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Year 6 Sharks

Sharks Update

Term one is quickly coming to an end and Year 6 have dived headfirst into their learning. From mould investigations in Science to blocking printing in Art… we have certainly been busy!

We have been using our brand-new library on Mondays to have some ‘chill time’ to read. In class, we have been enjoying the text ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and wrote a letter in the role of Stanley Yelnat to his mum.

Our ‘Homework Gallery’ is beaming with Tudor project work. Year 6 have enjoyed learning about Henry VIII and his wives as well as the differences between the rich and the poor.

In Computing, we have discussed our ‘digital footprints’ and are more aware of the things we should/shouldn’t be putting online when the time comes for us to be able to have social media accounts.


Lastly, thank you for all your kind donations for our Harvest Festival.

Miss Jeebooah

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Star of the Week (24.9.21) went to a Shark who created a fantastic Tudor project by conducting online research.

The next Star of the Week (1.10.21) was awarded to a Shark who has made a special effort to organise her own learning time at home. 

Finally, the last Star of the Week (8.10.21) was awarded to a Shark who independently wrote a brilliant poem for National poetry day using lots of great language!   

Sharks Update


Sharks, welcome back for your final year at Singlewell Primary School! 


Well haven’t we been busy? The first few days and first full week saw the children knuckling down, ready to work. They have had such a positive start back. House captains and deputies were elected and they have already carried out their important duties in counting and inputting our weekly, well-deserved House Points across the school. 

Our Shark Mathematicians have been reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10 million. One of our lessons sparked a debate to answer the question: Is zero negative or positive? See the pictures for some of the children’s well thought-out responses. As writers, we have enjoyed using drama to create a parody adapting the text, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow.

Raffle tickets have also been handed out already for those that are reading regularly and showing progress in their efforts with reading. We hope to have many more before our draw at the end of term. We are looking forward to the homework coming in on our History topic ‘The Tudors’ but attached is a sneak peak of a phenomenal drawing by one Shark showing the 14 seat toilet that Henry VIII had built for his servants. 


Miss Jeebooah 

smileysmileyStars of the Weeksmileysmiley

Our first Star of the Week this year went to a Shark who has shown speed, determination and effort whilst problem solving in Maths. His growth-minded attitude towards his learning is enabling him to tackle problems he faces.  (10.9.21) The second Star of the Week was awarded by Mrs White to a Shark who shared thoughtful ideas during an R.E. lesson. We hope all of the Sharks follow in these excellent examples! (17.9.21)

Sharks Update


Our Shark scientists started their last term off with a fantastic workshop on evolution hosted by the Natural History museum virtually. They learnt further about how living things have changed and evolved gradually over time. There were 3 mission questions to complete:


  1. What is evolution?
  2. Why does evolution happen?
  3. How does evolution happen?


Sharks also studied images of bones and had to identify whether they were from up to 30 million years ago!


Still image for this video

Shark scientists also had a fun week celebrating Science Week. Their investigation question was: "How does exercise affect the brain?"

They had to do mood tests, and Stroop tests (which are when you read the colour of the words listed, not the word) before and after exercises.  The exercises they did were the pace test, control test and the beep test. Sharks concluded that exercise does in fact help our focus for the better!

Sharks have been working very hard on their end of year production: The Pirates of the Curry Bean. They have had Georgie, our dance teacher, help choreograph a few of the dances. In Computing, Sharks designed and created their own tickets for the production; these will be printed soon! Sharks look forward in sharing their production with their grown ups on Tuesday 20th July.



We are all so proud of how hard Sharks are continuing to work in their last term here at Singlewell. They have shown values of effort, positivity and resilience throughout their learning and are looking forward to the next few weeks of their journey. 


Well done Sharks - keep it up! 


Miss Rob and Mrs Williams

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Shark for their excellent enthusiasm in role of their character for our production. She has even helped choregraph some dances!

Our latest Star of the Week went to a Shark for his fantastic efforts in Maths. He is continuously working independently in all tasks set. Well done Stars!smileysmiley

Sharks Update


Year 6 have worked hard this summer term and continued to show values of positivity, determination and resilience – just as expected from our Year 6 role-models.


