huge well done to our two new School Council representatives from Stingrays!  

Looking forward to a fantastic term.


Miss Kilmister and Mrs McWilliams

smileysmileyStar of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our first Star of the Week for this year has made me very proud, as this Stingray is always doing the right thing and is always ready to learn. Well done!

A welcome message from your teacher in September...

Stingrays Update


This term we have seen some gorgeous - yet sweltering - weather! It didn’t stay for very long but we hope to see it again before the summer holidays.  


Since returning to school, we have had our final assessment week in Year 5. This time, we went through our answers to see what we knew and recapped the things we got incorrect. This really helped us understand certain concepts, such as long multiplication, converting measures and area.  


As well as assessment week, we have also had Science week! We wanted to find out the effects that exercise has on our brains. A lot of us predicted that we would be more alert and perform better in our work after exercise. We carried out one investigation over a few days to see if our hypotheses were correct.


Firstly, we had to rate our mood: how did we generally feel and how awake did we feel. Then, working in pairs, we carried out the Stroop test. This is an activity where you have to say the colour the words are written in rather than the word itself. We got the hang of it after a few attempts. We did this three times and then found an average time. After, we went outside a carried out our outdoor task. On day one, we had to be still, chatting to friends for 15 minutes. On day two, we had to move (run, jog or walk) at our own pace for 15 minutes and finally on day three we took part in the beep test.    


To mark the occasion of the long anticipated Euro 2020 tournament beginning, we each randomly chose a country. We have been keeping up to date with the score of every match because the team who eventually win the tournament will help a Stingray (or two) win a homework pass. No homework for a week? What a treat!  


Miss Jeebooah & Ms Chambers 

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Stingray who has begun working independently in Maths. He has made a real effort to manage his frustration when he hasn’t been able to work out an answer. Instead of giving up, he has used methods of adding, subtracting and converting fractions to work independently. 


Also this week, a Stingray was finally awarded Star Player in PE after weeks of working towards achieving the award. He showed determination and sportsmanship throughout the lesson. Keep it up Stingrays! smileysmiley

Stingrays Update


A whole term in school and it has gone so quickly! Here's what we've been up to in Stingrays...


After beginning fractions in March, we have finally come to the end of our unit in Maths and the children have done so well! Whilst learning the foundations (which would have taken place in Year 4), they have shown determination and perseverance. We are ending the term on angles and shape and will continue next term with decimals and percentages.


As writers, the children have worked hard to improve their diary entries. Providing on- to-one feedback has been so beneficial to them and the children have been able to improve their writing, and understand the changes. Our next piece of writing is a newspaper report - reporting the night of the sinking.


Our classroom is looking like a museum with all the Titanic models the children have made for their homework; some are still floating, some are sinking and some have split into two halves! We also had some children research about the ‘unsinkable’ vessel which is hanging in our homework gallery. The children are so engaged in this topic; it is so lovely to see!


Miss Jeebooah & Ms Chambers​

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Stingray who has begun working independently in Maths. She has used methods of adding, subtracting and converting fractions. The latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who this week wrote some very inquisitive questions she would like to ask the survivors of the Titanic. The questions were all open questions so she could get the most information possible. Well done! smileysmiley

Stingrays Update


Stingrays are full of enthusiasm this term as we have started learning about the most famous 'unsinkable' ship - The Titanic! So far, we have looked at different possibilities as to who is to blame for the tragic event. The majority thought it was Bruce Ismay’s fault for putting pressure on Captain Smith to reach their destination of New York a day early! We have also looked at the different classes of people who would have been on board the ship of dreams. 

We are looking forward to more children creating models of the Titanic, creating fact files about the disastrous night, designing posters advertising the Titanic before it set sail on its maiden voyage or writing a diary from the perspective of a passenger on board. Below are a few models we have received already. Check back for our next class message for even more pictures of these. 


Last week was assessment week and Stingrays carried out their tests with such determination and courage so well done to them!


