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Year 6 Sharks

Admission to Secondary school in Kent 2021

Shark Update


Sharks have been very busy in the last 2 weeks.

All the children were in great spirits and took part in our Race for Life fun run. We joined up with Year 5, who are in our bubble. Sharks were able to challenge themselves to complete at least 10 laps or more. We made a 10 squared grid with motivational comments to help us keep track and keep going. We all were exceeding this amount and putting in determination and resilience throughout – how fantastic! There was also great effort in our rainbow themed sportswear too!

As writers, Sharks wrote letters in the perspective of Stanley using our core text, Holes. Children had to write the opposite of Stanley’s experience at Camp Green Lake. The letters were very persuading indeed; Sharks made Camp Green Lake seem like the best place to be in!

As Mathematicians, we have been using written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. We had to make sure we used the inverse to check the accuracy of our answers.


Sharks have enjoyed using our brand new computing suite. We used the computers to publish our magazine articles we wrote about Robin Hood. It has been fantastic refreshing our memories on using the different symbols on the keyboards, changing fonts and inserting pictures.


As Scientists, Sharks have been finding out about harmful and helpful micro-organisms. This has lead us to investigate the growth of mould, which we are all very excited to see develop in our bread investigation! As we continue to find out about the Tudors, we explored the intensity of punishments during the Tudor period. It was shocking to find out how severe and unfair the punishments were. Shark Historians had to explain their reasoning on which punishments were the harshest and why. As a class, we all confidently expressed that we are glad these Tudor punishments do not exist today…

Miss Rob

smileysmileyOur next Star of the Week certificate went to a Shark who wrote a fantastic letter in the perspective of Stanley, showing many key features. The next Star of the Week went to a Shark who is consistently showing kindness and good manners towards his peers. These 2 Sharks have been consistent role models to all around them, just as expected from our Year 6 Sharks!(02.10.20 & 09.10.20)smileysmiley

Shark Update

We are over half way through Term 1 already and Year 6 authors and Mathematicians have continued to work hard. Our Shark authors have written in the perspective of Gisborne using our core text, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. We made sure to include key features, such as expanded noun phrases and dialogue. We also continued to read our class book - Holes - and wrote a letter in the role of Stanley to his mum.


In Maths we rounded numbers within 10 million. We also investigated negative numbers in real life contexts, where we looked at “Bill’s bank balance” which seemed to have gone into overdraft a few times! We helped Bill balance his bank account by adding and subtracting Bill’s money for the week and making sure his bank account was not going in to deficit (negative balance).


Year 6 Sharks have been finding out more about their topic this term - the Tudors! They have produced some excellent homework to support this, which have made it onto our homework wall of fame.


Our Tudor topic continued in Art, where portraits of Henry VIII and his wives were explored.  We have some natural artists in Sharks, who have worked extremely hard in creating portraits of important figures during the Tudor period. Have a look at some masterpieces that were created. Can you guess which people they used for their portraits?


Miss Rob


smileysmileyOur 2nd Star of the Week went to a Shark who has shown determination whilst rounding numbers in her Maths learning, whilst explaining her reasoning.

 Our 3rd Star of the Week went to a Shark who wrote a fantastic version of Robin Hood in the perspective of Sir Guy of Gisborne.

These two Sharks should be incredibly proud of their efforts in their Maths and English learning!

(18.09.20 & 25.09.20)smileysmiley




Shark Update


As we continue to enjoy Term 1, Y6 Sharks have had 5 responsible House Captions electedThey have already carried out their important duties in counting and announcing our weekly, well-deserved House Points across the school.
Our Shark Mathematicians have been reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10 million. As writers, we have enjoyed using drama to create a parody adapting the text, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. Raffle tickets have also been handed out already for those that are reading regularly and showing progress in their efforts with reading
.             House points have been earned by Sharks that have worked hard in researching their selected sharks (Basking, Hammerhead, Great White and Tiger Sharks). Some have made it to our homework wall of fame!

Miss Rob

smileysmileyOur first Star of the Week this year went to a Shark who has shown a positive and growth-minded attitude towards her learning. Her ' I can do it' attitude is really supporting her to face challenges with enthusiasm. We hope all our Sharks will follow this excellent example! (11.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome back, our next bunch of eager Sharks!


We have an exciting year of learning together and I look forward in guiding you all in your last year of primary education. This autumn term, as Historians you will be engaging in fun History topics, such as ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Crime & Punishment.’ As Scientists, you will be learning about ‘All Living Things’ and ‘Evolution.’ Our class text this term is ‘Holes,’ written by the excellent author, Louis Sachar. I am certain you will all produce fantastic writing using this story.


Mrs Williams can’t wait to work with you all this year too. We have both had great fun getting Year 6 ready for you all (see pictures), which I know you will all keep nice and tidy! J


Miss Rob.

Dear Year 6 Super Sharks,


I’m proud I was your teacher,

I’ve come to enjoy teaching you so,

I can’t believe the end is here,

I hate to see you go.