Sharks have continued with rehearsals for their production; they have confidently learnt the lyrics to their many songs. Our Sharks are all very excited to perform their production at the end of the academic year. (We hope to update you on how we will do this closer to the time).


As Historians, we have continued to explore our WW2 topic through our English learning. We studied a variety of propaganda posters and the messages these are spreading and why. We then designed our own propaganda posters, which we later published on the computers. Have a look at some of our posters – some hand drawn and some published examples. Can you identify the messages we are trying to spread with our posters?

As Scientists, we have enjoyed our unit of 'Animal Including Humans.' We have identified parts of the heart and further explained the important, and very vital, role of our circulatory system. We look forward to continuing this unit next term.

As mathematicians, we have completed our unit of decimals and percentages. We had to make sure we referred back to prior learning of fractions too. As continuous learners, we know how important it is to make links from previous lessons and this has truly helped us be successful throughout this unit.


Sharks enjoyed taking part in Number Day this year, which is held to raise awareness of the NSPCC. A day of investigations, puzzles, problem solving and games were thoroughly enjoyed throughout the day. Sharks particularly enjoyed ‘How to be a Mathionnaire,’ where they were able to convert money earned into house points. The effort in dressing for digits were fantastic. Sharks enjoyed doing a socially-distanced costume parade with other KS2 classes on the playground too!

I hope Year 6 Sharks have an enjoyable and well-deserved half term break. I cannot wait to spend your final term here with you at Singlewell next term.  You have all have embraced the many challenges to date and I am confident you will continue to do so in your final term. 


Well done Sharks!

Miss Rob

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Shark who has improved and made progress in her spelling. The next Star of the Week went to a Shark who has continuously shown a positive attitude towards his learning. The latest Star of the Week went to a Shark who has settled in fantastically this term. Keep it up Sharks! smileysmiley

Sharks update


Sharks have returned to school after a well-deserved, restful Easter break and they are eager to learn even more this term!


As they entered term 5, Sharks immersed themselves into their new topic of World War II. They have already created a timeline of important events, found out about rationing and explored propaganda posters. For homework, Sharks created some very interesting - and some humorous - Morse codes for Miss Rob to solve.  Some Sharks chose to do a propaganda poster, while others wrote a diary in the perspective of an evacuee. 

In English, Sharks have used Film Literacy to inform their learning and enjoyed using 'The Piano' clip, which tied in fantastically with their WWII topic. At first, Sharks closed their eyes and just listened to the music playing and wrote down their initial thoughts.  Afterwards, Sharks watched The Piano clip and identified the rollercoaster of a life a former soldier had experienced. They used expanded noun phrases to describe the feelings associated with each scene. Sharks have produced some fantastic work linked to this clip, such as figurative language, relative clauses and emotive vocabulary, which were tied together excellently in their narrative recounts. Sharks learned that music can generate a plethora of emotion and tell a powerful story. In this instance, a story of sorrow and tragedy but with the finale of hope, courage and determination. 

As Scientists, Sharks have started their topic on 'Animals Including Humans' and have already started finding out about the key role of the heart, blood vessels and blood in our circulatory system. 


As Mathematicians, Sharks have focused on decimals. We have multiplied and divided decimals, and made sure to remember that all important decimal point and place value! 


Sharks have started preparing for their end of year production. You may hear them singing at home and practising their lines - but it's all top secret till the big day so they won't be giving too much away!


Miss Rob



smileysmileyStars of the Week went to a performer in Sharks, who is always confident when singing or dancing. He makes it difficult for both children and adults not to join in with him! Another Star of the Week went to a persevering mathematician, who has worked hard on her independence. Well done Sharks! smileysmiley

Sharks Update


Sharks should be extremely proud of how hard they have worked this term. They truly have put in effort, resilience and positivity towards all their learning - just as they should be as Year 6 responsible role-models. 


As writers, Sharks wrote news reports using the lighthouse clip. They made sure to include the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why). Sharks edited and improved their reports to ensure they have written the best they possibly can, taking action from the feedback given from peer-assessment and Miss Rob.

