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Year R Starfish

Starfish Update


We have really been enjoying out first topic, ‘All About Me’. The children have completed lots of challenges focussed on the story, Owl Babies, and we have now moved on to learning about Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare in the book, Guess How Much I Love You.

Some of our learning challenges this week have been:

  • Drawing and labelling who we love and why
  • Drawing and labelling our family, using the sounds we now know
  • Ordering rabbits by size
  • Making rabbit headbands using different materials
  • Counting the Numicon using carrots

We will continue this story next week and our challenges will be different.

We will me making paper cup rabbits, talking about the beginning, middle and end of the story, making rabbits using shapes, and making rabbit finger puppets.


The children have been working really hard in phonics and maths, learning and remembering the sounds we know, writing them and recognising and writing numbers to 10. It would be great if they could continue practising at home too.

Thank you to everyone for the huge effort with Home Diaries and Reading Logs. Starfish class have really enjoyed looking at other children’s home diaries and talking about what they get up to outside of school.

As you know, the children receive a raffle ticket for every 10th read so please make sure you sign the reading log every time you read with you child. This can be for any book, not just the school books!


You should now have log-ins for Mathletics on the inside of the Reading Log should you choose to complete the activities we set on there.

Some children have received certificates for their fantastic effort on Mathletics!

Miss Walsh

smileysmileyOur Star of the Week was a boy who always listens carefully during carpet sessions, is fantastic at helping around the classroom and loves to learn!

Well done for earning the most Dojo Points that week! (09.10.20)

I look forward to finding out who our Star of the Week is every Friday. smileysmiley

Starfish Update

We have had a really positive settling in period with the children starting part time. They have now completed their first full week at school and I’m sure they are ready for a rest this weekend. Although we have not been in school for long, we have still been getting up to lots of activities and have been working hard learning the rules and routines of the day. We have been learning where to sit on the carpet.

Can your child tell you which animal they sit on?

We are also getting better at putting toys in the correct places at tidy up time and we have earned lots of Dojo points for this. Some of our challenges over the last 2 weeks have been:

  • Making a family tree
  • Drawing who lives in our house
  • Painting a self portrait
  • Learning how to recognise and write our names
  • Making a starfish


Things to keep practicing at home:

Taking jumpers off and putting them back on

Recognising and writing their name

Washing their hands (front and back for 20 seconds)

Covering mouths when sneezing and coughing


Next week, we will start focussing on a story and our activities, inside and outside, will be based on that. We will also start to learn a sound a day and will be practicing recognising and counting numbers to 10.


Miss Walsh 

smileysmileyOur Star of the Week was given to the child who had the most Dojo points this week. We get Dojo points for working hard, tidying up, listening to adults, being kind and following the rules  Well done! (25.09.20)smileysmiley

Welcome Message


Dear Starfish Class,


My name is Miss Walsh and I’m going to be your new teacher when you start in Reception at ‘big school’. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and I have been busy getting the classroom and outdoor area ready for you. You’re going to have so much fun when you come to join me at school. You will be able to wear a brand new red uniform (very smart!) and you’ll bring your very own red book bag to school every day. You’ll also need to wear some very smart shiny black shoes, which hopefully you’ll have learnt how to put on all by yourself! Once you have visited the school a few times, you’ll be ready to eat your lunch here and stay with us all day learning and having fun with me and the adult helpers in our class too.


You might feel like you miss your parents at first but we have Fred the Frog as our class friend who will help you settle in and make you smile with his silly games. Our classroom is full of interesting things to explore and so is our outdoor area. You’ll be carrying out very important learning challenges in your classroom and outdoor area so I hope you’re super helpful and ready to solve some mysteries!


Beside our classroom, there is another class called the Jellyfish. Their teacher is called Miss Eyles and she is very kind.

I am going to be learning new things about you when you come to school so here is something you can learn about me… I have a little brown dog. She looks like Waffle from CBeebies (so the children at school tell me). She can sometimes be a bit silly and sometimes I have to tell her off. I hope you are all going to be better behaved than she is.


There is so much more I want to tell you about the things we will be doing, but I have to keep it a surprise for when you come to school. If you’re really well behaved and give me a big, cheesy smile on your first day… you will get to find out what those surprises are!

I hope you’re excited… we are!

See you soon,

Miss Walsh. 

Starfish Transition Booklet for September 2020

To Starfish,

(soon to be Clownfish)

What a year it has been!