I’ve watched you learn and grow,

Through Year 5 to 6,  

With much more highs than low,   

You’ve always been a great mix.


As I witnessed you all change from day to day,

I hope that all the things we’ve learnt,

Have helped in some way.


Please do come back to visit,

As through secondary school you will go,

Try hard to learn all that you can,

There’s so much still to know.


So it’s with cherished memories that

I send you out the door,

With great hope and expectations,

For what next year holds in store.


Remember all the fun we had

In all the wonderful things we did.

But most of all remember,

You’ve all been a super Singlewell team member.


One thing I tried to teach you,

To last your whole life through,

Is to know that you are all special,

Just because you are you!


It has been an absolute pleasure to have had you all as my first class as my chapter started at Singlewell when you were in Year 5. Now it is your turn to leave us and move on to the next chapter of your education. The journey will be different, although I know you all are equipped to face the different, but exciting challenges, secondary school will bring. You all are a credit to yourselves, your families and our school and I wish each of you every success in the future. Do your best, be your best and I know you can achieve your best!


Take care and best wishes, love from Miss Rob


WOW! What an incredible two years we have enjoyed together.  It has been amazing to watch you grow and to witness all your fantastic achievements.  You have made so many memories together along the way.  Remember these and hold them tight.  Remember all the times you have made me laugh with your crazy antics and trying to teach me the Floss.  Good luck as you start the next chapter of your journey. You are all incredible and I know that every one of you will overcome the challenges you face.  Be strong and don’t forget to have fun too.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Williams

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!

Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.

This cake looks delicious!

Beautiful sketches

Sharks with green fingers!

Beautiful artwork!

Hi my Super Sharks!

I hope you are all well, safe and enjoying the lovely sunshine. I have missed coming in everyday to teach all you lovely sharks. However, I’ve been really impressed with how hard you have been working with home learning activities, exercising with your families and creating memories with your loved ones. Some of you have also been very responsible at home and helping with jobs around the house; it really shows how responsible and reliable you are as Year 6.

It’s been the month of Ramadan for me, which is where Muslims fast (where they do not eat or drink) from dawn till sunset. I remember last year some of you would try to work out how many hours I would go without food and drink. Recently I have been fasting from about 3:00am till nearly 9pm! I wonder how many Year 6 mathematicians can work out how many hours I roughly fast every day… I will be celebrating the end of Ramadan this weekend though, so will be eating lots of delicious foods, chocolates and cake to celebrate!

Remember, that every week, there are home learning tasks uploaded onto our class page section. It’s great to see some of you have been sending me work you are proud of. It’s also fab to see other fun activities you have been up to, such as cooking and gardening. As I have regularly been checking Mathletics and Reading Eggspress, I have noticed that some of you have engaged in many of the activities set and this is evident through the certificates and reading eggs gained. Keep it up! If you have any difficulties with these, then I can try to support you if you email: As we are in Key Stage 2, please make sure to click the ‘Reading Eggspress’ section, as the ‘Reading Eggs’ section is for Key Stage 1.  


Mrs Williams sends her love and has sent this message:

“I have been very busy teaching my children and looking after the animals at Jeskyns. The animals are doing well and are loving the extra attention. The ducks, which we hatched at school, are now very big and noisy! They have new friends, who hatched around the same time, which have moved in with them too. I have been enjoying some lovely walks with my dog too. But most of all, I am enjoying spending time with my family. Hope you are all well. Can’t wait to see you all. Take care. Xx”


Stay safe and take care Sharks!

Miss Rob and Mrs Williams

P.S. Some fun activities you could do are in the picture below.

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Excellent writing from Year 6 and VE day celebrations...

Busy outdoor learning!

Sharks supporting our NHS...

More wonderful home learning from Sharks!

More excellent home learning from Sharks...

Exciting science experiments!

Opening magical doors and creating colourful rainbows...

23rd April 2020

Hi Year 6 Sharks!


I hope you are all well; I’m glad that you are all continuing in keeping safe.

I have missed coming into school every day and seeing eager Sharks ready to learn. Although we have not been able to see each other for some weeks now, it has been wonderful in seeing that some of you have been engaging with the home learning tasks. These are put up weekly on our class page section on our school website. I have already read some wonderful facts on our next topic – World War 2. Some of you have also tried your best to apply your Maths skills to the daily Maths tasks that have been set. Do send in work and pictures of work that you are proud of, as I enjoy seeing all your efforts.

Remember to login to your Reading Eggspress and Mathletics. I have noticed that a few of you have earned quite a few eggs on Reading Eggspress. There have also been some well-earned certificates on Mathletics too. Keep it up!


I’ll be listening out for all your Shark claps Thursday evening for the NHS staff, so make sure you’re all showing your appreciation with the upmost effort!


Catch up with you all soon,

Miss Rob and Mrs Williams

Sharks have drawn places that are special to them...

Year 6 Sharks - Programme of Study 2019-20