In the Autumn term, some Year 6 writers entered the 'Peculiar Pets' competition. This term the winners were announced and two of our very talented Sharks won! They received certificates, bookmarks and the opportunity to have their Peculiar Pets writing piece published in a book, amongst others.  Well done Shark authors!

As Scientists, Sharks carried out an investigation to test the best thermal insulator for a lunchbox. They had to record and measure an ice cube in intervals of 5 minutes till they reached 20 minutes to see which material the ice cube melted the slowest. Which material do you predict is the best insulator to keep lunches cooler for longer? 

To help those in need, Sharks took part in Red Nose Day, where they did some fun activities. These included:

  • word searches
  • code breakers
  • word unscramble 
  • riddles 
  • words within words game

To end the term, Year 6 have been doing some Easter activities, which included making 3D chicks, bunny models and Easter cards. Sharks also joined their bubble class Stingrays for their reading celebration assembly out on the playground. Raffle tickets were drawn, book prizes and lucky dip prizes were won. Make sure to read at least half an hour a day and earn even more raffle tickets in the Summer term. 




Sharks have been fantastic this term with all their achievements. We can't wait to see how much more Sharks can impress us when we return in the Summer term! Have a lovely Easter break with your loved ones and stay safe.


Miss Rob & Mrs Williams 

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Shark who impressed me with their inspirational work on Rosa Parks for International Women's day. The most recent Sharks received Star of the Week for their growing confidence and independence during their Maths learning on fractions.

Well done and keep it up! smileysmiley

Sharks Update


Welcome back Year 6 Sharks! It has been wonderful seeing a sea of Sharks at their desks, ready to learn in school with their peers and teachers. Sharks have been pleased to be reunited with their friends and had some much needed catch-up time on Monday. 


This term, as writers, Shark home and school learners continued using their guided reading story for their English learning. Sharks wrote:

  • poems about a parachute jump
  • character mind-maps 
  • the next part of the story
  • a leaflet to advertise an activity weekend for teenagers 


World Book Day was celebrated slightly different this year - via Zoom! The effort with the outfits were fantastic. Our Shark writers also entered the Book of Hope competition, which was a chance for them to write about what hope means to them in 221 words or less. 


Have a look at our efforts during World Book Day and entries for the Book of Hope competition. 

As mathematicians, Sharks have been working super hard on their unit of fractions. They have found equivalent fractions, simplified fractions, converted between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and also compared and ordered fractions.  
 As athletes, Sharks took part in virtual sports week, where they had to do a different exercise for 60 seconds each day! Some Sharks even motivated their siblings to persevere - exactly what we expect from our Year 6 role-models. 

The shoulder taps challenge in 60 seconds!.MOV

Still image for this video

Sharks are very excited to continue learning in school with their friends and teachers. We have settled in extremely well and look forward to sharing more of our learning soon.


Miss Rob 

Sharks Update


Sharks have continued to work super hard both in school and at home. They have produced work to be incredibly proud of. The effort, dedication and hard work has been outstanding. Well done Sharks! You should all be very proud of yourselves. 


In English, Sharks have written for different purposes, these include writing:

  • assembly reviews
  • book reviews
  • how we can use our talents
  • an advert for a healthy snack
  • a recount of a special day 
  • a letter to someone who can help for a good cause 
  • a reflection on how a Holocaust survivor lost their freedom


As it was Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February, Sharks have incorporated online safety through their English learning, where they have been able to identify and understand the dangers of being online and how they can use platforms online sensibly and safely. 


In Maths, Sharks have been revising their knowledge on time. This involved Sharks reading and ordering time - both 12 and 24 hour time. They also had to apply their knowledge of time to problem solve, using real life contexts. Recently, Sharks have been working on their unit of Geometry, specifically focusing on position and direction. They have read and plotted co-ordinates on four quadrant grids, and translated and reflected shapes. 

In Science, Sharks have looked at the life cycles of animals, explored why chickens lay eggs and had a go at labelling the diagram of a chicken egg. Our Shark scientists have also drawn bar graphs comparing the gestation periods between different species of mammals. Sharks also investigated how to clone a potato. Do you think they were able to...?