Miss Jeebooah & Ms Chambers


smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Stingray who used a range of figurative language choices when describing the Wonder Ship, making his writing descriptive for his reader.

The latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who has made a conscious effort with her work when researching about the type of passengers who were lucky enough to experience the Titanic. smileysmiley




Stingrays Update


Super Stingrays!


We've seen some lovely weather this week and we hope it says for our Easter holidays. Stingrays have dived back into their learning and are really building up their stamina to concentrate, engage and work for longer periods of time. ​​


In PE, we have been using our innovative skills during warm up games to get our muscles ready for the lesson. Check out some of the creative letters we made using our bodies. 

In Science, we continued with our learning of Forces and tested three different materials to see which one would make the best parachute for a sky diving company. We wanted the parachute which had the most air resistance, therefore stayed up in the air the longest. We all had different results so we thought about and discussed the variables and conditions affected during the investigation. 


We ended the term with our reading celebration assembly, which was with Year 6 who are in our bubble. Book prizes and lucky dip prizes were won by our Stingrays. Make sure to continue reading daily at home and earn those raffle tickets to win prizes next term too. 

Keep up the good work Stingrays! 


Miss Jeebooah​

smileysmileyThree Star of the Weeks were awarded since our last class message. One Stingray for their humour, one for their organisation and one for their contributions to lessons.smileysmiley

Stingrays Update


On Monday, Ms Chambers and I were so pleased to welcome back to school the rest of our Stingrays! We are finally all back together after such a long time (some of us haven’t been in school since November!) We had a successful first day back, focusing on well-being, reflecting on lockdown’s triumphs and challenges and catching up with one another.

In Maths, we have begun to tackle fractions, using our times tables knowledge to help us work out equivalent fractions and simplify fractions.

As writers, we have looked at newspaper articles and found out which features make a good newspaper article with the intention of writing our own in a couple of weeks. We have focused on continuing to improve and practise our handwriting with the hope of earning our pen licences before the Easter holidays. The afternoons of our first week ba​ck have been filled with team games, meditation and catching up with one another.


This year, World Book Day took place at home and at school and the children looked amazing! The day was filled with lots of activities centred on reading and books. We did a quiz based on the well-known and well-loved author, Roald Dhal. The children are very familiar with his popular stories, such as The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Below are some pictures of the great effort Year 5 put into their World Book Day outfits.


Miss Jeebooah 

Stingray Update


Over the last two weeks, Stingrays have enjoyed the variety of weekly activities on our weekly Zooms. Mrs White even joined us for one and with her she brought some very challenging riddles which required the children to think very strategically. They were FANTASTIC! Their level of thinking amazed us! It is so nice to have that face-to-face contact on a regular basis giving the children the chance to see their teachers and friends.

Every day we are seeing more and more home learning being handed in. The effort and perseverance that has gone into some pieces of work is outstanding! Keep it up Stingrays.


We have looked at two artists this term; Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. The children produced their own art in the style of these artists. On Tuesday 9th February, it was Safer Internet Day and the children had a range of lessons linked to how to be kind online – something which is most important in the current circumstances.

In Science, the children wrote up an investigation on how to clone their own potato. Lots of children observed their potato over a couple of weeks and saw a new potato did in fact start to grow.


In English, we have been designing our own healthy snack and eventually wrote our own

advertisement using key features such as: puns, alliteration, rhyme, comparatives, superlatives, slogans, rhetorical questions and persuasive language/techniques. 


We always enjoy seeing the work the children do at home and look forward to receiving lots more wonderful work.


Stay safe, enjoy the snow and keep putting 100% effort into all that you do 😊


Miss Jeebooah and Ms Chambers

Stingray Update


Home Learning has gotten off to a great start with lots of children accessing Purple Mash and completing their tasks daily. Below are just some examples of the amazing work being handed in.


