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Year 5 Swordfish

Swordfish Update


Welcome back Swordfish Class,


It has been so lovely to finally have us all back together and coming back with great enthusiasm and determination for this term. This term, we have started studying in English and History the Titanic. So far, we have all been so inquisitive and excited to learn about when the Titanic set sail, what the outside and inside looked like and understanding about the different classes onboard the ship. We have loved been able to imagine ourselves on the Titanic by receiving a boarding ticket and becoming a real passenger. Lots of children enjoyed a glass of 'champagne' and a delicious canape when they arrived. We shall be looking closely at the iceberg collision next and who was to blame. 


I hope you have all started your Homework project this term, as I can't wait to see your creative minds at work!

In Science, we have continued our topic on Forces. We have eagerly created boats and challenged ourselves to balance forces to allow our boat to float and carry passengers. Look at our pictures to see if we were successful.


We all need to make sure we are reading more regularly to help inspire and develop imagination.  Please encourage your child to read more often and write in their Reading record book.


Mrs Harvey

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


This term, our first Star of the Week was given to a very enthusiastic Mathematician. (07.01.22)


Our second Star of the Week went to a Swordfish, who has been working very hard on her overall confidence and being brave to read aloud. (14.01.22)


This week's Star of the Week is awarded to a girl, who has shown great enthusiasm towards our Titanic topic. (21.01.22)

Swordfish Update

Term 2 has quickly come to an end and I can't believe Swordfishes fantastic attitude towards their learning and how hard they have been working.


In English, we have been studying a modern day myth called Bling! based on The King Midas myth. The children have really enjoyed making the final decision for Billy Midas and creating their own Midas Touch dilemma. We had the magical touch of chocolate, skittles, dogs, super powers and many more. 


In Science, we have started exploring a new topic, Forces. So far, we have investigated the force Gravity and Air Resistance. We made our own parachutes and tested how effective they were when carrying a small passenger. Check out our parachutes in action!


In DT, we have been very creative and designed our own Gingerbread Man tree decoration. We have all worked extremely hard on our sewing skills and perseverance.  I am very impressed with the class's creations and I hope they take pride of place on your Christmas tree at home.

Thank you very much for your kind plant donations to help us look after our environment and to provide us with cleaner air.

​We hope you enjoy a very well-deserved break and have a fantastic Christmas!


Mrs Harvey, Mrs Mellen and Miss Weatherley

Special Announcement


A huge well done to everybody that took part in our National Poetry Day competition with Young Writers. All of your poems were fantastic, it was clear to see how hard you all worked and it was extremely difficult choosing the winners and runners up. 


We are pleased to announce that several of our children were selected to be published alongside other National winners. Our runners up now have their beautiful poetry pieces displayed in our new and improved library for the whole school to see. It has been wonderful to see the whole school embrace National Poetry Day and we look forward to doing more in the future. 


Mrs Burton

Swordfish Update


Welcome back Swordfish class,


We have had a very busy last three weeks since our last message.  We have worked extremely hard to bring our Maya masks to life. We really enjoyed painting and decorating our mask. We hope you enjoyed seeing them at our Book Afternoon.

This term, we will be continuing with our History topic of the Maya Civilisation and looking more closely into their daily life. We have been fantastic detectives so far and dissected organic remains to discover what the Mayas ate.  We found this very interesting, disgusting and fun at the same time!

In Science, we are starting our new topic of Forces. We will be investigating gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance through a variety of different experiments. In Computing this term, we have started to understand and use databases and will soon be creating our own avatars for our class database. 


I look forward to you all earning lots more House Points, Reading ticks, Raffle tickets and TTRS coins this term. Keep up the amazing attitudes and hard work!


Mrs Harvey, Mrs Mellen and Miss Weatherley.

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley
This week, Star of the week was awarded to 2 Amazing Swordfishes! One for their inquisitive questions and the other for their improvement in pace and detail in English. (5.11.21)
Before Half Term, our Star of the Week went to a girl, who had been working hard on improving their behaviour. (15.10.21)

Swordfish Update

Super Swordfish, we have had a very busy and exciting term! I am very pleased at how well we have started to settle into Year 5 and closely following our Class Golden Rules, earning lots of House Points along the way. 


The children have been enjoying rocking out on Times Tables Rockstars every day in Maths and online once a week. We already have a variety of Rock Statuses from a Garage Rocker all the way to a Rock Legend! Keep up the amazing work!

We have enjoyed celebrating National Poetry Day, where we worked hard to learn a poem off by, listened t famous poets and even wrote our own Kennings all about ourselves.

In Science, we have continued to explore our Space topic and have enjoyed practically learning about the different phases of the moon, using Oreo biscuits.

Over the past few weeks, we have been extending our History topic of the Mayas to our Art and DT lessons. We have started this week to bring our Maya mask designs to life and are looking to adding our finishing touches next week. 

Thank you to you Swordfish class for working extremely hard in all areas of your learning and settling into Year 5.


Mrs Harvey, Mrs Mellen and Miss Weatherley

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley


Our Star of the Week goes to a girl for her excellent manners and listening skills. (01.10.21)

Our second Star of the Week goes to a girl who has exceptional manners and shows great kindness to her peers. Well Done! (08.10.21)

Our final Star of the Week goes to another girl who has worked extremely hard on listening to advice and thinking carefully about her attitude to her learning. Keep up the hard work! (15.10.21)

Swordfish Update


Welcome back to school Swordfish Class! 


I am so impressed at how we have all returned to school with fantastic enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards our learning. We have all been working extremely hard to follow the Golden Rules and earn lots of House Points already. I am proud to announce that we have chosen two hardworking and sensible Swordfishes to represent our class as School Council members.

In English, we have been learning about Prometheus and Pandora. We have quickly discovered you should not disobey or irritate the King of the Gods, Zeus, unless you want to be gruesomely punished over and over again. We tried very hard to imagine we were the first human to be made out of clay by Prometheus.  Our first Golden Frame was awarded for an amazing piece of descriptive writing as a human.

In Science, we have started to explore our amazing Solar System and learn the planets off by heart. Hopefully, your Swordfish can remember their mnemonic to tell you the planets in the correct order from the Sun – challenge time! 

We are looking forward to learning more about the Maya Civilisation and showing our creative side in making our own Maya mask. Look out for our creations in our next update. Keep up the amazing work! You should all be very proud of your start to Year 5. 


Mrs Harvey and Mrs Mellen 


smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our first Star of the Week goes to a girl, who has worked extremely hard on her detailed writing and neat handwriting. (17.09.21) Our second Star of the Week goes to a boy for their amazing drama skills. An actor in the making! (24.09.21)