As artists, Sharks have created pop art in the style of Andy Warhol and also had a go at recreating the works of Keith Haring. Have a look at their fantastic efforts: 

Miss Rob has been extremely proud of her Sharks and is looking forward to seeing more of the work Sharks have to offer. I hope you all have a well-deserved half term break and get ready to continue all the fantastic school and home learning next term. 


Keep safe, take care and enjoy the long awaited snow!

Miss Rob



Sharks Update


Year 6 Sharks have been super busy with producing excellent work at home and in School. Miss Rob has been so proud of the effort Sharks have put into their Home Learning, despite this not being their usual learning environment. As expected, Year 6 have continued to be fantastic role-models throughout their Home and School learning. 


In English, children have been focusing on fictional suspense and action stories. These required follow-up tasks, such as writing the next chapter, creating their own live radio broadcast transcripts, blogging about 'Earthlings', writing restaurant reviews and four alternative story endings. A writing activity Miss Rob particularly enjoyed reading was when Sharks had to list annoying habits of a selected person - it definitely made Miss Rob chuckle at the honesty of the Year 6 Sharks!



In Maths, Sharks engaged in revising their knowledge on written methods for addition and subtraction and applying these through problem solving. They have also enjoyed learning about factors, multiples, prime numbers, square and cube numbers. 

Miss Rob looks forward in receiving more wonderful work from her hardworking, resilient Sharks via Purple Mash. There are some more examples of their great Home Learning below. 


Sharks have persevered and embraced every challenge they have had thrown their way. Zoom calls with the class have been wonderful, as we were all able to see our peers and teachers. We look forward in participating in more Zooms with the class and seeing those gleaming smiles!

Stay safe Sharks and continue to put in 100% effort in all your incredible learning. 

Miss Rob and Mrs Williams 

Home Learning

Please login to your Purple Mash account each day to find your Home Learning tasks from now on. Each day there will be new activities for you to complete and hand in. Contact your Class Teacher if you need help with any logins for Purple Mash, Mathletics or Reading Eggs.

Mrs Cole's Christmas Message

Still image for this video

Sharks Update


It has been a bit different the last 2 weeks without hardworking Sharks at their desks, ready to learn and fill those brains with knowledge! Nonetheless, Sharks have been keeping super busy with their home learning and engaging in all their activities with an incredibly positive attitude. As expected, they are continuing to be Year 6 role-models even whilst they are at home. Well done Sharks!


Sharks have sent in videos and pictures of their work linked to various learning. For Science, they have managed to use the drawing tools on Purple Mash to draw offspring of parents, and write their inherited characteristics. Sharks also published a newspaper article about the discovery of some dinosaur bones. Some great Maths learning has taken place too, where children are using the methods learnt at school to support them at home. Sharks have even watched and taken part in PE fitness videos coached by our very own Mrs Burton.


As it is the festive month of Christmas, Sharks have engaged in activities through their Purple Mash portal. These include:

  • writing ‘Santa Tweets’
  • creating a winter poem
  • designing their own baubles
  • creating an information text about the North Pole
  • decorating and writing about Christmas trees

It has been a delight to mark the fantastic home learning completed by Sharks and respond to their comments on Purple Mash. A great way to communicate despite being unable to see each other in order to keep ourselves safe. Keep it up Sharks!


Miss Rob

smileysmileyBefore our bubble closure, the Star of the Week went to a Shark who showed independence towards their Maths learning. She showed lots of effort and determination to help her complete set tasks (27.11.20).


Due to their resilience, positive attitude and effort, the Star of the Week goes to all my fabulous Sharks.

They have truly shown high levels of independence and maturity whilst doing their home learning.

I am super proud of them all!smileysmiley

Some very exciting news...


We are delighted to welcome the newest addition to our Singlewell Family. Mrs Harvey has now had her baby, a beautiful little boy called Noah Jack. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Harvey from all of us! Mrs Harvey has kindly shared some beautiful pictures of baby Noah Jack. 

Links to support PE during Home Learning

Admission to Secondary school in Kent 2021

Sharks Update


As we are half way through Term 2, Year 6 Sharks have continued to work hard across their learning. In English, we continued to explore poetry and research a sea creature of our own choice. Then, we wrote a free verse poem, which included key features of personification, metaphor, repetition and simile. Once we had published our poems, we had fun creating backdrops on our writing linked to our sea creature.