Children have got stuck into reading the story of ‘The Ambleford Marbles’ and have shown great understanding when answering the questions related to each chapter. English tasks have also been linked to this story, where the children wrote great restaurant reviews and pretended as though they had found their own secret underground area. This week we have moved onto a story called 'The Night the Diamond Fell'. We are looking forward to finding out what this one is about!


The children have had fun coding with fish, where they had to set controls so the fish would move when clicked. They also looked in more depth at the names of the controls. For Science, Stingrays researched and presented the life cycle of an animal/amphibian of their choice.


House points are being earned by all for their excellent efforts in their Home Learning. Our house point chart will be inundated with house points when we return to school. The monitors will definitely have their work cut out!


Due to our bubble being closed at the end of the first week and therefore the children in school having to isolate for ten days, we have not been able to award a Star of the Week. Hopefully we can very soon!


Miss Jeebooah and Ms Chambers

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

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Stingray Update


Stingrays weren’t long back in school since our last update when their Year 5/6 bubble was closed for the continued safety of our children.


Since being at home, we have received lots of great work being handed in on Purple Mash and I am sure lots of other children have been busy recording in the Home Learning books too! One activity set was to recognise and discuss positive emotions. In class, we have discussed recognising emotions and how to turn negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones. We have been very proud of how well you have all coped during this two-week closure.

Please continue to read at home and get an adult to sign your reading record as Ms Chambers will be counting up all your reads when we are back at school. Hopefully, we will be handing out LOTS of raffle tickets.


Lastly, have a relaxing weekend and I hope you are ready and excited for all the Christmas activities we have planned for your last four days at school in 2020! 


Miss Jeebooah and Ms Chambers

smileysmileyThe last Star of the Week went to a Stingray who has developed her reasoning skills in Maths. Not only is she proving her answers, but she is also explaining them, which makes a great Mathematician! (27.11.20)smileysmiley

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Stingray Update


Stingrays have been Scientists this term, investigating forces such as gravity and air resistance. We used newton meters to measure the force of gravity acting on an object, such as a coat. We learnt how to read the scale in newtons and calculate the missing increments on the scale - Science and Maths combined!  


Stingrays have continued to use the computing suite weekly, where we have been accessing cross-curricular learning on Purple Mash. More recently, we have begun to look at how to code an object to do what we want. This code, when put together, forms an algorithm. We first began with a game called ‘Bubbles’ where we had a number of challenges to complete, such as popping a certain coloured bubble.  We then moved onto a game called ‘Turtle’ which had the same sort of objectives. It was fun submitting our work and writing comments on how we found the ‘2Do’ activities set for our teacher to view.

After watching a short video on what we can do to build resilience, we produced some fantastic posters with different strategies. These were celebrated on our Homework Gallery. We also anonymously celebrated the positives that happened in our day!


The raffle ticket jar is slowly filling again for this term’s reads. We look forward to announcing winners at the end of the term so make sure to read so you can get as many raffle tickets as possible – you’ve got to be in it, to win it!


Miss Jeebooah and Ms Chambers​

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Stingray who is always participating in our lessons, whether it be something they are confident in or not. The latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who at the beginning of the year would always ask for help straight away, but has slowly become more independent in finding help from their partner, the board or books. (13.11.20 & 20.11.20) smileysmiley

Stingray Update


Stingrays got very artistic the week before half term and the week after half term when producing work for their class display based on the iconic artist: Frida Kahlo.


Through homework and our research lesson in Computing, we learnt about the struggles Frida faced throughout her life and this made her ideal to focus on as she showed a lot of courage, determination and perseverance. From her famous self-portraits to her last piece named ‘Viva La Vida’, we persevered and developed our sketches and learnt techniques such as how to draw the parts of the face in proportion and shading to bring the pictures to life.


Miss Chambers and I have been very impressed with the way the children have returned to school after half term and are ready and raring to go with their learning again!