I want to start by saying how proud I am of you all. Not only has it been your first year at ‘big school’ but you’ve had to spend some part of it learning at home, which I know must have been difficult sometimes (for you and your parents).

I hope you have enjoyed the times that we have had together as a class. My favourite part of the year, other than meeting all of you for the first time, has to be watching our ducklings hatch and grow.


What was your favourite moment of Reception?

Maybe it was our outdoor learning sessions, or a certain topic or story that we focussed on.


I’m so excited to see you grow and get older and wiser as you move into different classes. Make sure that you remember to always smile and wave at me when you see me around the school. You will always be the first class I had at Singlewell and that will hold a special place in my memories as a teacher.


Now you are all ready to begin your next journey as a Year 1 class with your new teacher, Miss Nedjat (who is very excited after hearing all of the wonderful things I have told her about you!)

I have one last thing for you to do:


Can you draw a picture and write a letter to Miss Nedjat. Maybe you could include a little bit about yourself (your name and age), what your favourite activity is, what you’ve learnt and what you want to learn in Year 1.

Keep this safe and when you come back to school, this could be the first thing that you give to your new teacher.


Mrs Busbridge and Mrs Eaton are also very sad to be saying goodbye but we know that you’re going to achieve so much more now and we can’t wait to see you every now and then around the school.

Thank you for working hard, making us laugh and smile every day and being yourselves!

Have an amazing summer, you all deserve it (parents included)!


Miss Walsh, Mrs Busbridge and Mrs Eaton

Monday 20th July: IT'S PARTY TIME!


At Singlewell, we usually celebrate the end of the school year with a class party. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this together as a class this year, however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebratory party of your own with family.


You have all continued to work incredibly hard, trying your best in this tricky time and we want you to know how proud we are of you all


Below you will find a selection of ideas to help get your party started. We would love to see any photos you take so do email them over to your teacher!


Please use the link below to complete the parent survey to assist us with the children's return to school in September.


A welcome message from your new teacher in September...

Dear Zoo, Sharing a Shell and more investigating!

To Starfish Class,

I hope you have all enjoyed the home challenges that we have set as well as the other fun activities your parents have been doing with you. You have been learning at home now for a whole term and from the photos your parents have been sending me, I can see that you’ve been working very hard. It has been very strange and different having to learn this way but it fills me with so much happiness and hope to see how resilient, happy and enthusiastic you all still are. I have spoken to all of your parents over the phone recently and it was great to hear that you’re all staying safe and well. I hope you are enjoying this quality time with your family and making the most of it. You’ve done so well up until now and it makes me so proud to be your teacher.


It’s nearly time for you to have a break. The weather is supposed to be really nice from now on. There might be a few rainy days so keep looking out for rainbows! Your Mums, Dads and Carers have earned a well-deserved rest after all of their hard work too, so as the half term is coming up make sure that you continue being really well behaved, keep those listening ears on and try and help out around the house as much as you can! I know you can do that as you’ve already achieved so much.


If you would like to, have a go at some of the half term activities we have set you below!


Missing you lots,

Miss Walsh, Mrs Eaton & Mrs Busbridge

Please refer to the 'News' section of our website and then 'Letters' to complete our online survey as soon as possible. It has also been sent to you via the Smartschool app.

Dear Zoo

More hardworking Starfish...

Enjoying home learning...

Chefs and mathematicians in Starfish...

Keeping minds and bodies active!

Outdoor exploring and castle building...

23rd April 2020

To Starfish Class,

I hope that you all had a great Easter and are all having fun spending time with your family at home. I know it must feel strange being at home a lot but you will get to see all of your friends and teachers eventually. For now, you still need to be following the rules at home, listening to the adults and having lots of fun completing the activities that I have been setting for you. I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the work that you’ve done when you come back to school. I’m sure some of you have been creating beautiful rainbows and posters. (I have seen lots of lovely drawings in windows when I walk my dog). You might not understand why you have to stay at home right now but by doing this you’re really helping all of the special doctors, nurses, paramedics and other people whose job it is to make people better.

Mrs Eaton, Mrs Busbridge and I are really missing you all but it’s lovely to see that you are working hard on Reading Eggs online. I can see that some of you are reading a lot and completing activities and this makes me feel really happy. Keep up the hard work and be good!

From Miss Walsh

Year R Starfish Programme of Study 2019-20

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