As mathematicians, we have used our multiplication knowledge for our learning on factors, multiples, prime numbers, prime factors, square and cube numbers.  We referred back to our prior learning to support us with this. We also identified that faster recollection of our times tables will further support us in our Maths learning.


During their Science learning, Sharks have engaged with their topic of Evolution and Inheritance. This involved us identifying characteristics offspring inherit from their parents. In another lesson from this topic, Sharks looked at various fossils. We recognised that fossils provide information about living things from millions of years ago. Afterwards, we studied fossilised tracks and used our inference skills to infer what we thought had happened. Then we created our own fossilisation image mystery.

In Geography, Sharks have used atlases to locate mountains. We first looked at mountains within Europe. Then we had to find the height of other mountains across different continents. Sharks look forward to finding out even more about mountains in the upcoming weeks.


Miss Rob

smileysmiley Star of the Week went to a Shark who has shown maturity and effort towards their learning - as expected from all of Year 6. The latest Star of the Week went to a Shark who has shown a more positive attitude towards their learning and become more independent.

Keep it up Sharks! (13.11.20 & 20.11.20) smileysmiley


Shark Update

At the end of Term 1, Year 6 Sharks had a reading celebration assembly within their Year 5 and 6 bubble. Raffle tickets were drawn and prizes were won! Sharks have worked super hard in reading every day and earning those points to gain raffle tickets and points.


As Scientists, Sharks enjoyed carrying out their bread investigation over 2 weeks, where the results showed a variety of mould in different shapes, sizes and colour (see pictures!). We investigated the rapid growth of mould in different environments, which included the cupboard, the windowsill, drawers and the fridge. Can you guess which environment mould grew and spread the fastest?

As writers, we wrote a diary entry in the perspective of Stanley from Holes, recounting his experience with the Warden. We included key features, such as writing key events in chronological order. Shark poets created poetry about the jungle using our artist focus, Henri Rousseau, as inspiration.


As artists, Sharks studied the vibrant, exotic works of Henri Rousseau. We studied the foreground, middle ground and background effect Rousseau used through his art, which we tried to reconstruct through our work. Also, we enjoyed recreating the animals and depicting the jungle scenes that were popular in his artwork through sketches, water colours, paints and oil pastels. We have proudly displayed our work in the Sports Hall.


In DT, we created Tudor houses using a material called Modroc. First, we planned our houses and drew a design of what we wanted to use to make our houses look authentic. Then, we used Modroc to create the foundation of our Tudor houses, before adding detail using lolly sticks and card.  ​

Sharks have continued to use the computing suite, where we began using Purple Mash. This is a new creative online space that has an exciting mash-up of curriculum focused activities, creative tools, programs and games to support and inspire creative learning (from poems to newspapers, masks and 3D models, animations and textured paintings).

We all have our individual logins so we are able to save and retrieve our work. Sharks used Purple Mash to create Remembrance Day posters and also poppy patterns using the art tools. It was fun submitting our work and writing comments on how we found the ‘2Do’ activities set for our teacher to view.


Miss Rob

smileysmileyStar of the Week went to a Shark who has been an excellent role-model and demonstrated hard work, determination and a positive attitude towards their learning (16.10.20). Our next Star of the Week went to a Shark who showed a keen interest and great enthusiasm during our Science mould investigation (23.10.20). The latest Star of the Week went to a Shark who showed particular care and attention whilst sketching and painting on a canvas during our Henri Rousseau learning (06.11.20).smileysmiley ​

Shark Update


Sharks have been very busy in the last 2 weeks.

All the children were in great spirits and took part in our Race for Life fun run. We joined up with Year 5, who are in our bubble. Sharks were able to challenge themselves to complete at least 10 laps or more. We made a 10 squared grid with motivational comments to help us keep track and keep going. We all were exceeding this amount and putting in determination and resilience throughout – how fantastic! There was also great effort in our rainbow themed sportswear too!

As writers, Sharks wrote letters in the perspective of Stanley using our core text, Holes. Children had to write the opposite of Stanley’s experience at Camp Green Lake. The letters were very persuading indeed; Sharks made Camp Green Lake seem like the best place to be in!