Miss Jeebooah

smileysmileyTwo Star of the Weeks were awarded before half term. One went to a Stingray who regularly puts himself out of his ‘comfort zone’ and participates in class inputs even when unsure on the answers and the other went to a Stingray who tried really hard to manage his emotions during assessment week. (16.10.20 & 23.10.20)

 The latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who demonstrated great ambition and determination when learning and developing his timetables knowledge. (06.11.20)smileysmiley

Stingray Update


During the last two weeks, Stingrays have been very busy!


All children took part in our Race for Life fun run. We had a great day completing 10 laps of the field by either running, jogging or walking. Some children even went on to complete extra laps to collect House Points! Well done to all!


In English, we have been learning how to write instructions to make sherbet. We then followed our instructions and made the sherbet. It certainly got our taste buds tingling!


As Scientists, we prayed for sunny weather to carry out our shadow investigation. We went out in groups with Ms Chambers to measure the shadow at different times in the day. There was only one time we weren’t able to take a measurement as the sun was hiding behind the clouds! By the end of the investigation, we found the length of the shadow created did vary in length throughout the day.  


Miss Jeebooah

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Stingray who demonstrated a very mature attitude whilst dealing with a difficult situation and the latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who has shown a number of children in our class support and encouragement when they have been finding things tough. (02.10.20 & 09.10.20)smileysmiley

Stingray Update


Over the last two weeks, Year 5 Stingrays have held a debate to politely argue whether they thought Prometheus deserved his punishment from Zeus or not. Half the class took on the view point that the punishment was fair and the other half of the class took on the viewpoint that is was not fair. After a quiet start, we soon got into the action and began rebutting the opposition’s viewpoint. Both teams were very strong and it was a very close win but it was decided that the ‘For’ team were the winners. Well done to all!

smileysmileyThe second Star of the Week went to a Stingray who tried really hard with their reasoning in Maths to demonstrate their understanding and the skill of rounding.

The latest Star of the Week went to a Stingray who showed P.E. could be fun and challenging! She was able to remain focused and determined when things got a little tougher.

(18.09.20 & 25.09.20)smileysmiley

Stingray Update


As we continue to enjoy Term 1, Year 5 Stingrays have been participating in the daily mile and are trying to beat our personal best of how many laps of the playground we can do in an allotted time.

As well as reading for pleasure and earning raffle tickets, we received our first book review of ‘The Boy in the Dress’ which earnt one particular Stingray 4 raffle tickets! A few other Stingrays have chosen ‘wish list’ books this week so I look forward to reading the book reviews and I know Ms Chambers will look forward to handing out more raffle tickets! 

House points are being earned by all for their excellent effort in our Stingrays project for homework. We received many factual, well-presented posters and have displayed some in our Homework Gallery.

Miss Jeebooah

smileysmileyStar of the Week goes to a Stingray who has made a great start to year 5. He is focused during lessons, participates in lessons and even shares his own knowledge with the class! It has made me feel very proud to award him with our very first Star of the Week (11.09.20). smileysmiley

Welcome back Stingrays



I hope you have enjoyed being back at school and are ready and raring to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you over these last couple of days and cannot wait to start learning!

This autumn term, as Scientists we will be learning about 'Earth and Space' and 'Forces'. As Historians, we will be finding out all about 'The Mayan Civilisation'. 

You voted for 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' as our class text and we hope you're excited as we are to find out what plan the children have come up with for 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'.


Here's to what is going to be a great year!


Miss Jeebooah and Ms Chambers

Dear my Amazing Stingrays,


I hope that you have all been keeping safe, working hard and making lots of lovely memories. I would like to thank you all for being a very resilient, sensible and hard working class during such a challenging time. I am very grateful I was able to teach you in Year 4 and then continue to watch you grow and mature in the time we shared in Year 5. I am very proud to have been your teacher and you will definitely be a class to remember for the exciting learning, laughter and smiles we shared.


