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Year 5 Stingrays

Dear my Amazing Stingrays,


I hope that you have all been keeping safe, working hard and making lots of lovely memories. I would like to thank you all for being a very resilient, sensible and hard working class during such a challenging time. I am very grateful I was able to teach you in Year 4 and then continue to watch you grow and mature in the time we shared in Year 5. I am very proud to have been your teacher and you will definitely be a class to remember for the exciting learning, laughter and smiles we shared.


 I am already thinking back to our Horton Kirby trip and surprisingly how many of you didn’t want to get near the small creatures we discovered or even panicked about getting wet in the river but I am glad with a little bit of encouragement we all did it. I really enjoyed seeing your shocked faces when I explained a museum had asked us to dissect Mayan faeces (poo) to discover what their diet consisted of. I loved your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness as a class, especially when we studied the Titanic. I remember when I initially showed you around the ship, then getting a boarding pass each and having to stay in character for the whole day. The first class loved the ‘champagne and canapés’ compared to the third class sharing rooms with the rats. We have created lots of brilliant memories since the beginning of Year 4 and I am truly disappointed we couldn’t end Year 5 the way I had planned.


I have no doubt in knowing that you will be a thoughtful, enthusiastic and determined class of Sharks in Year 6. Just remember as long as you work hard and persevere you can do anything you put your mind to. 


Have an amazing summer and I look forward to seeing all your eager smiles when you return in Year 6.

Love Mrs Harvey x


Hi Stingrays.

I hope that you and all of those around you are keeping safe and well. I can see from all your photos on the website just how busy you have been during lockdown.

The topic on lava lamps was really interesting and it looks like you had a lot of fun with them. Did you know that nearly every home in the late 1960s and early 1970s had one? I can remember that I was desperate to have one but my mum and dad refused my request. I sulked for weeks after that! Maybe you could show me how to make one when we return in September?

I have seen some of you over the past few weeks but have missed not being with the whole class. I am really looking forward to seeing you all next term when you will have morphed into Sharks.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Love to you all.

Mrs White.

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!

At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!

Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Lava lamp experiments and other work!

Welcoming new siblings, more Viking work and hanging around in the garden!

Fantastic Viking Creations!

Baked bean inventions, planting and Viking work

Learning from home and Stingray key worker children...

More hard work from Stingrays...

Hello my Amazing Stingrays!


I hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe. I miss coming into school each day seeing all your lovely, beaming smiles, teaching such an enthusiastic class and answering all your inquisitive and unusual questions.

I’ve been enjoying my daily walks and making the most of the beautiful sunshine whilst gardening. I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and spending lots of family time making memories.

I have been delighted with receiving lots of emails and being able to see your fantastic work and proud photos of you completing different activities.

For Half Term, please have a well-earned rest from Home Learning and spend quality time with your family. You are learning valuable skills every day but may not even realise. There are some examples below, I wonder how many you will do over half term or have already done!

Have a great Half Term.

Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs Harvey


P.S Mrs White says hello and hopes you are all well.

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Hard work and VE day celebrations!

Brilliant story writing...

More excellent home learning, well done Stingrays!

Learning and being helpful at home!

More beautiful artwork..."She’s loving the work you’ve set and spent hours yesterday on 'The Sunrise' yesterday. She didn’t finish it until about 7pm!"

More busy Stingrays...

Wow! Mrs Harvey is very impressed with all your research, art and hard work...

Outdoor learning: planting, exploring and obstacle courses!

23rd April 2020

Hello my Amazing Stingrays!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I am missing our daily giggles, unusual conversations and your random dancing and singing each day. I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine and making lots of family memories.


I have been impressed with your hard work in earning lots of eggs and bronze trophies on Reading Eggspress and earning certificates on Mathletics. We have been putting up each week new home learning tasks on the class pages for you to try your best at. It has been lovely so far to see some of you have been engaging with the tasks and have sent photos. It would be great to see more photos of your wonderful creations and hard work, which can be emailed to me to go on our class page.

I know this is a very unusual and challenging time but I hope you have been able to brighten up your homes with beautiful rainbows and pictures to thank the wonderful people keeping us all going and clapping loudly each Thursday to show our appreciation and thanks.


Take Care and Keep Safe

Mrs Harvey J




How exciting to see Stingrays investigating parts of a flower at home!

Year 5 Stingrays Programme of Study 2019-20