As Mathematicians, we have been using written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. We had to make sure we used the inverse to check the accuracy of our answers.


Sharks have enjoyed using our brand new computing suite. We used the computers to publish our magazine articles we wrote about Robin Hood. It has been fantastic refreshing our memories on using the different symbols on the keyboards, changing fonts and inserting pictures.


As Scientists, Sharks have been finding out about harmful and helpful micro-organisms. This has lead us to investigate the growth of mould, which we are all very excited to see develop in our bread investigation! As we continue to find out about the Tudors, we explored the intensity of punishments during the Tudor period. It was shocking to find out how severe and unfair the punishments were. Shark Historians had to explain their reasoning on which punishments were the harshest and why. As a class, we all confidently expressed that we are glad these Tudor punishments do not exist today…

Miss Rob

smileysmileyOur next Star of the Week certificate went to a Shark who wrote a fantastic letter in the perspective of Stanley, showing many key features. The next Star of the Week went to a Shark who is consistently showing kindness and good manners towards his peers. These 2 Sharks have been consistent role models to all around them, just as expected from our Year 6 Sharks!(02.10.20 & 09.10.20)smileysmiley

Shark Update

We are over half way through Term 1 already and Year 6 authors and Mathematicians have continued to work hard. Our Shark authors have written in the perspective of Gisborne using our core text, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. We made sure to include key features, such as expanded noun phrases and dialogue. We also continued to read our class book - Holes - and wrote a letter in the role of Stanley to his mum.


In Maths we rounded numbers within 10 million. We also investigated negative numbers in real life contexts, where we looked at “Bill’s bank balance” which seemed to have gone into overdraft a few times! We helped Bill balance his bank account by adding and subtracting Bill’s money for the week and making sure his bank account was not going in to deficit (negative balance).


Year 6 Sharks have been finding out more about their topic this term - the Tudors! They have produced some excellent homework to support this, which have made it onto our homework wall of fame.


Our Tudor topic continued in Art, where portraits of Henry VIII and his wives were explored.  We have some natural artists in Sharks, who have worked extremely hard in creating portraits of important figures during the Tudor period. Have a look at some masterpieces that were created. Can you guess which people they used for their portraits?


Miss Rob


smileysmileyOur 2nd Star of the Week went to a Shark who has shown determination whilst rounding numbers in her Maths learning, whilst explaining her reasoning.

 Our 3rd Star of the Week went to a Shark who wrote a fantastic version of Robin Hood in the perspective of Sir Guy of Gisborne.

These two Sharks should be incredibly proud of their efforts in their Maths and English learning!

(18.09.20 & 25.09.20)smileysmiley




Shark Update


As we continue to enjoy Term 1, Y6 Sharks have had 5 responsible House Captions electedThey have already carried out their important duties in counting and announcing our weekly, well-deserved House Points across the school.
Our Shark Mathematicians have been reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10 million. As writers, we have enjoyed using drama to create a parody adapting the text, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. Raffle tickets have also been handed out already for those that are reading regularly and showing progress in their efforts with reading
.             House points have been earned by Sharks that have worked hard in researching their selected sharks (Basking, Hammerhead, Great White and Tiger Sharks). Some have made it to our homework wall of fame!

Miss Rob

smileysmileyOur first Star of the Week this year went to a Shark who has shown a positive and growth-minded attitude towards her learning. Her ' I can do it' attitude is really supporting her to face challenges with enthusiasm. We hope all our Sharks will follow this excellent example! (11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back, our next bunch of eager Sharks!


We have an exciting year of learning together and I look forward in guiding you all in your last year of primary education. This autumn term, as Historians you will be engaging in fun History topics, such as ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Crime & Punishment.’ As Scientists, you will be learning about ‘All Living Things’ and ‘Evolution.’ Our class text this term is ‘Holes,’ written by the excellent author, Louis Sachar. I am certain you will all produce fantastic writing using this story.


Mrs Williams can’t wait to work with you all this year too. We have both had great fun getting Year 6 ready for you all (see pictures), which I know you will all keep nice and tidy! J


Miss Rob.