 I am already thinking back to our Horton Kirby trip and surprisingly how many of you didn’t want to get near the small creatures we discovered or even panicked about getting wet in the river but I am glad with a little bit of encouragement we all did it. I really enjoyed seeing your shocked faces when I explained a museum had asked us to dissect Mayan faeces (poo) to discover what their diet consisted of. I loved your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness as a class, especially when we studied the Titanic. I remember when I initially showed you around the ship, then getting a boarding pass each and having to stay in character for the whole day. The first class loved the ‘champagne and canapés’ compared to the third class sharing rooms with the rats. We have created lots of brilliant memories since the beginning of Year 4 and I am truly disappointed we couldn’t end Year 5 the way I had planned.


I have no doubt in knowing that you will be a thoughtful, enthusiastic and determined class of Sharks in Year 6. Just remember as long as you work hard and persevere you can do anything you put your mind to. 


Have an amazing summer and I look forward to seeing all your eager smiles when you return in Year 6.

Love Mrs Harvey x


Hi Stingrays.

I hope that you and all of those around you are keeping safe and well. I can see from all your photos on the website just how busy you have been during lockdown.

The topic on lava lamps was really interesting and it looks like you had a lot of fun with them. Did you know that nearly every home in the late 1960s and early 1970s had one? I can remember that I was desperate to have one but my mum and dad refused my request. I sulked for weeks after that! Maybe you could show me how to make one when we return in September?

I have seen some of you over the past few weeks but have missed not being with the whole class. I am really looking forward to seeing you all next term when you will have morphed into Sharks.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Love to you all.

Mrs White.

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!

At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!

Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Lava lamp experiments and other work!

Welcoming new siblings, more Viking work and hanging around in the garden!

Fantastic Viking Creations!

Baked bean inventions, planting and Viking work

Learning from home and Stingray key worker children...

More hard work from Stingrays...

Hello my Amazing Stingrays!


I hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe. I miss coming into school each day seeing all your lovely, beaming smiles, teaching such an enthusiastic class and answering all your inquisitive and unusual questions.

I’ve been enjoying my daily walks and making the most of the beautiful sunshine whilst gardening. I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and spending lots of family time making memories.

I have been delighted with receiving lots of emails and being able to see your fantastic work and proud photos of you completing different activities.

For Half Term, please have a well-earned rest from Home Learning and spend quality time with your family. You are learning valuable skills every day but may not even realise. There are some examples below, I wonder how many you will do over half term or have already done!

Have a great Half Term.

Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs Harvey


P.S Mrs White says hello and hopes you are all well.

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Hard work and VE day celebrations!

Brilliant story writing...

More excellent home learning, well done Stingrays!

Learning and being helpful at home!

More beautiful artwork..."She’s loving the work you’ve set and spent hours yesterday on 'The Sunrise' yesterday. She didn’t finish it until about 7pm!"

More busy Stingrays...

Wow! Mrs Harvey is very impressed with all your research, art and hard work...

Outdoor learning: planting, exploring and obstacle courses!

23rd April 2020

Hello my Amazing Stingrays!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I am missing our daily giggles, unusual conversations and your random dancing and singing each day. I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine and making lots of family memories.


I have been impressed with your hard work in earning lots of eggs and bronze trophies on Reading Eggspress and earning certificates on Mathletics. We have been putting up each week new home learning tasks on the class pages for you to try your best at. It has been lovely so far to see some of you have been engaging with the tasks and have sent photos. It would be great to see more photos of your wonderful creations and hard work, which can be emailed to me to go on our class page.

I know this is a very unusual and challenging time but I hope you have been able to brighten up your homes with beautiful rainbows and pictures to thank the wonderful people keeping us all going and clapping loudly each Thursday to show our appreciation and thanks.


Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs Harvey J




How exciting to see Stingrays investigating parts of a flower at home!

Year 5 Stingrays Programme of Study 2019-20